My Vampire System Chapter 1628: I Am Quinn Talen

Mitchell was nervous when he had decided to head out. He was a little worried that either the beasts had gained some sort of intelligence and were trying to spring a trap on him, or he might be running straight towards the incoming wave, which was delayed for some reason.

Still, he was confident in his skills that if he did come across a wave of beasts, he would at least be able to retreat on time and head back before he got into trouble, but as he continued to fly ahead, he saw no such waves. In fact, he didn’t see any signs of battle either.

‘I’ll go as far as the sensors; I should be able to spot something then. If I go further than that, there is a chance I could run into Pure’s people.’ Mitchell thought.

But just then, he finally saw something up ahead, something he hadn’t expected at all. Around a couple of kilometres ahead from where the sensors would be, he could see it—several Demi-god tier beasts lying motionless on the ground, dead.

‘This…it really was a Level Four horde, but why are they dead…? What happened to them?’

Although hesitatingly, Mitchell started to inspect the bodies, still scared that they could wake up. Maybe he could take out one Demi-god-tier beast on his own, but that was if he could still use his blood rifles. To take down five of them would be a mammoth of a task; retreating would be the best offence.

After looking through the dead bodies of the large beasts, he noticed two things. One of them was the fact that the person who had killed them didn’t even bother to take out the beast crystal inside. He could only imagine either a madman or a person with no use for such crystals had done this.

Either one did not make sense to him, but then he noticed the even more shocking thing.

‘This… I’m sure of it. I wanted to ignore it but the hole in these beast’s bodies. That’s definitely what they would look like if someone used the Rifle blood bullet.’

Since it was a skill he had developed himself, he would for sure notice it, and there was no doubt in his mind. Of course, Mitchell knew that he wasn’t the one that had done this, so he could only think of one other person, the vampire he had met today, who was all to copy his move.

‘How is he able to use the rifle bullet more than once?! He used it during our fight, and here, he used it to get rid of all of the beasts. I’ve never heard of a vampire not suffering a drawback from using an ability. None of this is making any sense…just who is that vampire? Is he…the leader of the Red Vampires? Are they trying to infiltrate the Vampire Corps?’

Although this seemed probable if that was the case, Mitchell thought they would have decided to lay low and then destroy them from within. Also, why bother protecting the vampire Corps base if that was the case.

The Red Vampires’ ideals might have differed from the vampire crops, but they didn’t tend to clash either. It was then that he felt a gust of wind, and the very person he was thinking off landed right in front of him.

“Oh…I didn’t expect you to be out here,” Quinn said.

Blinking a few times with his good eye, Mitchell wondered where Quinn had even come from. He should have seen him in the distance, but it was almost as if the latter teleported in front of him.

“You!” Mitchell called out, not being able to take it anymore, “Who are you?! It’s obvious you’re not a normal vampire. I…” Mitchell paused there. He didn’t know what to say or what to do, but now looking at Quinn in front of him, he didn’t believe the latter to be a bad person, and before he knew it, words came out of his mouth that Quinn never expected to.

Mitchell kelt respectfully down in front of Quinn.

“I…I…I want to become your follower. Please, I want to follow you, but for that, I must know who you are! Please!”

This was unexpected for Quinn himself, and he didn’t know what to say.

‘I had heard that vampires were like this. They chose to follow strong and respect them, but what made him come to this conclusion?’ Looking at the dead beasts, he now had a good idea.

“Honestly,” Quinn replied. “If I told you who I was, I don’t think you would believe me.”

Clenching his fists, Mitchell wanted to show his dedication. If he followed this vampire, he was sure he would amount to great things.

“Please, I have my suspicions; you might be a red vampire, you might be an original or one of the leaders of the thirteen families. These are the only conclusions I can come up with. Whatever the case, I can tell you are not a vampire that means harm or wishes to do bad. So I wish to follow you and grow with you!” Mitchell shouted, showing his determination.

Because of the way Mitchell was acting, Quinn was reminded of someone. Edward, the old vampire knight of the tenth family, was loyal to Vincent from the very end, and he could feel something similar from Mitchell.

‘Maybe I can use this to my advantage. Couldn’t I try to see if he could complete the condition? He wouldn’t have to be turned into a dedicated follower, but I could make him a follower? At the same time, having someone quite high up in the vampire corps will help move and find out more information.’

“I can’t show you who I am, not at this moment, but I will definitely let you see the truth today. But if you really wish to follow me as you said, you have the right to know who I am.” Quinn answered. “My name is Quinn Talen. I’m sure you know who I am and why I have decided to keep this a secret. One day, everything will come to light, for now, you will have to keep my connection with you a secret.”

It felt nice saying his name and not hiding behind who he was. Quinn hoped that once he understood the situation, he would no longer need to hide his identity, or at least become a force as great in the world as in the past.

‘I wonder how he will react to knowing my real name?’ He thought. Seeing how respectful Mitchell was before, now surely he would be even more compliant.

“Why…” Mitchell said. “Why, after I have shown this much dedication, you won’t tell me who you are? I just wish to know your name to follow you!” Mitchell shouted once again, still kneeling respectfully.

It was quite… expected. Mitchell had heard of Quinn’s words, but this was hard for him to believe.

Quinn Talen was not a normal name for him. It was the name of the Hero Quinn – the legendary figure who had led the whole world against the vicious enemies and won the world-enveloping battle.

Shaking his head, Quinn, having expected this situation, didn’t bother to convince the former.

“I already told you, if I told you who I was, that you wouldn’t believe me, and it seems like that is the case. As I said, when I get back, or we are in a position, I can show you who I am. If you wish to follow me, then do me a favour. Once a month, offer blood to a statue of the Hero Quinn. If you do this, you are free to follow me, and as a follower of mine, I will do my best to protect you.

Quinn paused for a moment and continued.

“I always protect those that are loyal to me. Now, would you like to head back to the base? My wings are a bit damaged, but I could carry you there?”

Mitchell felt like the interaction between the two of them was strange. He still didn’t understand why the vampire wouldn’t tell him who he was. What was the big secret he had to hide? Why was there a strange requirement on top of that?

‘Is he trying to test me…?’

“I will…do what you ask of me. I will do that as soon as possible. Perhaps one day, you will see me as worthy enough to grant me knowing your real name instead of saying you’re Hero Quinn.” Mitchell said as he stood up.

Shaking his head once again, Quinn now knew it would be tough to convince others he was who he said he was, but perhaps it was for the best. Since Mitchell didn’t say anything about taking them back, Quinn picked up Mitchell anyway and placed him on his back as he continued to run forward as fast as he could.

The blue fang usage time had run out, but Quinn was still fast as ever, running as fast he could. Experiencing this speed, Mitchell had one thought as he replayed the scene that went through their head.

‘Wait a second…what if he isn’t lying…is this really…the hero Quinn Talen.’ Thinking of this, his whole body shook.


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