My Vampire System Chapter 1627: Still Alive

Back at the border of the vampire crops base, eventually, two more beast waves had come towards them from different directions. None of them headed towards where Peter and the others were. Seeing this, Jake and Vicky went ahead, running off to help, while Peter and his group stayed back.

At the same time, it didn’t take long for Peter to revert to his normal form, and while doing so, he quickly used the transformation ability to change his appearance once again. Since there was such a drastic change in the first place, many wouldn’t notice or bat an eyelid at the changes happening on his face.

Lucia and Jessica continued to look at Peter while Mitchell was attending to the injured vampires, offering them blood supplies. Minny was still sleeping, but unlike before, her expression was much peaceful; this calmed others down a bit.

Pitching blood into the mouth of one of the new recruits, Mitchell couldn’t help but turn towards Peter.

‘Our group suffered no casualties, but not one vampire died. This is unheard of. When General Yaddy hears of this, they will definitely be interested in what happened, but how do I explain to them something that I don’t even understand myself…just who are these people, especially that vampire from before?’

Now looking off into the distance, Mitchell wondered where the other vampire had gone and what was happening beyond the waves. With the help of Jake and Vicky, the other two areas that were attacked were now pushing back the beast waves and it was almost at the end of the battle.

However, with it being a level four horde, there would be a large final wave. When seeing this, the General would call the vampire groups to one area, yet there had been no word from the General since the beginning.

At the same time, usually, there wouldn’t be so much time between waves. It was clear that something must have happened.

“Bin!” Mitchell called over. “Once the new guys have healed up, gather them all, and wait for an order from the base. I have a feeling this battle might be over, but we can’t be so sure.”

Bin gave the nod agreeing to the order.

“Sir, where are you going to go?”

“I just need to see something,” Mitchell replied and ran off into the direction where Quinn had headed.

These thoughts weren’t alone with Lieutenant Mitchell since the General was thinking the same thing.

‘I have checked the sensors, and they weren’t wrong. They sensed that this was a level four horde. But what happened to the beasts? Did they turn around for some reason, or did something else happen?’ General Yaddy thought. It was then that he got the report that Jake and Vicky had finished dealing with the beast wave in the last two areas.

“Call them over to me, and let’s have a little talk,” Yaddy ordered.


[Quest complete]

[You have defeated an ancient enemy of the vampires]

[Reward: Celestial energy +5]

‘This was unexpected, so are there other ways that I can get celestial energy, other than fighting celestials and getting followers?’

Looking at this, Quinn wondered if this was something unique to him. In the first place, celestials didn’t have a system as he did. Vincent always talked about how the System essentially allowed him to improve at a fast rate compared to other vampires, and maybe it would be the same here as well.

[16/19 Celestial Energy]

‘Still, I’m assuming five points of celestial energy is pretty low. Because if one follower doing the condition would give one point of celestial energy, then I could just get a thousand people to sacrifice blood to a statue of me for a thousand points, right?’

Thinking about this, Quinn thought it would have been so easy in the past, but it’s no use now. He would take it one step at a time, and he didn’t really have time to think much about his current situation because ten Dhampirs were encircling him; in fact, he could see more coming towards him.

‘Well, big balls, what are you going to do now? Take out the whole city?’ Ray asked.

The Werewolf was dead on the ground, but the dhampirs that were protecting him weren’t exactly attacking Quinn. Perhaps because of the speed he had just shown them.

“Emergency, there is a suspected Guardian that is currently attacking us!” One of the dhampirs shouted down a receiver.

‘Guardian…? That’s twice that I heard of this word by now, and that Werewolf said that when he saw my shadow powers. So I guess there are those with the shadow powers…are they with Laxmus then? Perhaps it’s not good to be associated with these Guardians, but it will get me out of my current situation at least.

‘It probably wasn’t a good idea to kill the Werewolf. If it’s a creation of Pure, it very well might be their trump card that they had created after thousand years of research. To learn that a vampire took it out just like that…I might have caused quite a stir. The question is, what do I do now?’

Quinn could sense more dhampirs, some very powerful ones, were coming his way. Of course, he disliked Pure, but he still at least wanted to know what was going on.

‘I guess I just need to be patient and find the right moment to leave. It’s not like they can stop me anyway.’

Just then, while he was thinking, two of the dhampirs acted, slashing out yellow lines of aura, an attack similar to the blood swipe. Quinn already knew he couldn’t control these and that the red aura seemed to have a weakness against the yellow aura.

It was somewhat similar to how water would trump fire. However, just like a game, if there was enough fire, the water would evaporate, and it was something similar here too.

Quinn surrounded his hands in the red aura and just swiped at the two slashes, breaking them in an instant.

‘Hmm, could you do me a favour, Ray?’ Quinn asked.

‘What?” Ray asked as Quinn slashed out his hand towards the two dhampirs that attacked him.

‘Try to make sure these dhampirs don’t kill themselves while they’re in the shadow space, maybe frighten them a little. I have a feeling I might get some important information from them.’ Quinn replied.

‘Wait, didn’t you just say you weren’t going to cause any trouble? And now you’re planning to kidna-‘

It was already too late, as Quinn had used shadow lock on the two dhampirs. With Ray there as well, he was sure that at least Ray, currently residing in the dragon’s body, could stop them from hurting the shadow space.

The next second, Quinn disappeared in front of everyone’s eyes and headed back towards the vampire corps base.

A few moments later, the rest of the dhampirs were seen coming out from the base. It looked like a squad of around fifteen or so. Then from another direction, those who appeared to be more human were also coming out.

When the two squads met in the middle, they just stood around the dead body of the Werewolf that was on the ground.

“How is this possible…” One of the Pure members said. “Who did this? Who was able to kill him? Agent four will be furious! Who did this, what did they look like, was it Laxmus?!”

The dhampirs looked visibly shocked and explained to their group leader about the mysterious attacker kidnapping two of their people. The situation wasn’t very favourable to them either.

“It wasn’t Laxmus.” A dhampir answered. “We believe it was one of the Guardians…but it wasn’t Laxmus.”

“A Guardian? What are they doing here of all places? Did they know that he was currently here…? I didn’t know a guardian was strong enough to take them on; it looks like we might have underestimated the Red Vampires. Perhaps they are closer to finding the Red heart, or they might already have it in their hands and are ready to make their move. We must report this to Zero immediately.”


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