My Vampire System Chapter 1636: The Queen

Since Quinn had evolved, it was safe to say that with his Charm points, there wasn’t a vampire or human that he couldn’t put under his influence skill. The fact that he could easily control Yaddy, who was at the vampire lord level, proved this assumption.

However, while he was in slumber, the humans had all learned how to utilise Qi. It seemed like the second stage, to form Qi into shapes, externally and internally, was prioritised because of vampires.

It was made to counterattack the Influence Skill, which was why Quinn couldn’t just use this on humans for information as much as he would have liked to. On top of that, he was trying to find information of what exactly had happened in the 1000 years, which wasn’t something any random person on the road would know.

It was made to counterattack the Influence Skill, which was why Quinn couldn’t just use this on humans for information as much as he would have liked to. On top of that, he was trying to find information of what exactly had happened in the woo years, which wasn’t something any random person on the road would know.

Even though someone like Jessica was willing to speak to him, she didn’t have the information he needed, but there was one group that Quinn felt like had caused a significant change compared to the past, and that was the Dhampirs.

During his time, there had only been a single one in existence created, which was due to himself. So in a way, Quinn felt like it was his duty to find out what had happened with the dhampirs. The only problem was that not only did they have this second stage of Qi protecting their minds, but they also had some type of Qi command to commit suicide in case of trouble.

This command would initiate when a person placed their own Qi into their bodies, and it would cause a Qi explosion which would instantly kill them. It was a problem that Quinn was trying to get around, and it looked like rather than having to solve the problem himself, Ray had solved it for him by using Qi drain and getting rid of all of the Qi from their bodies.

‘I hate to admit it, but I guess Ray can do things that even I can’t, even though I’m the one that is meant to be some type of god. I guess Ray really was a strong almighty being in his time.’ Quinn thought.

‘I already told you, I was an anomaly, an existence that could even bring down gods with my power. How many times do I have to tell you before you will ever believe me?’ Ray commented, huffing through his nostrils once again.

Hearing this made Quinn realise that Ray was in some way able to read his thoughts, so he should be a little careful. Walking over to the two of them, Quinn’s eyes started to glow red as he stood in front of him.

The dragon’s foot was large but seemed to be pressed on top of them just enough so they couldn’t move. Both of them looked at Quinn and even attempted to spit at him, but a shadow rose from the ground stopping the spit in its tracks.

“You Red Vampires are scum!” One of the dhampirs shouted, seeing the shadow. “You were the cause of everything, and we will get rid of you all!”

“I want you to answer all my questions truthfully and to the best of your knowledge. I will let you guys go after that.” Quinn said while also using the influence skill.

Their hands and head began to shake, though their eyes still looked slightly alive. It was the first time Quinn had seen something like this when using his influence skill since becoming a celestial.

‘Is this some kind of natural resistance the dhampirs have against vampire skills? That would give somewhat sense to being called vampire hunters and all. A natural enemy created by nature or something like that.’ Quinn thought.

However, eventually, Quinn’s influence skill won, and the liveness in their eye. had faded. This incident told Quinn that maybe in future, if he faced the stronger dhampirs, he might have trouble using his influence skill, so he should ask as many questions as possible.

“What are the guardians?” Quinn asked.

“The Guardians are a group of vampires belonging to the Red Vampires. They are the strongest vampires in the Red Vampire group working for their leaders and know how to use the shadow ability.” The dhampirs both answered simultaneously.

All the Guardians know how to use the Shadow ability? I guess that’s why the enemy earlier assumed I was a guardian when they saw my shadow wings, but does that mean the Red Vampires are really being run by Laxmus? Did he teach others how to use the shadow ability, or is it the remnants of the Cursed faction?’

The reason why Quinn was more inclined to believe that it was Laxmus was because of his skill shadow link. For some reason, he couldn’t feel others with the shadow. But, he could feel Minny’s presence, whom he had recently taught the shadow skill.

However, since the day when Laxmus escaped, Quinn had never been able to feel the former’s shadow powers or at least the powers he had stolen, so perhaps the shadow was different, or Laxmus had some way to block the link.

“How many guardians are there? What do they look like?” Quinn asked.

This time, however, the two of them didn’t answer. It looked like these dhampirs had never come across any guardian before.

Quinn went on to ask for more information regarding the Red Vampires, their leader, what they had done and such, but they weren’t able to tell any worth mentioning information to him. However, they did tell about all the incidents caused by the vampires.

After that, Quinn went to ask about their relation with Pure, if they knew the leaders and such, but the dhampirs claimed that they only worked for their own kind, and the leader’s alliance with Pure was simply due to their leader, and if their leader thought it was a good idea, then they would follow it.

Now it was time for Quinn to ask questions about the dhampirs themselves. Taking a deep breath, this was the part that Quinn was somewhat dreading learning about.

“How are dhampirs created?” Quinn asked.

“There are three known reasons behind the creation of the vampires. The first one is from the birth of a human and vampire relationship, although conceiving a baby is very rare. The second is that the Dhampirs are a creation of a vampire, and lastly, the Dhampir can be created by another dhampir, just like the vampires.”

This was what Quinn was afraid of. He thought it would be something like this with the increase of dhampirs. Essentially, they were like vampires, almost a variant of them, but against vampires, they were far stronger than what he had seen.

“What is the dhampir’s goal? Why are you killing vampires?”

“For the extermination of every vampire in this world. It is our purpose. We can feel it inside us, and eventually, we will be free from this feeling.”

Once again, Quinn wished that he had Vincent by his side. He found it hard to believe that getting rid of all the vampires would allow their urge to disappear. From what Quinn knew, the dhampir’s urge to hunt vampires was similar to a vampire’s urge for blood.

If all vampires disappeared, he couldn’t believe that the dhampirs would just no longer have this urge. Perhaps someone was feeding them these lies, and the most likely suspect was the one on the top.

“The dhampir leader, is it the one you refer to as Queen?” Quinn asked.

“Yes.” Both of them answered immediately.

Then taking a deep breath, Quinn asked the last question, which has been bugging him ever since his first encounter with the dhampirs after waking up from his slumber.

“The one that you refer to as Queen of the dhampirs is her name Erin Heley?”

There was a pause, and for a second, Quinn thought he was going to get no answer until…


Now having learnt this fact Quinn had stopped for a second, it was clear it was all proving difficult for him, but he had to continue.

“Is she still alive?”


Standing up, Quinn turned away from the two of them; he didn’t want to show the disappointment on his face to anyone.

‘Originally, the Dalki were created by the vampires, and the human’s lives were in danger…now the vampires are in trouble, and the one that created this mess is me. I have to stop her…even if that means I need to kill her.’ Quinn clenched his teeth.


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