My Vampire System Chapter 1634: The Vampire Corps Leader

The Vampire Corps. A unit of vampire soldiers that once acted as a force for Earth, but as time went on, they eventually became a faction which still worked closely with the Leader of the humans and the Green family. A part of the military that was composed mostly of vampires.

Other than this, Quinn didn’t know much about them. However, he had received hints about where they might have originated from one of them was the vampire soldiers. Paul’s men, who Ashley had led, worked closely with the old Earthborn group. This was one of his theories, but there was another thought.

Many of those in the Vampire Corps unit would learn the String Ability. The string ability has always been a strong and versatile skill. Even if one was against an opponent who outmatched them, they could still use this strong ability to support themselves in different ways to create an advantage.

Perhaps this was why the Vampire Corps chose to learn such an ability, but for Quinn, he had another guess: Somehow, the thirteenth family were deeply involved in the Vampire Corps.


When the Vampire Corps leader had entered the meeting room, the others were surprised because of where they were currently at. To see such a person in a place like this. Because at the moment, they were on Mars, and the main base of the Vampire Corps was on Earth.

Yet, rather than sending someone else, like an envoy, the Leader had himself come. His footsteps were quite heavy as he walked through the hall, with his boots firmly planted on the ground with each step. His breath was light, which looked strange for one somene of his size; his body was large, and his shoulders were broad.

Then, there were his muscular arms; they weren’t too big but were chiselled and defined, with nothing covering them, since the suit of beast armour he was wearing seemed only to protect his chest, leaving his arms free.

The chest piece he was wearing went down to his waist and was quite tight-fitting to the body, not being too bulky, while right at the centre dividing the two chest pieces it looked like a large needle would go down to one of the belly buttons on the suit.

And another thing to note was the texture of the beast plate armour—it seemed as if someone had made it out of bones.

Still, just like with many in the Vampire Corps, most of what the Leader was wearing were black and red. As for his facial features, they looked different compared to most vampires. He had long white hair and swept back; in fact, it was so long that after it went past the back of his neck, it was tied up in a long ponytail.

Most of the vampires had dark coloured hair; even when a human is turned, their hair colour would sometimes change, but for this one, his hair was white and longer than the usual.

Then there was his defined face that one could see. He smiled at the rest of them with his eyes curved and jawline when he finally reached the centre.

“It’s nice to meet like this and have no trouble between us all, right” The Vampire Corps leader said.

When his face and body were projected in the centre of the room, others saw a name appear beneath his hologram: Andy Sanguinis.

With his arms crossed, there was a large smile on his face but in the next instant the young female dhampir had jumped right through the hologram version of the corps leader and for a second, the large image distorted.

Now holding her sword which she unleashed from the sheath she launched out a large wave of yellow aura straight towards the vampire. The men who stood around the centre were perplexed but could only glance at each other. They hadn’t even seen her move from her position. Regardless, it didn’t seem like her attack was something that they would be able to stop anyway.

Her strike was incredibly fast. As soon as the sword left the sheath, the energy moved, coming out at an incredible speed. And before the energy reached the target, she had put the sword back in the sheath.

Witnessing this. Andy didn’t look afraid, he didn’t even flinch, or unfold his arms, clearly showing his indifference as the attack came towards him, but that was because someone was already there to stop the attack. It was Jake Green. He immediately fired off his red lighting strike that hit the yellow aura of energy and wholly dissipated the incoming attack.

“You really want to fight here? Don’t you know who else is currently in this room?” Jake shouted at the reckless dhampir.

Spinning around in midair, the young woman had stepped back and was back in her position.

“If you really want a fight, you should have brought your leader to stop me,” Jake stated as the powerful red lighting began to envelop both of his arms. All those in the room were nervous and waiting for Agent Four to step in or do something.

Instead, he just shook his head as if all of this was an enormous pain in the neck. Jumping up himself, Jake threw both of his hands together, aiming straight towards the dhampir, ready to punish her for her actions.

No one would complain about his reaction today due to what had happened earlier in the beast wave attack, and Vicky knew this, which was why she hadn’t stopped her son like she usually would have. On the other side though, Agent four lifted his hand, and a red ring could be seen on his finger.

It soon started to glow with power, and at that moment, as the lighting was about to hit the dhampir, an invisible wall suddenly formed in between. It wasn’t too hidden as the lighting caused red ripples to appear in the air, completely stopping the attack and turning it into almost nothing.

Landing back on the floor and standing beside the others, Jake couldn’t help but click his tongue when he saw this.

“That damn blood armour!”

“I do not wish to ruin any of the relationships that we have built, so you better not act so rashly, or I will send you back.” Agent four said to the dhampir next to him and then turned to the others. “Everyone should be able to control themselves now, so we all don’t have to stay in the same room for long. I will quickly talk about the current agenda. “The Red vampire’s powers seem to be growing day by day, and today this very base was attacked by a Guardian.

The others, hearing this, looked towards each other. It was hard to tell what they were thinking just from their expressions.

“This Guardian attacked the dhampirs and even took two of ours as hostages with him. Now, this Guardian is far stronger than any of us predicted. If there is one thing all the parties currently this room have in commo it’s the fact that we are all against the red vampires, which is why I have informed you all about this. Also, there is a specific reason I have invited her here.”

Agent four then glanced at the dhampir, indicating it was her time to speak, but she looked to still have her hand on her sword hilt; she was trying to control herself and her emotions while looking towards the Vampire Corps leader, who eventually tucked out his tongue towards her seeing this and chuckled out of amusement.

“I…I am here to request something. Everyone in this room has been trying to find the red heart before the Red Vampires. So far, no one has succeeded, which means either it’s already in the hands of one of the groups or it’s simply hidden out there somewhere.

However, we dhampirs have come up with another solution. We have located one of the Red Vampire leaders. As you know, the Red Vampires consist of two main leaders. We are requesting permission to enter each group’s areas and get rid of the red vampires once and for all. We want to launch a full scale attack against them.” The dhampir spoke.


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