My Vampire System Chapter 1620: Beast Horde

The whole Vampire Corps unit appeared to be in panic mode, and immediately, sirens went off all over the small city they were in. This was happening not just at the barracks, but even in the area they had passed through to get there.

“Warning…Warning…A Level four Horde has attacked. Please prepare yourself for Combat. Those unable to fight, please immediately head to the Shelter areas.” A loud announcement was constantly repeating itself.

It looked like the recruits were set to follow Mitchell. One could tell by his facial expression he wasn’t pleased about it. After all, most of the vampires were inexperienced, but he knew things weren’t completely hopeless.

‘Those vampires that came in with that guy, all of them seem to be quite decent. At least they can fight, so if I can use them correctly, they won’t get in our way.’ Mitchell thought.

“Nate, bring your group and let them travel out front with me!” Mitchel ordered. “If, for whatever reason, I can’t give you orders during the battle, I’m going to trust you to lead your group to the best of your abilities.”

“His group?” Derik annoyingly snapped back, but Hannah grabbed his arm before he could say anything else. She understood since they had come together why one would think that ‘Nate’ was their leader and the one that they had chosen to follow.

While Quinn was going along with everything Mitchell was saying and doing, he couldn’t get a particular thought out from his head.

‘Did Jake call Vicky…his mother?’ Quinn thought. ‘If Logan really is still alive, and Jake is his son, then does that mean…Vicky is the person he got together with?’

This question was repeating in Quinn’s mind for a while now, which was why he wasn’t so quick to act on the other questions he had on his mind.

‘When, and how…how is it possible that those two even got together? I mean, were they even close? And didn’t the twins try to kill us? How could you end up with someone that tried to kill you?’

Following Mitchell, the group soon reached a large wall. It wasn’t like the shelter walls of the past because the wall itself wasn’t encasing the city but went on for miles, encasing large land areas.

From what he had learned, this wall split the planet into different zones, including the areas containing beasts and where there wouldn’t be any. The Corps’ vampires were busy organising themselves, and at the base of the wall, small doors were opening as units of vampires, ships, and even some mechs began to prepare for the battle.

Heading out from one of the large door sections were Mitchell and his group of recruits, consisting of about fifty vampires. Now they had entered what was known as the Beast Zone. This zone turned out to be quite barren, with most of the land in front of them quite like a desert.

Factions had performed the whole planet to make it habitable, so there were trees and strange plants that Quinn wasn’t quite used to seeing, but there were no houses, shops, or anyone settled in the area, which they had seen on their journey so far.

Looking around at the base of the wall, Quinn wondered how large a single base of the Vampire Corps unit was. Here alone, in this set of barracks alone, there were about a thousand of them. These were a considerable number of vampires, nearly as large as a regular vampire settlement, and apparently, there were more crops units on other planets, including that of earth.

With his excellent eyesight, he could see that part of the wall was destroyed and there looked to be a battle taking place. The enemies weren’t dhampir or Pure members; instead, the battle was against Beasts.

“Shouldn’t we go and help them?” Minny said, now on Quinn’s shoulders as she had been before.

Minny’s comment did raise an eyebrow from Quinn. He wondered why the other vampires were just staying in their spot rather than going to help out the others who were under the attack.

“From the look on your face, it looks like you didn’t have Hordes during your time either,” Jessica said, approaching Quinn. “On all the planets where the beasts reside, and when a large number of beasts come in waves, attacking the living areas, that is what we call a Horde.”

“It doesn’t just happen here but everywhere. These beasts are large in number, and they attack different areas. Also, each wave is more devastating than the last. Right now, that part of the wall is dealing with the first wave.

“The reason why no one is moving is that they’re waiting for the next wave of beasts to attack, which can start at any moment and at any location. On top of that, this is the Level Four Horde. The higher the level, the more dangerous the Beast Horde is. It’s based on several things: the number of beasts, the rank of the beasts themselves, and what any area has experienced till now. And so far, a Level Five horde is the largest Horde that any planet has experienced so far.”

Knowing that this was a Level Four meant that this was quite a difficult battle in front of them. Thinking about it though, Quinn wondered why they had never experienced something like this before or during his time, and he hadn’t even heard of something like this even on the beast planet themselves.

Something must have happened which is causing these beasts to act like this. The beast hordes reminded Quinn of two events that had happened like this in the past. One of them was when he faced the Demon Tier Tree, the other when he had obtained the Nest crystal.

Over at the wall area that was under attack, Jake and Vicky had both arrived. There were about fifty beasts, all of them at least in the King Tier level, and there was even one Demi-God Tier beast flying above in the air.

This beast looked like a giant insect of some kind with its four wings flapping incredibly fast. The vampires so far had been trying to pierce it with their blood attacks and beast weapons, but it moved too quickly, left and right, easily avoiding each of their strikes. At the same time, it had strange tentacles on its back that allowed it to attack and grab those on the ground without lowering its altitude.

It was tough for them to simultaneously deal with the ground beast and the single powerful aerial beast.

Just then, Jake stomped his foot on the ground, spun and then pushed his arms forward. A wave of solid earth wall appeared in front of the vampires and had pushed back the beats to a great distance. The beasts regained their composure and tried to attack this Earth wall, but they failed to get through.

No matter how much the beasts slammed the wall, they could not break it due to the hardening substance that Jake had used. Supporting the rest of the vampires, Jake raised the ground underneath their feet, giving them a platform to attack from.

They now had the high ground and could attack the beasts, who were now practically trapped behind another solid wall.

Meanwhile, the member of the Blade family, Vicky, was dealing with the annoying Demi-god tier beast to avoid any complication in the battle on the ground. Although, it would be more accurate to say that the Demi-God tier beast was already dealt with as it had already fallen on the ground, and Vicky was standing on top of it.

“If this is a Level Four horde, then the worst is yet to come,” Vicky explained. “We will need to move and support each area as soon as we know which one will be attacked.”


While she said this, the next area that was getting attacked turned out to be where Mitchell and his group of new recruits were based. Staring ahead in the Beast Zone, they could feel the rumbling beneath their feet. These vampires were nervous because they could see the beasts were twice the number that had attacked the other area earlier.

“Everyone, remember, we won’t be able to get support from the other sides because, just like earlier, they will stay in their position in case of another wave. So you are not to fight in hopes of a backup; you are to fight as if your life’s on the line!” Mitchell shouted. “Remember my words from earlier. We are fighting to protect those that we care about. Think of what will happen to the people you love if these beasts get through our walls!”

It looked like there was still a good minute before the beasts could reach the wall, but that’s when Quinn noticed something else peculiar.

“Peter, do your best; of course, protecting those close to us is most important. If you need to, feel free to test out your new energy and powers that have been given to you.” Quinn said. “If any changes occur to you, let me know. Anyway, they will think it’s some ability that you have.”

Hearing this, Peter knew that Quinn was about to disappear, and that was exactly what the latter did as he activated the armour chest piece and started to fly off in the distance. This caught Mitchell’s eye, but before he could even react, Quinn was already heading off towards the incoming beast horde.

‘Is that vampire stupid? Why is he trying to take on a wave by himself?’ Mitchell frowned, but he did think that maybe this vampire could do it.

However, what came as a surprise to the onlookers was that Quinn didn’t clash with the horde; instead, he flew right over it and went past it, ignoring the beasts on the ground.


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