My Vampire System Chapter 1631: No Lies

At first, the General said his thanks to both Jake and Vicky. Then he explained that they couldn’t be here today due to urgent business they had to attend. Quinn felt like it had to be really urgent because, for some reason, it seemed like Jake had taken an interest in his strength and identity.

But what was more disappointing for Quinn was that he lost his opportunity to talk to Vicky. After that, some vampires were called from the other sections; all of them were at the vampire noble rank. Since time had passed, it seemed the average strength cap of vampires had increased, at least for those in the Vampire Corps unit.

Since there was no suppression of vampires with the thirteen families, it was a rank that most vampires were able to obtain through hard work. However, what surprised Quinn was the General himself because the latter was at the vampire lord rank.

Since he was in the Vampire Corps, he wasn’t a vampire leader, but being at the evolution of a vampire lord was no joke, meaning it would at least put him on the level of the other leaders that Quinn used to know.

‘I wonder if there is an influx in vampire lords as well? I mean, it’s been a thousand years, maybe there is someone else like me, someone who was able to evolve faster than others expected, becoming something beyond that of a vampire lord?’ Quinn thought.

Finally, it was time for them to go through Mitchell’s squad.

“I know that many of you were new recruits, and if you were to leave after what happened today, I would completely understand, but I do wish to make one thing clear. Never in the history of this base has there been a level four horde attack.

“It was out of the norm. I hope my words will bring you comfort, knowing that you survived one of the most brutal battles that you may ever fight in your life, but I will not lie. Maybe tomorrow there will be another, even greater attack, but we will train you to the best and look after everyone who is one of our own.

“Now, to thank those that have done great deeds from Lieutenant Mitchell’s squad, could the following personnel please come to the stage…”

The names which they called out were Lucia, Hannah and the rest of the Red vampires. Jessica wasn’t called, and she seemed to be pleased about that. Even now, Quinn noticed that she was hiding behind others as if she didn’t want anyone to recognise her.

‘Hmm, maybe a bad history with the Vampire Corps? Is that why she left earlier and wanted to be a traveller?’

Those called up were awarded what looked like a grey emblem to put on their clothes. It was in the shape of a blood drop. That was when Quinn noticed all the other emblems on them.

The Lieutenants and leaders of each group looked to have a bronze coloured one, while the two next to the General were silver in colour, and the General himself had a gold emblem pinned on his chest. It looked like the red vampires had somewhat achieved their goal: jumping up a rank and becoming essential members of the Vampire Corps.

“The colours don’t represent a position rather, a ranking,” Jessica whispered over to Quinn, having correctly assumed that the latter might be wondering about them, “There are only so many positions after all, so you might see some squads with members at the same ranks as the Lieutenants.

“They follow a structure like the military but really there at the same rank. They can transfer to another base or another planet if there is an open position. However, they still have to follow those in charge even if they are of the same rank.

“On the flip side, you might have some people who are a higher rank due to their achievements but chose not to go for higher positions due to the responsibilities that come along with such positions. Some high ranking members are just fighting maniacs; they wish to stay on the battlefield, not bothered with a higher position.”

That certainly cleared up a few things for Quinn while he was looking around.

‘I guess I won’t get anything because I decided to head off, hmm, it looks like I will have to talk to the General personally, or hopefully, there is one more award they are giving out, one that might just put us in a good position.’

Quinn thought right, as after the others came down from the stage, they called Peter’s name next. As he walked up the stage, many of the vampires whispered about what they had seen during the battle, which confirmed that Lucia wasn’t exaggerating anything when she talked about what had happened after Quinn left.

“This brave White charged in the battle and faced the wrath of a single wave by himself. The White is a little unique compared to others, but regardless of that, the casualties were minimal since he alone took out most of the wave due to his great show of strength.

“He is a great example of exactly what the Vampire Corps unit is looking for.” Peter was then awarded a Bronze blood emblem, which immediately put him at the same rank as Mitchell.

‘Even if I don’t go up the ranks to head to the earth, maybe Peter has done, and the two of us could always switch disguises, although it would be troublesome to do something about that smell.’

