My Vampire System Chapter 1635: Worship

After the events that transpired today in the hall, there was a lot of commotion in the Vampire Corps base. It was lively, and rather than talking about the Horde attack, almost everyone was discussing the mysterious vampire who had shocked everyone during the meeting.

Rumours had already spread like wildfire that perhaps the mysterious person was an original vampire, someone from one of the thirteen families, or at the very least one of the leaders who were still alive. Either way, Quinn had achieved his goal.

Whether or not Yaddy liked him wasn’t a problem; the fact that he wasn’t attacking and still allowed to stay in the Vampire Corps to exist showed that he wasn’t an enemy. All Quinn cared about was getting to Earth and finding out the truth.

He needed a ship that would take him there, and then he would have to find a way to talk to Logan Green without being attacked on the spot, or threatening people or revealing his real identity, because that would just cause more nuisance and delays. It had only been a few days since they had woken up, and Quinn felt like he had progressed relatively quickly in his goal to discover the truth about the past and to find his old friends.

“I want to thank you two for protecting Missy and guiding us so far,” Quinn said to the people with him.

He and Peter were currently sharing an apartment block, along with Minny, Lucia, Jessica. At the same time, the red vampires were staying in a different room entirely. At first, Quinn thought that this was disadvantageous, as he still wanted to learn as much about the red vampires as possible, but in the end, they weren’t his allies, while those that were with him were.

“Nate… ” Jessica called out, to which Quinn hadn’t turned his head and somewhat ignored. Only later responding by moving his head.

It looked like Jessica wanted to say or ask something.

“Don’t worry; its not really my business,” Jessica said, looking at him and smiling. “But can I ask you one thing? You’re…not against the Vampire Corps, are you? Teaming up with the red vampires, I know you said you have been sleeping for a long time, and now that I’ve seen what you can do and…”

“I…” Quinn wondered about what to say in response. The Vampire Corps, the red vampires, Pure, Dahmpirs, the Green family. “I will be honest, I don’t know yet—That’s what I’m trying to find out. For now, I honestly don’t want to hurt anyone and just want to know what’s happening. I’m sorry that I can’t give you a better answer.”

Thinking about this, he thought about two hostages that he needed to interrogate, from whom he would for sure get some answers.

“There is something that I need to attend to. I will be taking Peter with me. I hope that you can look after Minny in the meantime. I doubt anything will happen since we are in the Vampire Corps unit. However, if anything were to go wrong, tell Minny to call me, and I will be here straight away. It shouldn’t belong.” Quinn instructed, to which Jessica nodded.

Minny was peacefully sleeping in the room, and Quinn didn’t really want to disturb her. Soon, he and Peter left the apartment block. After closing the door, Quinn quickly used his shadow travel to hide his presence and move without anyone noticing him.

The sun had long set, and it was now dark outside, the perfect conditions for using shadow travel, making it almost impossible for others to spot a moving shadow on the ground. And if there was a shadow already, it would be even less likely.

Although others could still sense them if they tried, no one was looking out or trying to find Quinn, so they were safe. Eventually, the two reached a less populated area that was covered with hills, greenery and a lovely little lake.

“I will be in the shadow space for a while. I don’t know how long it will take, but I wanted to bring you here just in case, and I wanted to see what you exactly look like with that celestial energy and see how this energy affects you.” Quinn explained.

Just as he finished his words, an unexpected message appeared in front of him.

[Three more followers have met the condition]

[3 more celestial points have been granted]

[20/23 Cleistal energy]

‘What the…why would I get celestial points now?’ Quinn wondered, trying to rack his head, as the only person he had told about the condition was Mitchell. ‘It couldn’t be?’.


After the meeting was over, Mitchell was beyond impressed. The person he had chosen to follow was far more impressive than he thought, and he felt like his intuition was right; this vampire was built different.

Usually, those with such power, if treated with disrespect like that, especially being in a higher position, would have killed the nuisance. However, Quinn did no such thing to the other party. And after that display of power from the latter, Mitchell was beginning to believe that the person could really be the great hero Quinn.

Because of this, as soon as he finished his duties and helped the new recruits settle down, Mitchell went to the statue of the great hero once more. He decided to complete the condition once more. Although Quinn had said there was only a need to do it once a month, Mitchell wanted to make this a daily routine, simply out of respect.

He knelt down in front of the statue and made a small cut on his hand. At that moment, three other long term members of the Vampire Corps had witnessed what Mitchell was doing. “I have never seen one do that in front of the statue before. Did today’s incident make you go mad?” One of the vampires asked as he walked closer.

“Mad?… No, it’s more like I have never seen things clearly in my life before.” Mitchell replied. “I am simply paying respects to our hero.’ Seeing how the two other vampires seemed somewhat interested in what he was doing, Mitchell had an idea

“It’s a long-forgotten ritual. It is said that during the fight with the Great DaIld, Quinn had requested all of the vampires, and the humans, to help him battle by drawing out their blood. The blood of the vampires and humans at the time gave our hero great power.

“If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t be here today, yet he is not with us. This is why, wherever he is, I wish to give him a part of my blood by doing this. This is a ritual I have restarted to give me peace of mind about what we are doing. Now, this is something I do every day!” Mitchell added, placing his hand on his chest.

Of course, many vampires in the Vampire Corps also respected the great hero Quinn, which was why there were many statues of him around the base. After hearing Mitchell’s passionate words, the others were quite swayed. What were a few drops of blood to show respect to the one who saved the whole world?

The three of them decided to do the same out of respect, granting Quinn a few more celestial points.


Unaware of this, Quinn decided to enter the shadow because he had more important matters he needed to attend to. For him, all that notification meant was that he had more celestial points to pass onto Peter and see how much it would improve his strength.

Using the shadow lock skill on himself, Quinn soon found himself in the shadow space. Straight away, he went to the great source of power in his shadow space, the Dragon.

This was the demon tier beast used to create the Dalki, but currently, Ray, an ancestor of Quinn, was residing in it. Upon reaching the great Dragon, Quinn saw it again after a long time.

It looked just as strong as before, only it now had two heads on its body, as the two parts of the Dragon had reformed together.

“So you finally made it in here; I have been keeping these two for a while now,’ Ray said, speaking to Quinn directly in his mind.

Underneath its giant feet were the two dhampirs whom Quinn had captured.

“Did they try to use the Q. explosion on themselves? Quinn asked.

The Dragon snouted all four of its nostrils as if it was proud.

“Of course they did, but in front of the Great Red Dragon…uh, well in front of me, they were nothing! Do you remember I once told you that I had a skill that I could use that could drain them of all Qi in their body? Instead of draining them, it actually steals the Qi from their body. So currently, these two don’t have an ounce of Qi in their body, including that nasty little Qi command skill.”

“You mean… ” That’s when Quinn realised. If they didn’t have Qi in their body or the Qi command, the two dhampirs could not kill themselves. However, the more important thing was this condition allowed Quinn a chance to use his Influence Skill.

“Well, let’s hope what I’m thinking isn’t true.”


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