My Vampire System Chapter 1630: The Little Talent

Instead of Peter, it was Lucia summarising everything that occurred after Quinn went into the beast wave. She told him about the arrival of Vicky and Jake after he had left, and how Peter had changed his form and almost gotten in a head-on conflict with Jake until Vicky interefered. Though, the most interesting part for Quinn was Peter’s transformation.

At first, he thought she had exaggerated what had happened, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

‘So just like the others, it seems like the celestial energy allowed Peter to transform, and that was only with three points? It sounds like there was a significant boost.’ Looking at Peter, his form was back to normal; at least the disguise was the same.

It was one of the worries for Quinn since he had never seen someone revert to their original form after using celestial energy other than himself because he had killed all of the other ones, apart from Laxmus, who had run away.

‘I wish we were alone because there are so many questions I would like to ask. Other than a physical appearance, what other effects did it have, and why were Peter’s changes different from the others that just turned into giant monsters?’

While the others continued to brief about everything that had happened, Quinn’s heart sank a bit when he had heard about what had happened to Minny. Although, looking at her, she seemed to be doing well, as she was still smiling away and playing with the other Red Vampires, who seemed gentle with her as if she was glass. Even if she was annoying them somehow, everyone made sure not to hurt her because there were two people who were sure to act if anything happened to her.

‘What is wrong with me? She’s not even my child, and I’m acting like this? Is it because I feel guilty about what’s happened to her mother and that I haven’t told her the truth…I guess she is my responsibility now.’

The second the two made eye contact, Minny came running over towards Quinn and opened her arms for a hug. In doing so, Quinn too spread out his arms and lifted her in the air, swinging her around a few times in circles.

She screamed with joy before Quinn eventually stopped as he noticed he was perhaps going a little too fast and had even made a dent on the ground.

“Ahh, come on, you can go faster than that; I know you can, and I can take it!” Minny cried.

“That’s enough for you; I heard you had been doing some dangerous things,” Quinn said, finding it hard to plainly properly tell her off because he was pretty impressed that such a young vampire could produce a blood rifle. It certainly was something that he would never have been able to do.

‘It’s called talent.’ Ray replied.

Quinn ignored the comment from the voice inside. It seemed like Ray wasn’t having a hard time with the other two dhampirs in captivity. If he could still tell what was happening on the outside, then it meant he must not have been having too much trouble dealing with them.

Anyway, Minny certainly was someone Quinn needed to watch out for, and it would be best if he kept an eye on her. Perhaps she would be able to unlock the abilities of the shadow in the near future.

The group, of course, had also asked where Quinn had gone and what he saw, to which he replied that he thought he had seen some greater beasts up ahead, but it seemed like his eyes were playing tricks on him.

The Red Vampires didn’t even believe this lie, as even the other vampires in the Corps units were talking about how there was meant to be a final wave that never appeared. The question was, did Quinn defeat them or not?

‘These vampires there are clearly not normal.’ Derik thought. ‘I’m starting to wonder if it would be best to make them out allies or to have nothing to do with them… I wonder what Hannah is thinking. Maybe it would be best to contact our leader for a decision. Hannah’s judgement clearly is being a little…misguided by something.’

It was then, at that moment, that Quinn had received a notification from his system.

[A follower has completed the condition for this month]

[1 additional celestial point has been granted]

[17/20 Cleistal energy]

For a second, Quinn was quite startled. Although he had told Mitchell to do such a thing, he wasn’t expecting him to do something like this so soon and even wondered if the latter would accept such an abnormal condition.

‘I guess he really does want to follow me…vampires are a little strange.’ Quinn thought. Either way, his experiment was a success, and now he knew that the best way to get celestial points and the easiest was to complete the condition.

At the same time, as soon as Quinn had gained the celestial point, a special feeling overcame his body. It was a powerful and sweet sensation as if he had tasted something for the first time again. It was the same sensation when he tasted blood for the first time as a vampire.

‘This felt good; I might get addicted to this. Fortunately, I’m not craving such a feeling, perhaps because I’m used to suppressing myself the same way with blood, but that’s because I have only been gaining a few points at a time.

‘What if a big amount of celestial energy was to come to me at once? The system stated that for my condition, they would have to do this once a month. If that’s the case and there were many followers, the feeling would be quite overwhelming.’

If this feeling were what the other celestials craved, then it would be better for them to complete the condition altogether.

‘I have finally reached twenty points but still haven’t levelled up, which means I still require many points to get to the next celestial level. So far, this celestial system hasn’t been the best other than making Peter stronger. Which perhaps is why the other celestials give out their energy more freely.’

“Attention!” A Corps member shouted from a distance facing all of the vampires that had gathered. “Everyone is to head to the assembly hall inside the base for a briefing on today’s events. There will also be announcements, contribution rewards and more. Your Lieutenant will give you your next instructions, so stay with your Lieutenant unless called up by them or a higher ranking individual.”

After the announcement was made, all the vampires readied themselves and did as instructed to follow their respective Lieutenants. When Quinn met eyes with Mitchell, Quinn nodded his head at him with a slight smile to indicate he was happy with what the latter had done.

Mitchell caught the sign, wondering how this vampire could possibly know, but it made his belief even stronger that this vampire was indeed special. Still, there was a concerned look on Mitchell’s face for some reason.

Everyone was in the hall, standing in their groups and on stage, all the Lieutenants and General Yaddy.

‘Has Vicky already left…I wanted to ask her a few questions. I will need to find out where she has gone to get some answers.’ Quinn thought.

General Yaddy had started his speech, talking about how good they had done in the Horde attack. He then took some time to speak and mourned about the lost lives of the vampires. There weren’t many, but it looked like one or two vampires had been hurt too much before Jake and Vicky could arrive.

At the closure of his speech, General Yaddy looked towards Quinn and the others.

“Finally, there are those who contributed the most in this horde attack, and I would like them to be invited up on stage for all to see. After all, it was because of them that this level four attack felt like simply a level 1 attack, and we must make sure that these statements are true.” Yaddy said with a smirk.

Hearing these words, Mitchell shook his head slightly.


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