My Vampire System Chapter 1623: A Lesson Never Forgotten

With Peter’s current strength, he had no problem dealing with the beast around him. The only trouble was the fact that they were considerable in number. Still, with his skills, speed and power, he could avoid most of the attacks and even when getting injured, almost all of the minor wounds on his body would heal pretty quickly.

Still, some beasts were too robust, making it difficult for him to kill them in one hit. At the same time, something he had never seen before was happening, and that was the fact that beasts were now coming at him together, and were also working together.

They were cooperating as if they were connected through some hive mind. Peter tried to go after the most troublesome ones. There was a group of smaller flying insect-type beasts, similar to the large demi-god tier beast that Vicky had killed earlier, were now grouping against him.

They could spit out a type of acid at a fast rate. Usually, Peter could avoid such hits, but when trying to dodge such attacks, the other beasts would attack him, not to hurt him, but to not let him leave the targeted spot.

Peter stomped on the ground and cracks formed underneath his feet, stumbling the beasts around him. When the strange green goo hit him, it had some acid-like effect on his skin. But because Peter covered his arms in the special condensed Qi he could use, this attack should have caused no trouble for him.

But when the attack landed on his shoulder, there was a sizzling sound as it burnt through whatever armour he had on while at the same time reaching his skin. Still, the attack didn’t cause severe damage, and he managed to heal the shallow burnt skin.

Of course, Peter decided to do what he thought was best and just powered through, killing and ripping apart the beasts that were trying to stop him from moving the way he wanted. If he couldn’t deal with the beasts in the order he wanted, then he would deal with the rest, who were creating trouble for him.

That was until he heard a familiar trembling voice…

“Peter…” The voice said, mumbled and in pain, “You said we would be okay, you said you would protect us…Minny…she trusted you.”

‘Something…is happening, I can’t just stay here!’

Turning around, a group of six or so beasts blocked his way, all with strange tentacles, giant mouths, sharp teeth and more.

“You guys won’t let me go help them unless I kill you all, will you?! If that’s what you want, then that’s what I shall do. I just have to kill you faster!” Peter shouted as he charged forward again.

Not knowing what was happening to the others, Peter panicked to help. He moved the fastest he could, but it wasn’t enough as the beast horde was practically attempting to pile upon him.

‘Faster faster…maybe I could use that inner energy that Quinn told me to focus on.’ Peter thought.

At first, Peter tried drawing out Qi from his body, but instead, he found something else. Not caring about what would happen to him or what this energy really was, Peter drew it out from his body anyway.

This new energy, he could tell straight away, was changing him, not just giving him some type of newfound power, but was changing his actual body structure, as if giving him a whole new makeover.

‘I have to kill them faster…and get stronger.’

As these thoughts flashed in his mind repeatedly, Peter suddenly remembered one of the fastest moving things he had once witnessed. Slicer’s tail. Using Quinn’s final form in his head, he had made some adjustments, but he remembered that Slicer’s tail was swift, sharp and powerful. Having the use of an extra limb is incredibly valuable in close combat, after all.

Then there was one more thought, a thought that had never left him since he had learnt it. A brave vampire knight of the tenth family had told him, and it was: As a Wight, no matter what, the one part that he needed to protect was his head.

Because of this, something began to form from the top of his head. It rose up, and Peter was now in the form he had never been in before. He was no longer just a Wight. If vampires were to see this, no one could really pinpoint what specific creature he was right now.

In the next moment, Peter braced himself, planting his feet deep into the ground, he then swung the upper part of his body, and the tail on the top of his head swung with it. The beasts stood no chance as the thin red blood blades came out of the tail ripping through them all.

After defeating the wave of beasts, Peter turned around, looking if the others were safe, he could see that beasts had fallen by the other side, and now all of the eyes were on him.

‘Is that the Wight that went charging in on his own?’ Mitchell thought, looking at him, not recognising the smell around him anymore. ‘What is it…is he some type of hybrid beast of some sort, like what Pure has been creating?’

Because of this thought, Mitchell was getting ready for another battle and was worried that perhaps this weird creature would be far more challenging than the beasts they have been fighting till now.

“Minny,” Peter said and charged from his position, running forward.

Upon seeing this, an instinct came over Jake, as he jumped in between the girls and soon created a giant mud-like fist from the ground, forcing it out towards the monster. He also covered the outside with his special hardening ability.

Peter knew from the earlier confrontation that this mixture of abilities was quite strong, so he didn’t try to face it straight on with his strength. After all, his strength was no longer syncing up with Quinn, which means he was no longer as fast and strong as Quinn.

The link between the two had terminated a while ago, and Peter believed it was because his body had finally reached its limit. Instead of using his new body part, he swung it at a speed that was far faster and more flexible than any of his limbs, and it had slashed right through the giant fist, making it crumble.

“I see…this must be the leader of this horde!” Jake said as he braced his arm, pulling it back, it started to change. His hand had formed into a blade itself, but that wasn’t all. It began to glow slightly red, and tiny drops of lava dropped along the surface, creating a sizzling noise.

It was almost as if his hand had turned into a molten blade of lava itself, and who knew what other abilities he was planning to use in this attack.

“They must have been mistaken when thinking this was a Level 4 horde. This must be a Level Five horde led by a Demonoid-Human-tier beast!” Jake had come to his own assumption.

Running ahead, it looked like the two of them were ready to clash head-on. At the same time, Minny was starting to wake up.

“STOP!” Lucia screamed at the top of her lungs, “YOU BOTH ARE ON THE SAME SIDE!”

She was unsure if both of them had heard this, and even if they did, it was too late for the two of them to clash.

That was until a fearless powerful woman stood in between the two of them.

“Didn’t you hear the poor girl? She told the two of you to stop, so calm down!” Vicky shouted and pressed something on the palm of her hand. In doing so, her whole body seemed to soon cover in a strange mud-like substance.

Then, going through a set of stances, she pushed both her arms outward. From the ground, at first, it looked like the sand began to move out towards the two of them, but it wasn’t just sand at all; instead, it was a wet mud-like substance.

Peter, with his tail, had attempted to cut through it; it successfully sliced through the large wave of mud, but that was it, it didn’t break the incoming mud, and its liquid-like form continued until it landed on him. Once it did, the mud began to harden.

Here Peter easily broke out of the hardening mud but saw Vicky stepping toward Jake, who had also successfully broken out.


Everyone heard a loud noise as Vicky hit Jake on the back of his head.

“Stop being an idiot; you should be more like your father and analyse the situation. If he really was a beast, why would he kill the wave of beasts himself?” Vicky shouted at her son.

Upon hearing her words, Jake’s face began to go a little red out of embarrassment, and he noticed that Peter, who was coming towards him, didn’t even attempt to attack him. Instead, the latter went over to Minny, who was now awake.

“How is she?” Peter asked.

Lucia, who was by Minny’s side, looked at Peter’s face and was a bit speechless because it didn’t look the same as before. She was unsure if it was due to the transformation, but he looked completely different from before.

“She’s fine; she just tried to help and used an attack that caused a powerful recoil, and she lost her grip,” Jessica explained.

It was a relief, and as soon as Minny saw Peter’s face, she was unafraid and just spoke softly.

“Uncle Peter…where is…daddy…Qui…” Her voice trailed off as her eyelids slowly dropped, and she went into a peaceful sleep.

Although the fighting was over here, Peter wondered: Where was Quinn?

Just then, Mitchell’s voice rang out. “There should be more waves; they should have been here by now. Something’s not right…”


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