My Vampire System Chapter 1633: The New Powers Gather

The Dhampirs on Mars were currently residing in the area governed by Pure, enjoying their protection. They weren’t an officially recognised group that the people supported per se, most likely because their only goal appeared to be to get rid of all the vampires, without any care for politics, much less the well-being of the normal people.

Compared to the areas owned by the Green family and the Vampire Corps, Pure’s areas seemed to be far calmer. There were less city-like structures and more residential areas to them. There were houses, and much greenery in between, with many humans enjoying a nice lifestyle. Of course, many of them were Pure members who worked important jobs that benefited the group as a whole. However, the labs and facilities were far away from the living areas.

Every so often, Pure would broadcast their way of life to the other world, showing off their peaceful life that was guaranteed by the soldiers, with only those who wanted to fight on the front lines. However, some would also argue that the reason the Vampire Corps and the Green families couldn’t live this way was due to the Dhampirs that they were protecting, and Pure in the first place.

They were the ones benefiting from those two factions ensuring the peace on the planets, yet instead of thanking them, they would instead try to eradicate the vampires, and those that supported them. Meanwhile, the Vampire Corps stayed back on the defensive. It was a real struggle, since everyone knew the story of the great Hero Quinn.

The story of a vampire saving the world from the Dalki. Unfortunately, without a real threat uniting them, humanity proved how selfish they could be, with those in charge caring about their own lives more than anything. So if they could live peacefully with the vampires gone, then they would be sure to support it and happy to live with Pure.

For them, it was just a question of picking the right side of a fight that was bound to happen. Still, it was a current war situation, so to speak. To the public, it was just a battle between those in the said groups with extreme views. Society continued from two areas with no trouble, and the groups did their best to keep it this way, which was why at the moment, a regular meeting that would occur was taking place.

Only this time, the meeting was called earlier than usual and rather than Logan attending himself, he had sent two aides that happened to be nearby, his wife Vicky, as well as his son Jake. Usually at this type of meeting, everyone who was of importance would come to attend this meeting, however, neither member of the Green family was interested in meeting any bootlickers. They were also powerful enough to not require any bodyguards, so they requested for the meeting to only be attended by the ones in charge.

The spaceship had approached the largest building that was placed far away from the border. It was a giant triangle shaped building that looked somewhat like a pyramid, only the base of it was thinner, giving a higher point like that of the tower. The ship landed midway of the building where there was a platform, and a few checks were done, before the two were allowed in.

“This place looks to be as peaceful as always.” Jake commented as he walked calmly past all the humans, and eventually entered an elevator taking him to the meeting point. The two had entered a dark room, where at the other end, one could see two other present.

Of course, there were several guards lined at the edge of the room, and what might have looked strange in the centre acting as some type of wall between the two. Jake and Vicky stood on two circles on their side of the room, which then 3D projected their body as a larger version of themselves in the centre. On the other side of the room, two of them did the same. One wearing a large robe, and had a pair of thick black glasses on his face.

“Agent Four, it is always a pleasure to see your happy face, but I have to ask, why didn’t you tell us that there would be an extra guest at this meeting?” Jake questioned.

As for the other 3D projection, it was a stunning female that looked to be a young adult, only just perhaps out of her teenage years. However, she wore a shining bright armour that was clearly at a high level of beast gear, and had stunning flowing blonde hair that had a single braided part down the middle of it.

“Perhaps Pure is finally admitting to siding with the Dhampirs?” Vicky also added, clearly agonising the woman for what she was.

“As our group grows larger, as well as to lessen the burden of having to fight on the public as much as possible, Agent Four believed it was best that I attend this meeting as well.” The young woman stated her reason for being here. “Besides, one day there will be more that supports us. More and more humans are seeing vampires for what they truly are.”

“You mean humanity’s saviour?!” Vicky banged the table in front of her as she bent forward.

“And as thankful as we are for their participation during the Dalki war more than a thousand years ago, we can’t overlook what happened after that point in time. One good deed does not overshadow centuries of abuse. Need I remind you that it is also a vampire that wishes to destroy the human race for what it is currently?” The young woman replied nonchalantly.

There was clear annoyance on both Jake and Vicky’s face, but they bit their tongue, as they knew it was useless to argue against a Dhampir. Not a single member of their race had ever changed their mind about the existence of vampires.

“Which is why we decided to work with Pure, to get rid of those SPECIFIC vampires!” Vicky spoke, looking over at Agent Four. “Using their resources in tandem with our Green family’s, we have been able to suppress the actions and doing of the Red Vampires every day. I believe my husband has been working closely with you sharing information about the Red Heart in order to prevent that from happening!

“Meanwhile, what has your side been doing? You maniacs went as far as hunting vampires on the Graylash planet!” Vicky shook her head, as if she was a disappointed mother. “You should put a chain on your dogs unless you would like them involved in all of this mess… or is that it? Do you want things to return to how they’ve been in the past?!”

Although the young Dhampir didn’t show annoyance on her face, in fact her face was pretty expressionless the whole time even when speaking, her actions showed something else, as her hand went towards the hilt of her sword.

“You really don’t want to be threatening my mother.” Jake stated, taking a step in front of Vicky, as red lightning was surrounding his outstretched hand, with his eyes glowing green. This time he wasn’t playing around, but was deeply annoyed.

“Let’s just move on and get on with this meeting, so we can all go back home.” Agent Four interrupted both sides before it would devolve into a fight. Under the Pure agent’s gaze the Dhampir’s shed her sword. “I was the one that called this meeting and called you two here, however, not everyone is here yet.”

Just as he said those words, the sound of the door was heard opening once again. Several vampires in black and red were left standing outside, as another started to enter the room, and eventually stood on the ring.

Jake, Vicky, and even the Dhampir seemed surprised to see who was here, because it was the first for these two forces to meet.

It was the Vampire Corps leader.


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