It was then that they called an unanticipated name while Peter was stepping down from the stage.

“Nate Snell! Please come up to receive your award.” Yaddy declared. “Of course, we saved the most honoured and deserving of awards till the end.”

Hearing this, Quinn walked forward and glanced towards Mitchell to see if his face could tell what was happening. Once again, the former looked as if he had done something wrong.

‘Oh well, what’s the worst that could happen?’ Quinn didn’t give it much thought as he walked onto the stage.

“As you all know, usually during a Horde, even at Level 1, the last wave is not the largest wave, but it’s the one which gives the most trouble due to the level of beasts. Yet this time, there was no such final wave. Because of this, we have suffered the least possible casualties, and if you haven’t guessed by now, it was all due to the person in front of you.” Yaddy placed his hand out towards Quinn.

Of course, the vampires were confused by this. They hadn’t seen him fight, and they hadn’t seen a final wave, so they were confused about what the general was talking about. Even the vampires that were part of the new recruits had only seen him go up against Jake and then fly off somewhere.

“But, well…it seems we only have one vampire who vouches for him, but he didn’t even witness the event himself,” Yaddy said while glancing at Mitchell towards the end of his words and letting out a sigh.

“Everyone, this is an important lesson to you all. It is important in our Corps that we can trust each other. After all, you will have to trust the person next to you with your life on the battlefield. What I will not tolerate are those who decide to use methods to try to rise up in the ranks.

“Even if you are not caught now, you will be caught eventually. Now, if you understand that, please go back to your position.”

Saying these words, of course, he was referring to Quinn. Seeing Mitchell’s face, Quinn could somewhat imagine what had gone on, and it looked like General Yaddy didn’t believe his tales. Honestly, Quinn didn’t care, even if this was meant to humiliate him. These things seemed too insignificant compared to what he had been through. However, these words had not only embarrassed him but had embarrassed Mitchell as well.

As a new follower of his and achieving his end of the bargain, Quinn wasn’t happy with that at all.

“But it’s the truth. Before coming back, I faced five Demi-god tier beasts and defeated the wave.” Quinn casually said, which caused the others to whisper among themselves again. Standing so close, Quinn could see a vein pop at the side of Yaddy’s head.

“Are you really so shameless to admit in front of all these people?” Yaddy shouted, “I can’t believe you refuse to admit the truth even now.” It was then that Yaddy’s eyes started to glow bright red, but instead of looking towards Quinn, he looked towards the crowd of vampires.

“Everyone, bow down to show respect to the Vampire Corps!” Yaddy ordered.

Against their will and with confusion, the vampires felt something taking over them as they bowed down. With Peter being a Wight, there was no effect on him.

‘Mass Influence Skill? That’s really impressive; even some of the vampire leaders of the past couldn’t do that. And it seems like it worked on the strong vampires as well. His Influence Skill level must be incredibly high.’ Quinn thought.

“Raise your heads,” Yaddy ordered again, and the vampires complied.

“You think I can’t get the truth out of you?” Yaddy said. “I gave you a chance to be humble, to learn from your mistakes, but now you must be humiliated on stage. I ask you one more time, leave the stage.”

“Why should I leave when I have told the truth?” Quinn replied immediately.

The veins on Yaddy’s forehead grew thicker, and he couldn’t take it anymore. His eyes glowed red, just like before.

“Kneel in front of me, know and beg for forgiveness!” Yaddy shouted so loud that it echoed throughout the hall.

Everyone was frightened about what was about to happen to the new vampire, and even Mitchell was afraid until he saw what had happened, and a smile grew on his face because his master, the vampire who stood in front of Yaddy, was still standing.

“You think your measly skill will work on me?” Quinn frowned as his eyes began to glow red. “Kneel? Do you think you can do whatever you want? I hate this kind of crap the most, but since you’re so eager to see someone kneel, why don’t you try it yourself? KNEEL!” He shouted, and instantly, Yaddy lost control of his body as his knees slammed onto the floor.


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