My Vampire System Chapter 1621: The Horde

With the help of Jake and his mother Vicky, the Vampire Corps were able to clear the first wave of beasts fairly quickly. At the same time, the damaged part of the wall had been repaired using Jake’s earth ability, along with the outside being hardened. It was a temporary fix, but better than anything the corps members could come up with on their own.

The Lieutenant that was located on that section of the wall was very thankful for their help, but he understood that this wasn’t the end of the attack, merely the beginning. After receiving their thanks, the two members of the Green family ran off along the top of the wall to where the beasts were seemingly headed next.

On the wall itself, around the centre, there were three vampires wearing the official Vampire Corps’ gear. Unlike others, those three had emblems attached onto their uniforms in different colours, two of them being silver, while the third one was gold.

The one wearing a golden emblem had the standard black spiky black hair that seemed to be popular with many of the vampires, but there was one thing that stood out about him, and it was his bushy eyebrows, that were also pointed at the end. They curved slightly upward towards the forehead.

The three of them soon felt a gust of wind pass their face, as they saw Jake and Vicky storming off to the other side of the wall.

“It seems we are in luck, for a level four horde attack to take place when these two happened to be visiting. Right, General Yaddy.” One of the men wearing a silver emblem on his clothes noted with a sigh of relief.

These three were the top members of the Vampire Corps on the base on Mars, so they held quite high positions.

General Yaddy, looked to where the two had disappeared to, and the wave that had already approached the wall. Combat was already taking place, and the force was larger than the first attack, which was expected.

A small displeasing grunt came from Yaddy.

“A level four horde attack has never occurred in these areas and as soon as they turn up something like this happens? You would be a fool to believe that all of this is merely a coincidence. Those two won’t even state why they are here in the first place.

“The Commander may trust the Green Family, but I don’t. However, I will always follow the Commander’s wish, so while they are here I will treat them with respect, but I will be keeping an eye on them.” General Yaddy stared off in the distance towards them.


With Quinn having left the group of vampires, it left Mitchell a little concerned with what was going to happen to them. There were, after all, only five trained corps members, along with fifty new recruits.

In fact, the beasts outnumbered the number of vampires that were in the same area. As the wave of beasts got closer, the ground began rumbling even more. There were horse-like creatures with giant hooves out in the front.

Flying above them, were two sets of the large insect-like creature that had attacked during the first wave, and then behind them countless numbers of different beasts, heading towards the group like they were obsessed for the kill.

“If we don’t attack now, then they will bulldoze right through us and right through this wall! Everyone, prepare your longest range and most powerful attack, hold until I say so!” Mitchell ordered.

The ones that moved immediately were Hannah and her group, while at the same time, Mitchell held out his finger. He gripped his injured arm, cursing at himself for having used it against the new recruit earlier, but either way he had no choice but to use his rifle blood attack one more time.

“The signal is the second I fire off my Blood Rifle!” Mitchell shouted to those behind them.

The group looked nervous, as they readied their blood aura. In a way, a lot of these vampires had joined the Vampire Corps to avoid the fighting, or because they were scared that the Dhampirs or the public would come after them. Being in a group meant that they would be protected, yet right now they were experiencing the responsibilities that came with their choice.

‘My Blood Rifle is one of the fastest attacks that vampires can do, and it’s incredibly powerful. Even if the target is a Demi-god tier beast, I should be able to take it down or at least do significant damage to it as long as I can hit it in the right place.’

With his unpatched eye, Mitchell aimed carefully towards one of the flying beast, believing them to be the higher tier beasts, after having confirmed the information with the other group that had attacked.

The moment they entered a range of two hundred metres, the red beam left Mitchell’s finger. The attack was large, powerful and fast just like before, and the vampire had aimed it perfectly to hit the Demi-god tier beast.

However, suddenly, the beast leapt from their position. They looked to have a large round body made of a rocky type substance with small limbs of flesh. They had tucked in their limbs, mostly rolling their way towards the base.

When the attack appeared, though, they leapt up right in front of it. The red rifle beam of blood aura smashed through the rock beast, killing it on the spot, but there wasn’t just one. They had lined up sticking together like some type of magnet.

The beam continued to go through each beast and eventually, after it had killed seven of them, the red aura had diminished to the point that there was nothing left to hit the Demi-god tier giant insect at the very back. Once the attack was over, then rock beasts landed and continued to roll on their way, heading towards all the others.

Watching what had happened came as a surprise to Peter. Different types of beasts, consisting of all tiers, shouldn’t work together, but here they clearly were. Something like this would have been thought impossible during his time.

Now, with Mitchell using two of his strongest attacks, one from earlier, he wouldn’t amount to much in this fight. The vampires, started to fire their blood aura attacks, trying to hit the beast that were now closer than before, but most of their attacks, hardly ever reached the beasts. The attacks that did, wounded the beast a little but hardly slowed them down.

“What are we meant to do, Hannah? There is no point staying here if this whole place is going to get destroyed. This is just the second wave!” Derik shouted, seeing that the base seemed to be struggling with just the initial waves.

“It just means it’s the perfect opportunity for us to shine…” Hannah’s voice trailed off, as she saw one man, running up ahead, towards the group of beasts that had yet to meet them.

Mitchell planned to shout and stop him, but it was too late.

‘That person…is fast.’ Mitchell realised.

“We need to help him, he will be crushed by those things!” Lucia shouted.

“No!” Minny shouted back. “He said to stay here, he promised he would protect everyone!”

Lucia had seen Peter fight against the top class Travellers before, but this was different. To go up against so many beasts, she wondered what he was thinking and worst of all she was worried as well.

Storming out at the front, Peter of course wasn’t worried about himself, his fist started to glow as he ran forward.

‘Quinn, you told me to try my best to protect everyone and if need be to use the new energy inside me…I can feel it inside me.’ Peter didn’t quite understand how to use Qi properly yet, even after spending a lot of time training.

The special Qi that he covered of his arms, he believed, was more of a fluke than anything. He didn’t have to think, he could just do it, but when using the same techniques that Quinn had tried to teach him to be able to see Qi, now he could feel something else instead.

Immediately, Peter hammered his fist, right from underneath the horse, its body exploded on the impact from the powerful fist and guts went flying. The next second, Peter jumped up towards the Demi-god tier beast in the back.

While midair, it attempted to grab him with its tentacles, but that was what the Wight was going for as he grabbed onto the tentacles ends, and swung, pulling it down. Crashing into the ground. Peter’s actions, the actions from one person, had caused their advance to stop.

And now all the beasts were turned towards him.

“Everyone, we have to help our brave comrade, he has risked his life to protect his, and we need to do the same!” Mitchell shouted at the top of his lungs, running forward and the rest following behind him.

With the Demi-god tier beast on the ground, Peter could sense that all the hundreds of beast’s attention was on him, but it didn’t matter.

“When you get back, Quinn, it looks like I’m going to be able to tell you what this new type of energy can do.”


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