My Vampire System Chapter 1625: DNA

The truth was Quinn didn’t need the quest notification to tell what was in front of him because he already knew based on the strange feeling and looked at what was exactly in front of him. Somehow, someway, the person in front of him had either gotten their hands on Werewolf DNA or was a werewolf themselves.

When fighting against Graham, during his transformation into a celestial, Quinn had heard the other leaders claim that Graham somehow had been mixed in with Werewolf’s DNA. According to what Quinn had learnt from Logan, it was most likely an accident due to the information and different DNA used when Jim had created the Dalki in the first place.

However, seeing the person in front of him, and not only their features but the fact the quest claimed it was an ancient enemy of the vampires, Quinn knew why he was getting the same feeling, and the claw mark confirmed it.

With the way he was currently, there were only a few beings that perhaps could damage a demon tier armour set like this.


[Hybrid Werewolf creation]

‘The werewolves were extinct, and if I remember what Vincent told me, it was due to the vampires a long time ago. So are Pure messing around with DNA again? Did they somehow get their hands on DNA that the vampires had to create more of these…if that’s the case, this could be a serious problem for the vampires of today.’

According to Jin, Werewolves were also somehow able to combat vampires’ natural healing. A wound from a werewolf’s claws can not be easily healed. Seeing how much Qi the werewolf had and feeling that the energy wasn’t quite exactly the same as Qi, an idea flashed in Quinn’s mind.

If each of their attacks, bites, claws, and more had this powerful Qi in their bodies, it would make sense that it would interfere with the healing capabilities of vampires.

One thing Quinn didn’t have an idea of was whether the Werewolf hybrids were weaker than the real Werewolves of ancient times or were they stronger. It also meant for some reason, or somehow they didn’t wish or couldn’t bring back the Werewolves of the old time.

“I’m surprised you managed to block my attack, but I’ll make sure to rip those wings off your body so you can’t fly away!” The man shouted as he charged forward and threw two more swipes through the air.

Seeing how the last attack had already damaged his demon tier beast armour, Quinn didn’t exactly want to use it to block any more attacks. Still, due to its passive effect, not using it would allow it to heal anyway.

Although vampires were supernatural beings that were naturally stronger and faster than humans, Werewolves had physical capabilities that could outmatch the former. Because of this, Quinn was a little apprehensive about letting the Werewolf get close to him.

However, there was one clear thing, the creature or person in front of him was not on the level of Graham. He was one of a kind. Seeing this, Quinn fired out two blood swipes of his own. Using his blood control, he sped them up and didn’t hold back using his own Qi.

The attacks clashed against the claw marks, and a surge of power vibrated through the air, sending shockwaves towards both of them. The werewolf was surprised, but he didn’t quite have the time to relax because, in the next second, Quinn had fired off a blood bullet, hitting him in the legs.

Not just one, but Quinn continuously fired blood bullets out with his two hands as he went forward, aiming for the werewolf’s legs.

“ARGHH!” The Werewolf screamed in pain as his advance stopped, but imbalanced because of the pain from the first few bullets, he leapt in the air and stomped on the ground, creating some type of barrier, but that didn’t matter because Quinn’s blood bullets went right through the walls of dirt anyway and were hitting the target one way or another.

‘Hmm, it seems like his body must be healing…the same thing happened to Graham. Is it a trait of the Werewolves? Even with Qi and such, their bodies are still able to heal. I’ll have to make a much deeper wound on him.’ Quinn thought.

To do that, Quinn decided to charge right in instead. Once again, Quinn had gathered his blood aura and covered his fists with it. As he went to strike forward, he successfully punched the werewolf in the chest, and blood dripped from his mouth. Lifting his head up though, the Werewolf had somewhat regained his stand even with the intense pain and without wasting any opportunity, he sliced his claw towards Quinn.

Quinn moved his head out of the way, but a fingernail still managed to cruise his cheek. Quinn quickly lifted the werewolf and slammed him towards the ground, creating a crater and small dust cloud. Flying up, Quinn had already gathered a lot of blood aura, forming it into a large drill and then using his blood control, he smashed the blood drill into the werewolf.

From his past experiences, he needed a blood attack, at least on a level that could tear the body apart before it could heal up. The blood drill crashed into the ground, but it didn’t hit the target because the werewolf was already right by Quinn’s side.

He grabbed both arms of Quinn, even though they were enveloped in the red aura, and then he proceeded to kick Quinn right in the chest. He held on tightly, almost causing Quinn’s arms to break from his body because of the force, but the latter held on strong, and the two remained holding onto each other.


‘Damn… it’s been a long time since I saw a message like that from the system… it’s the first time I’ve actually been hurt since becoming a celestial.’

Of course, Quinn wasn’t so sure if using his celestial energy in a situation like this would help since the one in front of him wasn’t one with celestial energy in the first place, but with him having been hit, he felt like he was in for some trouble.

‘His strength and speed are comparable to mine…and that’s with the demon tier armour I’m wearing. Pure really managed to create some monster in these 1000 years.’ Quinn smiled.

“I have to admit you’re the strongest vampire I have ever seen! Today wasn’t the day I was meant to be known to the world, but you were the one that forced me to do this!” The Werewolf called. He bent his knees as he readied somewhat for a more powerful attack aiming to finish off Quinn.

Despite being hit once though, Quinn wasn’t afraid.

“You know, it’s a little cute seeing you use all your strength like that”, Quinn replied, smiling.

It was then that Blood Sword stabbed from the back of the Werewolf, right through his chest. Quinn had aimed for the heart, but he could still hear it beat and knew that the enemy wasn’t yet dead. Even the Werewolf’s heart seemed to be healing on the spot. Still, it made the latter quite vulnerable, and Quinn used this chance to break free, kicking the latter’s arms using his feet.

Jumping a few steps back, Quinn distanced himself from the enemy, and a thousand thoughts flashed through his mind to judge what should be his next step. Although Quinn had large amounts of blood aura, and due to his title, there were no drawbacks to using blood aura, creating something on the scale of what he used against Graham was impossible because there was one key missing ingredient: blood.

Back then, not only was his blood used but so was the blood of others who died in the war. Also, Quinn was sure he didn’t need that to finish this werewolf off right now.

‘Let’s see…the blue fang set, celestial energy, or should I try some of the new blood moves I have yet to use…no, I have a better idea.’ Quinn thought.

‘Tho, I still don’t really know what that will do.’

[Shadow ability has been detected]

[Demon tier chest piece active skill has been activated]

‘Let’s see what this demon tier chest piece can do.’


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