My Vampire System Chapter 1617: What You Can Do, I Can Do Better

In all honesty, the Red Vampires themselves were looking forward to seeing the true strength of their newest members, particularly of the one who introduced himself as Nate. They have seen him use the Blood Bullet, a strong, powerful skill only known by a few select vampires.

However, rather than strong, what they thought Quinn had done at the time was something clever. Although it was a powerful skill, it’s common knowledge that one can’t use it multiple times consecutively. Perhaps, he was betting that his opponents were unaware of the drawback of such a strong skill.

But here, he was going up against vampires. It would be hard to come across a vampire who didn’t know about Blood Bullet, especially in this place.

‘Let’s see how strong you really are,’ Derik narrowed his eyes. Hannah, standing by his side, was making sure not to blink for any moment in case she missed a good show.

The four examiner Corps members quickly got into a formation. Getting into what looked like an arrowhead, they spread out a little wide apart. One position of the formation didn’t quite look right, and that was because the one that Quinn had attacked too long ago was yet to get up from the ground.

“What are you doing? Use your blood canister and get up!” One of the members shouted while carefully keeping an eye on Quinn from the corner of his eye, vigilant against any sudden move from the latter. However, the five were surprised because, for some reason, their opponent looked calm while facing them and just stood there with his one hand by his side and his hand pointing his finger towards them, still in a gun-like shape.

“I already took my canister, I can’t heal… it’s like… it’s like he used Qi or something; you have to be careful, he’s dangerous!” the injured member shouted back.

Each member carried a canister of blood along with them. It helped them to heal an injury, to use more blood attacks in an emergency or to boost their strength during a battle. But a vampire who could use Qi with strong blood skills like the Blood Bullet was extremely dangerous, and a canister would most likely be useless in this situation. This was why Mitchell had decided to step up into action as soon as possible.

“Strike!” Mithchell commanded, “Blood Barrage!”

The four vampires swung their arms as fast as they could and, realising from the ends of their fingertips, were countless blood strikes all aimed towards Quinn, and at the same time, their formation was on the move too, as their attacks headed straight for Quinn.

They moved in such a way that the direction of their attacks was varying, not just coming from one place.

“This is bad. Won’t we get hurt in the process?!” One of the participants shouted.

Just then, the other corps members who had been watching the assessment so far and weren’t part of the ones assessing had come in and stood in front of the other participants, ready to block whatever impact that was coming their way.

‘I can feel each one of their attacks, the blood swipes are moving so slowly…and if I really wanted to, I could control the red energy and make it so that it would work against them. Although I can’t use Blood Control or Shadow, however, there’s a lot more I can still use.’ Quinn thought.

Enveloping both his arms in his own Blood Aura, Quinn swung one arm, fast and strong, and released a single streak of attack. It didn’t look big, but the energy itself was condensed and purer than what was being used against him.

The second Quinn’s Blood Aura touched a row of the Barrage of blood swipes, it smashed right through the swipes and continued breaking through them all until it hit the vampire, cutting through the armour and leaving a deep cut on his skin.

For the others, Quinn attacked them as well, swinging his other arms and using both his legs to deliver the Blood Crescent kicks. Each time, Quinn’s blood attacks showed no signs of slowing down, irrespective of how many strikes the Blood Aura clashed against it.

In fact, although Quinn claimed that he wouldn’t use his Blood Aura in the assessment, the truth was he was forced to use it at the last moment to diminish his own attack from killing the corps members. This clearly went unnoticed by the others because they could not tell the sheer power and precision in those single strikes, but it was enough to impress them.

But it was not the end because Mitchell suddenly held out his own hand out, with his index finger pointed out.

“You’re not the only one that knows a few advanced blood skills,” He said.

It looked like what he was about to perform was a Blood Bullet. It was the Red Vampires’ guess as well. Instead, a quick sharp blast of red aura started to gather around the finger. A red ball continued to condense and expand in size.

“You know, enemies have given me a funny nickname. They call me the Blood Sniper.” Mitchell said before lifting his hand, and a loud, shocking bang echoed through the entire site. The sound was like a sniper rifle going off, and the power behind it was also more substantial.

At the same time, Mitchell’s entire arm recoiled so hard that no matter the strength in his hand was, the sound of his shoulder joints cracking echoed in the background of the explosion. In the next instant, his finger and arm were completely destroyed because of the aftereffects.

‘Lieutenant Mitchell really decided to go that far?’ One of the corps members whispered as the former covered his wound with his other hand. ‘He won’t be able to recover for the entire day using that skill, and he could kill the contestant. If that happens, then all sorts of rumours will spread!’

Seeing the attack, Quinn was quite impressed but remained unfazed.

‘I’m happy to know that vampires are evolving. It looks like he’s using a blood skill that even I don’t know about, but the system has shown me something interesting.’

[Specialised Blood Bullet attack has been analysed]

[User has obtained a new skill]

[You may now use the skill: Rifle Blood Shot]

It reminded Quinn of when he had developed his own Blood crescent kick, a move that wasn’t taught by other vampires but allowed him to use his own skills. It looked like the other vampires could do the same, developing their own set of skills. But now that Quinn was the Ruler Of Blood, there wasn’t anything he couldn’t do.

He raised his hand, blood gathered around his finger. Even though Quinn had made this move after Mitchell had already produced the attack, Quinn could do everything faster – from the condensing of the blood and, finally, the attack itself.


A loud shot went off again when the incoming Blood Bullet was inches away from Quinn’s own finger. It was safe to say the second his Blood Bullet collided with Mitchell’s, the latter’s shot turned into nothing.

‘He copied my specialised attack? An attack that took me years to make my own, years to develop and one that allowed me to rise to the position I am at today? This person, he’s not just special…he’s a monster.’

The smile never disappeared from his face. While others would be jealous, Mitchell was just proud to know a strong vampire like Quinn would be part of the Vampire Corps. He was bracing himself for the pain. The attack was aimed towards Quinn’s shoulder to give the slightest injury if the latter failed to defend. Since Quinn’s bullet had hit his bulled dead-on, then he too would be shot in the shoulder.

Yet, it never hit him, and the Blood Bullet was so fast that the others could not see anything else.

“You will be okay,” Quinn stated.

Mitchell was now confused. How did the Blood Bullet not his body? No one can divert one of the fastest blood attacks mid-air. Even with great blood control, one can’t change the trajectory of the attack, which was going at lightning speed, not to mention the short distance between the target.

“STOP!” Mitchell shouted. “The assessment for this person is over. I guess you were serious when you said you could take on our whole army; just who are you?”

When Quinn was thinking about an answer, and others were inclined to hear what he had to say, everyone heard someone clapping.

“That was quite the good performance that you put on. No wonder my father is interested in you, but I don’t really care about that. These guys clearly aren’t enough to make you go all out. How about you let me have a go.” Everyone turned their attention towards a young man.

Perhaps Quinn was far too distracted about the system or focused on suppressing his blood skills to notice that this young man had come through the group of Vampire Corps and was standing in front of them. But another thing that surprised him was that this person clearly smelled like a human.

‘Who is this person? He can’t just be anyone, for the vampire crops to allow them in a place like this.’ Quinn thought.

But in the next moment, before he could get his answers, he noticed a blonde-haired woman standing by the young man’s side. It took a second for Quinn to realise, but it clicked in his mind. The woman looked slightly older than how he had met her last time, but not on par with the amount of time that has passed since then.

‘Isn’t that…Vicky Blade? From the Blade family?!… She’s Vorden’s sister! But what is she doing here, and how is she still alive? Also…if she’s still alive…does it mean Sil, Vordnen, and the others could be alive as well!’


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