My Vampire System Chapter 1626

: Better Than You

Even with such a strong opponent in front of him, even though Quinn had taken a serious hit for the first time since he had woken up, the Celestial Vampire continued to be incredibly calm, because he was convinced that there was no way he could lose.

Quinn knew he had multiple ways to take down the Werewolf in front of him. If this was what Pure had been cooking up all this time, if this was the type of enemy that the world had in store for him after being asleep for more than a thousand years, then it simply wasn’t good up to par.

‘Still, it looks like I have the chance to test out a few things.’ Quinn thought, a mild smile forming on his lips.

Quinn estimated that the Werewolf might have become the terror of the current age, just like One Horn and Graham had been during his time. Unfortunately for it, it just happened to encounter the Celestial Vampire, who was dying to test out a few new things.

Activating his beast armour’s new ability, he allowed his shadow to be used with it, leading to something strange. Both of the steel wings were encased with the dark purple shadow. Lately, Quinn hadn’t been using the Shadow ability for two reasons, for fear that it would let everyone know who he was, and as for the second reason it was due to the level of enemies he was facing.

When having over a hundred thousand MC cells, it was okay for him to take big hits, but against someone with great strength like this his shadow would only be able to take a few hits.

‘These shadow wings…they remind me of Arthur…but what can they exactly do?’ Quinn wondered.

That’s when he noticed that the created didn’t use up any of his MC cells.

“The power of the shadow, I guess since I don’t recognise you, you must be one of the Guardians.” The Werewolf uttered more to himself than to Quinn. “We were fated to fight either way, so I will just have to kill you here!”

The Hybrid Werewolf charged forward, and the outside of his hands started to glow with a white light. It looked similar to Celestial Energy, but Quinn had a feeling that it wasn’t the same. Since, Quinn didn’t really have time to see what the system had to say about the new steel wings, he decided to test them out the old-fashioned way.

‘This attack seems stronger than the air slashes he produced before. The energy looks to be more raw and concentrated on his hands. If the wings can’t take it, then I’m going to have to think of something else.’ Quinn decided.

Still, he soon moved his wing in front of him, and the Werewolf, using all its strength, slashed right at the wing. What he expected to happen, was the wing to fall off, but instead his hand had been stopped completely.

‘What’s this? … shouldn’t I have lost some MC cells?’ Quinn wondered.

Pulling his hand back, the Werewolf started to strike one after another at the wings, yet his opponent just placed them in his way one after another, taking hit after hit, but not for a second did his MC cells go down at all.

‘Is this really the effect of the steel wings, the demon tier armour? If I can enhance them with my shadow, and not affect my MC cells in any way. It is like having a permanent shadow that can block any type of attack, although the area is kinda limited.’

It was then that Quinn went to waft both his wings forward, and the Werewolf could see a large smile plastered on his face.

“You won’t be able to hit me again.” Quinn announced, now charging forward himself.

When jumping forward, he got right in the Werewolf’s face and flapped his wing, pushing him away. The next second, Quinn grabbed on to the furry arms, kneeing his opponent right in the chest.

Hopping up on his other leg, Quinn then kicked the Werewolf with the side of his leg pushing him away, and at the same time, a large force of blood aura could be seen coming out of his foot and at the other end of the Werewolf’s body.

The Werewolf felt his body being crushed, yet his organs and bones were healing mid-flight. As he recovered, he looked up and could see Quinn right in front of him. The Werewolf swung its arm to hit Quinn’s head, but he soon knocked both of the clawed arms away, and the next second, Quinn used both of his fists to slam the Werewolf right in the chest, sending him flying across the floor, knocking the ground up with it.

‘What is going on?’ The Werewolf was starting to worry as he tried to stand up while his body had yet to recover. Due to the severity of the wounds, it needed a bit more time, though his opponent was naturally not going to wait for that to happen.

‘Wasn’t he at the same speed as me just moments ago? How is he suddenly getting the upper hand? Don’t tell me… was he going easy on me the entire time?’ The Werewolf reached a frightening possibility.

As Quinn rushed forward, that wasn’t the case at all. Quinn’s speed had the stats of 200, he also had the Demon tier beast gear to help him. The Werewolf’s physical capabilities were in a way better than his, but currently they were both even in that department, but Quinn had a few things that would give him the edge.

One, was utilising Qi properly to enhance his body to the next degree, and the second, was even though they were both fast, Quinn was a gifted fighter. The Celestial Vampire had the clear advantage thanks to his skills of Muai Baron, as well as the experience of having fought countless times at the high level, and it was clear that his opponent lacked in that area.

“I’m interested to find out more about those ‘Guardians’ you mentioned.” Quinn noted, as he charged forward again.

It looked like he had made a fist towards the head of the Werewolf, and covering up his head the Werewolf was ready to block the attack, but that was when something strange happened. Put from Quinn’s body, condensed forms of blood were forming from his side. He was using his aura, but not just in any way, he had done so, to create another set of arms.

He now had four sets of arms to attack with. With the original first he pounded it in the Werewolf’s head, and with the other blood aura formed arms, Quinn pounded his body and more, hitting the Werewolf in front of him.

Each fist, would send the Werewolf flying through the air, and gushes of blood coming out from his mouth. As it did, Quinn had to make sure to keep up with him flying towards him, so he could continuously hit the Werewolf.

‘The large blood attacks are too slow to kill the Werewolf in one go, so I will just have to pound him until he’s dead.’

The distance covered by the two fighting was enormous, and it was to the point that without realising it, Quinn soon was coming to the border of another area. With the Werewolf weekend and the other fists hitting it, Quinn started to form the blood drill in his right hand, planning to finish it in one go.

Just as he was ready to throw it, he sensed multiple different attack coming his way. Immediately, Quinn folded in his wings to block the attack and the Werewolf continued to fall back, until it laid flat on its back in the ground.

Opening his wings, Quinn could see nearly a dozen people having surrounded him.

“Stop right there, vampire!” A female shouted.

When looking at the eyes of the ten that had come to meet Quinn, he could see they were glowing yellow. They were all Dhampirs.

“You are now in Pure’s territory! A member of the Vampire Corps is not allowed to step foot in this territory, and you are not to hurt our people. Continue your actions, and we shall regard that as a declaration of war!” Another Dhampir threatened him.

The Werewolf had gotten off the ground, he was incredibly weak, and the special healing didn’t seem to be doing much for him any more. As Quinn expected, there had to be a limit, just like there was to all things.

‘It looks like we fought across the whole beast area and made it to Pure’s territory. So are Pure, humans and Dhampirs all living on this side of Mars?’ Quinn wondered.

“I am not a member of the Vampire Corps.” Quinn declared, as he used his shadow to put away the demon tier set, but at the same time with the shadow equip he had placed on the blue fang set instead.

“Which means, that my actions have nothing to do with the Vampire Corps.”

[Nitro accelerate activated]

The next second, the Dhampirs couldn’t even see Quinn move. He still had the blood drill ready in his hand. The Werewolf in front of him, and the Dhampirs protecting him, he knew that this person was possibly important to them, which was why he needed to finish him off there and then, and that was exactly what he had done, as his blood drill went right through the Werewolf’s head, and he was no longer as his body dropped to the floor.

“If you want to stop me, don’t blame me for what will happen next.”


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