My Vampire System Chapter 1624: An Ancient Enem

Using the special gift given to him by the current Graylash leader, Quinn was currently flying over the large battlefield at a rapid pace. He had gone straight over the wave of beasts, and that wasn’t the only wave of beasts he had gone over.

He had seen a larger force, roughly one third bigger than the group of beasts Quinn originally went past, and these were heading towards the vampire crops base; still, Quinn chose to ignore this as well as he kept going forward. Because ever since his evolution, his vision had improved. Perhaps his vision was better than even vampires as if he was some type of super vampire.

Because of that, he could see something in the distance that was somewhat frightening.

‘I don’t know whether or not this is the Level Four horde that they are talking about, but I do know one thing: if what I see and can feel is right, and they were to clash with the vampire crops and we weren’t there, then I’m pretty sure either the vampire corps base on mars would be no longer exist…or a good chunk of their forces would be lost forever.’

In the middle of these thoughts, Quinn did think of one person, and that was Jake Green.

‘Actually, I think there’s a good chance those two could have stopped this as well…there was something else I saw when looking at Vicky.’

Of course, it had become a habit for Quinn to use the inspect skill whenever he could. It was natural for him when trying to level up his skills. Although he was sure the Inspect skill could no longer be levelled up, it had become a habit.

During that time though, he had noticed something interesting on Vicky’s body.

‘She has a demon tier weapon with her…and if my guess is right, judging by the name and description…it belonged to the same demon tier beast that Raten had taken control of.’

At first, Quinn was saddened by this, though not to the degree when he had found out about Vorden since Quinn wasn’t too close to Raten. Regardless, all of the Blades that resided within Sil, including Borden that was part of the brother group, at one point in time, had helped him out greatly. Quinn was in debt to the loyalty and friendship they gave him.

However, Quinn didn’t get angry because the demon tier weapon had ended up in the hands of Vicky, another Blade, which made him believe that there had to be a reason behind it. Still, he couldn’t be too sure because there was a chance that their relationship could have soured during the time he was away.

Either way, he believed they would be okay, and during his flight, Quinn had run into another wave of beasts. It made him come to a sudden stop midair because he could tell that the beasts were coming towards him.

Unlike the other waves of beasts, this one was smaller in number. However, they were far greater in strength, for there were five of the giant Demi-god level beasts in front of him. The same as the ones that appeared during the first wave. They looked like giant insects with tentacles sticking out from their bodies.

The first one began to muster up a strange foam from its mouth, turning bright green in colour. The next second it opened up the giant forceps from its mouth, and the foam was shot right in Quinn’s direction.

It came out fast, and honestly, Quinn felt like if he wanted to, he could avoid the hit, but instead, he surrounded his body with one of the steel-like wings and met the attack head-on. The foam acted like some strong acid, but it did next to no damage on the demon tier armour.

‘This beast armour is quite resilient and can block even an attack of a demi-god tier beast; honestly, if it couldn’t, I would be disappointed, but what is impressive is the wings themselves don’t have to be used to give me the ability of flight. I can feel a current pushing on my body and legs keeping me airborne like some type of ability.’

The best thing about the wings was the high defence but also it meant that attacks that would take a while to charge up could be used more easily. Spreading out the steel wings, Quinn fired two blood rifles, the new attack he had copied from Lieutenant Mitchell.

The beams went right through two of the Demi-god-tier insects that were closest, making them fall to the ground instantly. This time, Quinn didn’t hold back on his strength as his attacks left a large gaping hole in their heads.

The attack didn’t stop there, as Quinn spread out his hands revealing his palms. Nothing appeared out of them and the remaining three beasts were quite fearless as they flew towards him. But in the next second, a red beam appeared from behind and had gone right through the back of the beast’s head, killing them on the spot.

The red beams of energy continued and they had returned to Quinn’s hands and were in the form of two balls.

‘This blood control is amazing. I can control the aura even to this degree of such a powerful attack. As long as the aura hasn’t diminished.’ Quinn thought.

Finally, with the last beast coming towards him, Quinn held the balls of aura, which were diminishing with energy, and he quickly flew to the beast and slammed them down on its head, sending it crashing to the ground.

‘It’s strange that the beasts, even though they know that they were outmatched, didn’t try running away at all.’ Quinn thought.

With the five demi-god tier beasts dead, he decided to continue on forward to meet with the significant threat that had him concerned.

While continuing his flight, Quinn also noticed several strange devices planted in the ground, some looking somewhat like towers of some kind used to send signals.

‘Is that how they could tell that the beast attack was coming?’ Quinn thought. ‘Maybe that’s how they were able to tell the level of the Horde, but if that is really the case, I haven’t seen the real threat go past the first tower, which means they got the level of the Horde wrong.’

Quinn’s guess was certainly correct, but for some reason, the aura and energy that he could sense in the distance were yet to move. This made him wonder if this was the case with all the Horde attacks.

It would make sense if someone or something was controlling them; maybe it was just that the Vampire Corps was too busy dealing with the attacks that they could not notice or go deep enough to tell that something was controlling these beasts.

Either way, Quinn felt like soon he would get his answer and that he did, as he came to a halt. He started to descend on what mainly looked like a barren wasteland of mars. As one moves further away from the established cities and life, it would look more like the mars that Quinn had seen before his millennia-long slumber.

Now, standing in front of him was what could be described as a humanoid beast. The only thing was, Quinn wasn’t so sure that it was a real humanoid beast. The countenance on the beast, its shape and size, reminded Quinn somewhat of the Dalki.

However, it was clearly somewhat different; in fact, the feeling when he was looking at the beast in front of him reminded him a little of Graham. But there were quite a lot of differences, like, for one, this one had fur instead of scales running down its arms.

Another thing was, there was no tail, and although the face was slightly elongated, it was not as much as Graham’s face. The fur covered the side of his face slightly as well. The first thing that came to Quinn’s mind was that Pure had continued experimenting on the Hybrid type beasts they were creating. Seeing the injection from before confirmed that, but perhaps the beast in front of him was a more complete or different version of what he had seen.

“Are you with Pure?” This was the first question that Quinn asked the person as it stood before him.

The beast started to laugh.

“Now, how in the world did you manage to go past all of those waves of beasts? Did you just fly over them all with your wings?” The beast chuckled, “Either way, it doesn’t matter.”

He said as he raised his hands, and his nails began to grow longer.

He moved his hands with so much power that it looked like they sliced through the very air in front of him.

These movements, the attack, certainly did remind Quinn of Graham a lot. The next second, the attack had sliced through the air, and it was coming straight towards Quinn. Using the demon tier armour, Quinn moved one of the wings again as a shield to block the attack, but as it hit, the attack succeeded in slashing through a part of the wing, causing the metallic feathers to fall to the surface.

Just from the first attack, part of his demon tier armour was damaged.

The reason why Quinn had been able to track this humanoid beast from so far was due to the high amounts of Qi he was sensing. And this was one of the main reasons why he believed that the person in front of him was related to Pure, but for some reason, he could tell that this enemy was currently most likely in a suppressed state.

[New quest received]

[An Ancient Enemy of Vampires has resurfaced and is in front of you.]

[Its very existence is a threat to you and your brethren. Defeat the Ancient Enemy.]


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