My Vampire System Chapter 1622: A Change

Although most of the beasts in the incoming wave had turned their attention towards Peter earlier, after his superb display of strength, now that the Corps unit had made a move, most of the beasts turned their attention towards the current set of attackers.

Lifting his hands, Mitchell tried to summon some of his blood aura, but his arms were far too tense and sore. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t use his skill. He needed a whole day to recover after using the blood rifle at this rate.

‘I don’t know where these vampires have come from or who they are, but with that lone man distracting most of them, we might have a chance.’ Mitchell thought.

The use of his arms was limited, but it was enough to allow him to summon his string ability. Propping his arms up a little bit, he struck two needles into specific points on his arms. Then, he placed the other end with his mouth with several different lining threads.

Now with a strange contraption of strings inside his mouth and with the movement of his tongue, he could somewhat control his arms. However, it was hard to tell how long he could go on like this.

The first horse-like beast charged right towards Mitchell. Moving to the side, he lept on top of the horseback. The downside to using his string ability like this was that he could not use it in other ways in battle, but it didn’t matter as he lifted his foot to stomp on the horse-like beast’s neck, cracking it instantly and making it fall.

While fighting, Mitchell also noticed that a group of vampires were travelling together. He found it a little strange because the other vampires didn’t act like this. He noticed that it was the group that had done fairly well during the assessment. Whatever the case may be, they were clearly impressive, and he was happy to know that there were some that he could rely on.

Of course, the group of vampires Mitchell was keeping his eye on was the Red vampires. Fighting in a group, especially this group, was their forte, and they were even more impressive than individually during their assessment, covering each other’s backs, fighting in formations and more.

‘This should be enough to get on their radar and not too much to draw suspicion.’ Hannah thought. ‘Besides, if this really is a Level Four Horde, then the worst is yet to come.’

Lucia and Jessica were taking more of a defensive approach, fighting from a distance. They were acting as solid pillars of support. Lucia would thrust her sword forward whenever they noticed a vampire struggling and shoot out a lighting bolt.

The beast weapons gave it a nice boost in strength and, at the same time, allowed for the lighting to be directed more efficiently in a specific direction, so there wasn’t much collateral damage. Depending on the beast, this could hurt or stun the beast. Either way, it also gave Jessica enough time to use her own string abilities to pull back some of the vampires that were about to get seriously hurt.

The two of them were better than most of the new recruits, but there was a reason why they weren’t so much on the frontlines, and that was because they had a little vampire to look after. Minny was now on Jessica’s shoulders, with arms around the latter’s forehead, holding her firmly.

They decided this since there was a chance Lucia could get hurt again, and it would cause another bloodthirst of energy. Still, even though the two of them supported the frontlines in this battle since the start, the battlefield was becoming an apparent mess with no clear indication of where groups were meant to fall back or were supposed to push forward continually.

This was duly part of their inexperience, and Mitchell knew there wasn’t much he could do even with a few orders. And to make matters worse, one of the boulder-like beasts came rolling towards them. Jessica quickly turned, and Lucia was now fighting against another monkey-like beast with her spear.

The enemy was a high-level beast as she was unable to deal with it on the spot, but at the same time, she was unhurt as she continued to swing her weapon to look for any possible weak spot.

‘This beast moves incredibly fast, and Lucia’s hands are tied up. I have to do something to slow it down or get rid of it!’ Jessica thought as she swung her arms twice, throwing out two large lines of red aura. They crashed into the large rock lie beast, but they quickly dispersed as they hit it.

‘That’s not strong enough…will I have to use that?’ Jessica thought as she was mulling over what to do.

“Let me help; I can do what daddy did!” Minny said, holding out her hand. She started to gather red energy around her finger. At first, Jessica thought it might have been the blood bullet, but seeing the condensed energy building up like so, meant that this wasn’t the blood bullet but was the blood rifle.

‘How…can such a young vampire…be able to do such a thing….’ Jessica was stumped.

The next second, firing off from Milly’s finger, was a large beam of energy. It hit the beast and broke right through its hard outer rock shell-like Mitchell’s rifle attack. The beast soon stopped rolling and fell just short in front of Jessica.

However, when Milly shot the bullet, the recoil was far stronger than her body could handle, and it caused her to lose her grasp on Jessica as her body went flying through the air. Turning around, Jessica quickly used her strings to grab her and bring her close to her chest.

She could see that the whole of Miny’s arm, and even part of her neck, was red, as if badly bruised. She was bleeding internally because her body couldn’t handle the intensity of the attack she had created out of impulse.

Her eyes were closed as she was knocked out unconscious as soon as she fell off.

‘I’m sorry… I’m sorry that I’m so weak that I let you get in this state.’ Jessica gritted her teeth while looking at the poor girl who had done everything to save and help in their current situation.

‘Why am I so scared? I should have just used all my powers…I should have been like her.’

At the same time, while self-blaming, she also started to think of another.

“Peter…” She mumbled. “You said we would be okay; you said you would protect us….Minny trusted you.”

Tears streamed out of her eyes.

At that moment, two people arrived as reinforcements and began clearing the beasts in the area, reasonably quickly, one by one.

“It’s Jake!” Others heard a vampire shouting.

Indeed, Jake and Vicky had arrived from the other part of the wall and had decided to help as soon as they noticed the battle getting out of hand.

“Well, that’s strange; where’s that man from earlier?” Jake said out loud, looking for a specific person, and that was when he noticed something else.

With the two of them, they could clear the small number of beasts relatively easily, but Jake noticed the number of beasts was more than what he had expected; however, all of them were distracted by something. The next second and a beast’s body went flying off in the air, and all of the vampires could see someone…or something.

“Is that..” Before Lucia could even finish her words, she froze upon seeing a lone man surrounded by bodies of dead beasts. He had the same body shape as the others, but something was different about him than before. From the top of his head, it looked like a large spine or some type of tail was poking out.

It slowly moved until it touched the floor. The tail like limb that appeared form the top of Peter’s head was primarily black, and upon close inspection, one could see that the long object had several sharp edges similar to feathers spiralling out with the tips glowing red.

Beasts lept from the ground towards the person, and the strange tail-like object from the head moved, stabbing right through their chest.

“I will make sure to protect everyone,” Peter said, looking towards the group of people, having activated the celestial energy inside him.


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