My Vampire System Chapter 1619: Old Gen Vs New Gen

The Blade family was known as the strongest family in existence. Honestly, through all the experiences Quinn had, he would certainly agree. However, Sil, one of the strongest Blades, was on his side.

This was because Sil was able to control six different abilities, and quite frankly, depending on what abilities Sil held at the time, there stood a chance that even Quinn wouldn’t be a match for him. On top of that, Sill had even unlocked his soul weapon.

That was something that none of the Blades could do in the past. The soul weapon allowed Sil to use abilities he encountered, even if he faced it just once. He could then select them as he wished. It allowed him to be versatile, changing abilities depending on who they met, and it also got rid of their one weakness: one needed other ability users around them to fight.

Still, one person always seemed more frightening than Sil, and that was Hilston Blade himself. Even though he carried fewer abilities, he knew how to use them better, and his fighting skills were also unmatched. Not to mention, his body had more Qi than the average person despite never training in it; this was something which Sil lacked.

Regardless of all this, what Quinn was witnessing right now with Jake in front of him, was something entirely different from all the other Blades he had fought before.

Jake was able to not only hold multiple abilities, but it looked like he was able to combine their powers as well.

Sil was somewhat able to do this to a degree, where he could use super speed to rush himself forward and quickly change his ability to super strength and hardening and then deliver a decisive deadly blow. Rather than directly combining the powers together though, Sil used the momentum and effect of the last ability to create a more potent punch.

‘What I’m witnessing right now, though, is a completely different thing. He is definitely combining the water with lightning powers, but why can he use multiple abilities? I thought his family name was Green. Wait…Vicky is standing next to him; she’s a Blade…don’t tell me…’ Quinn thought.

A slight smirk appeared on Jake’s face, and Quinn could sense something was about to ensue. Stepping off from the ground, he disappeared from the spot, and as soon as he did, the dust on the ground below his feet began to swirl around.

No one had kept track of Jake’s movements; apart from Quinn, that was. Quinn saw the water-lightning blade extending right towards his face, and Jake wasn’t pulling back any of his strength.

Lifting up his hand, Quinn had no choice, but to use his blood hardening on his hand and attempt to grab the blade.

‘He’s fast…just as fast as me without the blue fang set.’ Quinn thought. ‘Which means he’s now using three abilities at once…How many abilities can he use at the same time? How many abilities can he hold? And his swing…He’s not an amateur with the blade.’

Seeing this, Quinn had no choice but to expel an even more red aura towards his hand, covering his gauntlet even more. As he grabbed the water part of the blade with his hand, he tightened his grip around it. The water was constantly moving up and down like a saw. Without Jake having to move the blade, the flowing water of the blade was continuously cutting through Quinn’s red aura.

Quinn could feel the water blade break through his Qi and blood aura, but as quickly as it was cutting through, the more blood aura Quinn would add into his blood hardening. He wasn’t losing out. However, the lightning from the blade started to strike around Quinn’s entire body just then.

In the next moment, lightning from the blade wrapped Quinn’s whole body.

“He’s done for!” Derik shouted. “Why is Jake Green going so hard against him? Shouldn’t this just be an assessment?”

Honestly, Hannah was concerned. After finding such a great vampire, one who was unknown to the world, she thought she had hit the jackpot for her superiors, but now it looked like he would amount to nothing.

“Is Daddy going to be okay?” Minny shouted out, tugging on Peter, expecting him to do something to help.

The two girls were also concerned. To them, even though Quinn was an original vampire and had great healing capabilities, this exchange was on a different level. The title of Strongest human wasn’t just given to just anybody. Jake was one of the main reasons why the Pure and the Dhampirs hadn’t started a full-force attack and tried to take over the Green territory. This person alone was deterring one of the most prominent factions in the world.

“You should know by now, Minny,” Peter replied. “If I thought he was in trouble, I would have moved already.”

There was a reason why Peter wasn’t worried, and it was due to the mud mask that Quinn was wearing. If the lightning was hitting Quinn’s real body, one of that level, and hurting him, then the mud mask would have fallen off already. The fact that it didn’t happen means Quinn wasn’t getting hurt by the lightning attacks at all.

That certainly was the case, and it was because Quinn was using the second stage of Qi to coat his body and block attacks.

“I see now. You’re a vampire that can use Qi; you really are special, aren’t you?” Jake smiled. “I know you guys have great healing capabilities, but if I am not wrong, Qi seems to slow or cease that ability. I didn’t really want to hurt you, which is why I didn’t use Qi in my own attacks, but do you think this fight would be fair if you were to use Qi and I didn’t?”

‘Fair?’ Quinn thought in his head. ‘Do you know how much I’m holding back? My shadow powers, blood control and celestial powers…I also have a lot more to show.’ Quinn wanted to retort but only smiled, not saying it out loud.

It seemed he was right about this. The fight had set a spark in him, wanting him to see how far he could go. Another thing to note was that he didn’t feel like the opponent was coming after his life or was trying to injure him; rather, it was more of a friendly match.

The intensity of Green pigment in Jake’s eyes began to turn dense as they glowed more, and Quinn could sense the Qi rising around and in the latter’s body.

‘This level of Qi… is at the same level as Hilston’s…what monster am I about to face?’ Quinn thought. However, he continued to smile, and the red in his eyes started to glow even more as well.

Just then-

“SIR!! THERE’S AN EMERGENCY!!” A unit of five Vampire Corps members ran and landed right where the assessment was taking place.

“What’s wrong?” Mitchell asked.

Before any of the five members could respond, a loud explosion went off in the distance. It came not far from the barracks, and upon closer attention, one could even hear the clamour of an ongoing battle.

“It’s a beast horde!” One of the panicked vampires said, and after a moment of pause, he added, “It’s a level four beast horde.”

Hearing this, Jake immediately stopped his attack and went back by Vicky’s side.

“Has this camp ever dealt with a level four beast horde before?” He turned his attention towards Mitchell.

“No.” The latter shook his head.

“Well, it’s a good thing that we are here then. My mother and I will do our best to minimise the damage. Go and alert the General.” Jake ordered, being quick to act and on his feet. The next second he turned around and looked towards Quinn and the others.

“The rest of you haven’t had your assessments yet, right? Well, there is no better chance for you to prove yourself than now. Follow Lieutenant Mitchell onto the field, and show him what you can do. He can base your assessment score off of this incident.”

It didn’t take long for Vicky and Jake to disappear as they headed off in the direction of the battle. Quinn, for a second, thought about chasing them, but instead, he decided to stay put with the others. It wasn’t like they were running off, and he will get answers from them soon anyway.

‘But, what the hell is a Beast Horde in the first place?’ Quinn thought.


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