My Vampire System Chapter 1629: The First Follower

Being carried by another vampire, especially when one could still use his own legs, was a little embarrassing. However, Mitchell wasn’t even worrying about that; For one, he knew that they were going at a speed far faster than they could have if they were to run side by side.

However, what was really distracting for him was whether or not this person was Quinn Talen.

‘The problem is, why would such a powerful vampire have a reason to lie?’ Mitchell thought. ‘Unless they plan to use the Hero’s name for something else? Still, it doesn’t matter that I have chosen to follow this person.

‘The one who chose to go out and fight, to protect the rest of the vampire corps. He is the ideal that we follow, and I will do my best to get him to the position he needs to be.’

When getting close to the vampire corps border, Mitchell noticed that Quinn had slowed down. Looking at him, it wasn’t because he was tired or out of stamina; instead, it was to not make others too suspicious of him.

“Master.” After thinking about how to address the person with him, Mitchell finally called out. “I need to ask, do the other vampires know how you are? Do they know your true strength? The ones you brought with you were quite skilled.”

Hearing this, Quinn wasn’t too sure if he was talking about the red vampires or perhaps talking about Peter and the others, but if the waves weren’t too hard, Peter wouldn’t have had time to show any of his great skills. It was most likely only the red vampires had done well during the assessment.

‘The red vampires have their own goal; at the moment, I’m trying to grow and rise in the ranks of both organisations to find out what is going on, so it’s best not to tell the other.’

“Not quite,” Quinn replied. “The three females with the White are my companions, and as for the other vampires, we met them in a town earlier. There was some trouble in which we both helped each other out and decided to head together since both the groups were heading to the Vampire Corps.”

They weren’t far off now, and it looked like most of the vampires had already been called back to the barracks and base, only leaving a small skeleton crew outside. Seeing this, Mitchell jumped off and started to run himself.

“Then, if you don’t mind, master, for me to help you with what you wish, please let me ask one more question. What is such a strong vampire like yourself doing at the vampire corps?” Mitchell perhaps should have asked this question first when becoming his follower, but as stated before, upon seeing Quinn using his powers, Mitchell felt like this person was one who he was meant to follow.

“I’m just trying to head back to earth, so I can find out what happened to my friends.”

Just as they reached the wall, a ship was seen leaving the area and heading back to where Quinn and Mitchell had come from. Now knowing what was on the other side of the vast land of beasts, he wondered just what reason the Vampire Corps would have to head over to them. Perhaps it was something to do with him.

“From here on out, it is best if you follow me; it looks like the General of the base has already called everyone in. He will soon call for the Lieutenants to make a report and then call for everyone to meet up to go through the attack that had occurred today. I will do my best to tell them of the deeds you have achieved during this wave.” Mitchell said, holding out the crystals he had extracted in his hands that were proof of what Quinn had done.

Nodding his head, Quinn thought it was best for Mitchell to do so, and it would allow him to see how well or how much he could trust Mitchell towards such tasks. He also thought it was best not to reveal the Werewolf encounter he had.

Mitchell guided Quinn to where he needed to be, just over the wall, where the barracks were located; there, several large tents pitched up. Here, the injured were being tended to. At the same time, they were gathering crystals from the dead beasts, hauling parts of their body and more.

Although the beast’s bodies would decay quite quickly once they removed the crystals, certain parts wouldn’t be lost and could be used for weaponry; this made them a pretty vital resource.

“Nate, over here!” Jessica shouted, waving over, and Quinn could see that his group, along with Hannah’s, were next to each other, but for some reason, no one else was willing to sit right next to them. All the other vampires were seated away in the distance.

‘What…happened.’ Quinn thought.


Currently, the vampire lieutenant was called for a meeting. Along the vast wall that would split the faction borders was attached a fairly large building. It was the same height as the wall, so it meant that attackers could not know where such a building was just from looking outward.

The building itself was large and would be where most of the vampire corps members met or did the required due diligence and needed more for the base to operate. In simple words, it was their headquarters.

Inside a large hall that was large enough to fit all of the vampire corps members in it, although only thirteen were present – these were the lieutenants of the Vampire Corps base and the General himself, General Yaddy.

“Well, the person I wanted to speak to has finally arrived,” Yaddy said with a smirk.

“Sorry for being late, sir, but I wanted to check by myself if the wave had truly come to an end. Since I had the new recruits with me, if the bulk of the wave was to attack my current position, I would have been in serious trouble.” Mitchell reported.

“And yet your section was the only one to suffer no casualties; I hear you have quite the promising recruits.” An old vampire said as he stroked his beard. Mitchell could tell that rumours had already been spreading about Peter’s feat, and if anything, all the lieutenants would be after him.

Perhaps with the strength, Peter had shown today, he would be more suited to join the Vampires Corps of Earth and be sent there.

“We have concluded while you were away.” Yaddy began to speak. “The Level four Horde must have noticed the strength of Jake Green. In turn, after the first few waves had been defeated with ease, they had stopped their attack.

“Although we have no way to confirm this, and it is something incredibly rare, it was the only thing we could come up with. I guess it was a good thing that they were here.”

“Where are they?” A larger man asked.

“An emergency call was made via the Green family, and it looks like it was something to do with the Pure territory; maybe they were attacked as well, or thought we had something to do with it. Either way, we haven’t been informed of anything yet. So we will leave it to them.”

Now Mitchell knew what the ship leaving earlier was.

“If I may interrupt,” Mitchell said. “The attack from the Horde didn’t end due to Jake. There was another promising recruit; he had run straight into the incoming beat wave when the fighting began. He met with the final wave of the Horde and defeated them all himself.”

Of course, Mitchell knew that his words would seem like they had come from a mad man, which was why he quickly showed them all the crystals. The others, eyes widened, trying to figure out whether or not they should believe the story of their fellow lieutenant.

“If what you say is true…then we must meet this person,” Yaddy replied.

More was discussed in the meeting, and soon, the lieutenant was instructed to head back and gather the rest of the Corps members for an assembly. On his way back, Mitchell stumbled across a statue of the Hero Quinn in one of the grand hallways.

Seeing it, he was reminded about what he needed to do.

‘They don’t look the same…but he told me to do this either way.’ Mitchell thought. He pulled out a small blade and while standing on one knee, he made a small cut on his hand.


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