My Vampire System Chapter 1618: A Worthy Person

Although Quinn hadn’t seen Vicky much, he had burned the image of her face in his head because it was one of the few times he had come closest to no longer being in this world. She was one of the members of the Blade family, the family known as the strongest in the world, and with her twin brother, she was able to use abilities at the same level as Sil.

If it wasn’t for Sil, Vorden and Raten helping him out at that time, it was quite possible that Quinn would no longer be alive today.

‘How could Vicky still be alive after a thousand years? It makes no sense.’ Quinn thought, his eyes glued to her, ignoring all the vampires and also the young man who was standing next to her.

Quinn was so fixated on this fact because Vicky could possibly be the first person he met who was still alive during his time. Sure he had heard about Owen from Zinon and knew that Logan Green might also be alive, but this was different from earlier because he saw the other party in the flesh.

‘I have to ask her; I have to get answers about what happened. I know she wasn’t close with the Cursed faction, but the Blade Family helped us out during the war, and Vorden and the others had made up with them…it should be okay; they’re on our side, right?’ Although Quinn was trying to convince himself, he was still worried.

He was worried that the Blade family could now be working with the Green faction. In the past, it was so easy to know who was good or bad, but now, Quinn knew nothing of the current state of the world. Should he trust Zinon’s words…the past… and now, there was a good chance that perhaps even Layla was part of the Red Vampires.

In the end, thinking all of this, Quinn spoke out.

“Vicky…Vicky Blade…” He looked up, staring right at her.

“Looks like you know my name, congratulations,” Vicky said, still with her arms folded, seemingly not caring about anything.

Of course, it was no big deal to the others and everyone around them. Vicky Blade was quite a well-known figure due to her position with the Green family and on the Earth. However, for Quinn, it was the confirmation he needed and to know that he wasn’t going crazy.

However, some were quite surprised by this, especially the two young ladies.

‘Wait, Nate…is an Original, and he said he was in slumber for a thousand years, right? So how does he know Vicky Blade? That makes no sense. Was she alive back then?’ Jessica thought.

She tried to remember, but she couldn’t recall any mention of the former’s name whatsoever. Vicky blade wasn’t a well-known person back then. Yet, it was clear that the special vampire with her knew about the former’s identity.

“Hey, what the hell is wrong with you!” the young blonde man shouted. He walked ahead of the others and ordered the vampires to stand back. Mitchell looked at him for a few seconds as if he wanted to say something, but he didn’t and instructed the other corps members back as well, while Vicky stood off to the side, not doing anything.

“I mean, you recognise her, but you don’t recognise me at all? How is that even possible? Me, Jake Green!” Jake pulled out a small mirror, looking at himself, to see if there was anything wrong with his face, but everything seemed to be normal.

Upon hearing these words, there wasn’t much reaction apart from a smile from Quinn, and eventually, he mumbled a few words.

“I’m happy…it looks like you must have made a family of some sort.”

Realising that the Green in front of him could be related to Logan Green made Quinn think of something else. What if the current Logan Green wasn’t the same one as before. It had been so long, maybe Logan had made a family, and his descendants wished to use his name. Either way, thinking of his friend who looked like a middle schooler and showed a lack of emotions, especially when it came to settling down and creating a family, Quinn couldn’t help but smile.

‘Even if your family have gone on the wrong side…Or have done wrong, I don’t think I could ever hurt them knowing that they are your blood.’ Quinn thought. ‘I wonder though…who did you end up with?’

“Hey, so who is this Jake Green even meant to be, that he’s acting so confident.”

“Hey, who the hell is this Jake Green? Why is he acting so confident?” Peter asked, folding his arms, wondering if Quinn might need him as a backup at any moment.

Before replying, Jessica looked around for a few seconds to see if there was anyone nearby or if the Red blood vampires were paying attention to them, but even their faces had a look of concern while staring at the young man.

“That person… is probably just as famous as Logan Green. He is currently known as the strongest human in existence.” Jessica whispered.

For a brief second, hearing this sentence made Peter shiver internally. It was a strange reaction because his body was numb primarily. However, this time it was as if his body acted on its own. The last time he had heard something like this, it was about Hilston Blade. A frightening force of power that they never really managed to see to the full extent.

Seeing Vicky, Quinn had almost ignored all those around him. He was getting tunnel vision, it felt like everyone around drowned out, and now only he and Vicky were in the same room.

“Vicky…are they still alive? Your family…your brothers and the rest of them…how are they doing?” When Quinn asked this question, his voice was gentle, and Vicky froze in that very instant.

Her crossed arms moved and fell to her side as if losing all their strength.

“Who…who are you?” She looked at Quinn in surprise.

“He’s someone who father is interested in!” Jake shouted as he stomped the floor, and immediately after, a large solid black substance came out from the ground. It seemed this was done using the Earth Ability, yet it was also coated with the hardening ability.

However, feeling this, Quinn didn’t do much apart from ready his fist and lightly punched the ground directly beneath him. Quinn himself was pretty surprised with how vital the substance was. This time, he even had to add a bit of his Qi simultaneously, bending the ‘object’ created by the young man, sending it back into the ground and creating a small crater underneath because of the impact.

‘What was that…it felt like a type of metal.’ Quinn thought.

“Nice, nice, I find you quite interesting by the second, but things will soon get harder from here out!” Jake shouted, his eyes now glowing a slight green with a tinge of yellow pupils in them.

He spread out his hands, and water appeared around them, spiralling outwards from the tip of his fingers, and slowly, two water swords appeared in his hands.

“You know, in the past, the Graylash family claimed that their lightning powers were the strongest ability that the world had ever seen. You know, many of them would have to agree, even after including the Blade family, there was no single ability stronger than lightning, but lately, after encountering me, the Graylash family are quite afraid to make that remark anymore.”

Just then, sparks began to form around Jake’s hand and spiralled around the water swords in his hands he had just created. Like a dragon around a mountain, the lightning enveloped the swords and infused itself with the weapon, becoming lightning water swords.

‘Is this…is he mixing two abilities at once…now I understand what he did with the earth ability’, Quinn thought. ‘He mixed the Hardening ability with that of the Earth ability, and now, he did the same with Lightning and Water…this is something no one from the Blade family could do in the past…how is this even possible?’

At first, Quinn was a bit taken aback upon learning of this fact, but at the same time, he was feeling quite excited.

He didn’t consider himself one that enjoyed fighting, but lately, ever since he woke up from the thousand-year-long slumber, he hadn’t come across any person who could make him serious in a battle, much less push him back.

Maybe, the young man in front of him could create some type of challenge worth the excitement.


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