My Vampire System Chapter 1632: I'm Listening

The whole room fell silent as they all witnessed something that defied all common sense. General Yaddy was a powerful vampire at the lord level, and just seconds ago everyone inside the room had experienced his great Influence skill, including other vampire nobles. His strength was a major reason why the Vampire Corps had assigned him to Mars to take care of things.

… and yet, an unknown vampire had forced General Yaddy to submit to him!

‘How is this possible?!’ Yaddy asked himself as he lifted his head, attempting to get a better look at the vampire. Apart from the vampire leaders, there were only a handful of other vampires who would be able to subdue him like this, and he knew every one of those.

Laying his eyes on the ‘Nate’ though, it wasn’t someone he recognised. His outer appearance was utterly plain, his only ‘distinguishing’ feature was perhaps how forgettable his face was. Yaddy mustered up all his anger and even used his own Influence in hopes of reversing this situation. He still believed that the other vampire might have just caught him unprepared. Alas, all of it was useless, his body only slightly twitched through his exertion.

“Is this some type of act? Could this be another General who has come here to replace General Yaddy?” A vampire suddenly asked out loud.

“No, that’s no act. I saw him being part of the recruitment process. That guy could be one of the leaders of the Red Vampires who have come here to attack the Vampire Corps!”

Since nobody recognised Quinn this seemed like the most reasonable explantation. Hearing this possibility snapped Yaddy’s right-hand men back to reality, and the vampires with the silver emblems attacked Quinn from two sides.

“Stay still!” The Celestial Vampire commanded, briefly staring at each one of them, making them stop mid-attack, unable to move. Just like Yaddy, Quinn too could use his Influence skill on more than one. With the strongest three vampires being taken out this easily, nobody else dared to intervene.

‘Using an influence skill on a Vampire Lord? I know he told us that he’s an Original, but are they only supposed to be slightly stronger than the vampire leaders? Could it be that we have vastly underestimated the strength of the vampires from the Great Hero’s time?’ Jessica wondered as she looked on in amazement.

“What…do you want?” Yaddy finally asked, struggling.

Some vampires, were wondering if they should leave the place, just in case this was an attack, but none of them had any hopes of making it out. It was apparent that their lives were now in the hand of this unknown vampire. If Yaddy could force them to stay, surely it would pose no challenge to Quinn?

‘You… aren’t here to harm anyone, are you?’ Mitchell wondered, starting to slightly doubt his devotion.

“I’ve come here due to personal reasons, which I had wished to discuss with you privately. Before I got the chance, the Level Four Horde attacked, so I helped out to minimise casualties. You were the one who called us all in here, called me a liar and wanted to force me to apologise for speaking the truth.

“You could have easily solved this matter by talking to me in person, by confirming my powers for yourself. Instead, you tried to do it publicly while using the opportunity to show off your own powers. I’ve seen many like you in the past who enjoyed abusing their power, but if you try to do it in my presence, I will not just stand and allow that to happen!

“Fortunately for you, I’m not here to hurt you. I still have a request for you, so I shall pretend that none of this ever happened.”

With that, Quinn let go of his influence and Yaddy and his men could finally move again. Everyone else was nervously watching him rise to his feet. After all, he was a Vampire Lord, yet he had just been publicly humiliated. Even if that powerful vampire was willing to forgive him, would the General’s pride allow it?

“I… I was wrong.” Yaddy admitted to the shock of everyone. “I only wished to confirm that you really were the one that had put an end to that wave, and now I am convinced that it was no lie. With the beast crystals and this, I can tell you are a vampire capable of doing such a thing. Once again, I greatly apologise for my way of handling things.”

Yaddy even willingly bowed down out of his own accord, which came as a surprise not just for Mitchell, but the rest of the vampires as well. After lifting his head, the Vampire Lord handedly, over another Bronze blood emblem that was in his hand. Quinn looked at it for a few seconds before eventually putting it into his pocket.

“I hope things like this don’t happen in the future, so that we can continue working together.” Quinn said as he walked back through the crowd to his original position. The other vampires were cautiously moving out of the way, making sure to stay away from him. One thing was running through all of their minds, this person was incredibly dangerous. First being able to go up against Jake Green and now this.

Looking at the back of Quinn’s, Yaddy one particular thought running through his head-

‘This vampire, is incredibly dangerous and something needs to be done!’

‘Now that I have this Bronze ranking, it should hopefully allow me to get answers to my questions. Perhaps I can even ask to be moved to the Earth Vampire Corps unit.’ Quinn thought. ‘It’s a shame I missed the opportunity to speak with Vicky, but if I can get through to Jake that might be another way to contact Logan. I also need to keep up my facade with the Red Vampires as well.

‘This is all a little tiring.’ Quinn thought, as he folded his arms, thinking he had done quite a good job.

After what had just happened, nobody was surprised when General Yaddy called off the rest of the meeting. He had already informed them about pretty much everything they needed to know and honestly, he needed some time to gather his thoughts. The other vampires were in a similar mental situation.

The squads were to continue with their duties, leaving Mitchell in charge of the new recruits including Quinn and the others. He took them to where they would be sleeping, showing them their tasks and more.

‘I…was scared… when was the last time that I, a Vampire Lord who has lived for hundreds of years, was afraid of a vampire who wasn’t one of the leaders? What’s more, I have never seen before… I need to find out everything I can about this person.’ Yaddy thought as he was left alone in the meeting room.

At the same time, a certain group of vampires that had been put in a shared room, in the town next to the barracks, were discussing the same thing. These were the Red Vampires. Even for them, they couldn’t stop talking about what the feat Quinn had accomplished.

“Hannah, I apologise for all my thoughts about him! I can’t believe that you were able to convince such a strong vampire to join us. Our leaders are going to be over the moon!” One of the vampires claimed.

“Yeah…” Hannah replied, pretending to have known about Quinn’s strength all along. Of course, she had no idea that this vampire she had picked up would be this impressive, and there was something else on her mind.

After everyone went back to their rooms, Derik, had also left the rest of the vampires and was sitting on top of their house’s roof.

‘We shouldn’t trust such a strong outsider. We’ve seen how incredibly dangerous he can be. Do they really believe in our case? Isn’t it far more likely that they have another agenda by joining us?!’

Placing his finger to the side of his head, Derik was focusing, he was waiting for the signal and finally got through,

“What is so urgent that you have decided to contact me directly? You should know how incredible busy I am.” An annoyed female voice sounded from the other side.

“I’m sorry, but I have a concern about a specific vampire who is trying to join the Red Vampires. I believe our current leader is being misguided. I felt the need to report this to you right away. Allow me to recount everything I’ve seen this vampire do. If you decide that this was not worth your attention, I will be ready to accept any punishment!” Derik explained himself.

The sounds of someone tapping a black sword could be heard, before the voice eventually said.

“…I’m listening.”


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