My Vampire System Chapter 1616: Bring The Whole Army!

After moving for a small distance away from the city they had just passed through, the group entered the vampire barracks. This was the core of the Vampire Corps Base. There were countless guards, standing straight and vigilant, guarding the whole base. This wasn’t a place one could just walk into with no problems.

However, Quinn and his group didn’t seem to be the only vampires that were outsiders to the place. Upon walking around the large barracks area, they found a recruitment centre that was off to the side.

“Those vampires are trying to join the Corps?” Quinn asked.

“Yes, a lot of the Thirteen Family vampires have been joining the corps recently,” Jessica replied.

“Won’t that put them on the frontlines of action?” Quinn replied.

“Yes, but these days it’s better than staying on the Graylash planet.” Lucia, who was also walking with the group, attracted the most attention. Although there were humans in the area, not many were nearby the Vampire Corps, mainly because it was rare for humans to show interest in recruitment.

“You saw the discrimination they have been getting. Just to not feel like outsiders, they have decided to join this place. That way, no one can blame them for the attacks anymore.”

Originally the plan was to use Jessica’s connections to enter the base. She could help them meet someone higher up, which would then get them close to the information or a chance to contact Logan green, and most importantly, they could even find a way to reach earth.

However, now that they were with the red vampires, it was time for them to just go along with the flow to see exactly what they had planned.

Before joining the long line of prospective recruits, Hannah stopped the group of vampires to give them one last briefing.

“Now, remember, the recruitment process means they are looking for talented people. Our job is to rise in this organisation, so you shouldn’t hold back. Show them your full strength and go up the ranks.” When saying these words, Hannah looked towards Quinn.

“Yes..full power!” Minny said, punching her fist towards the air.

Upon entering the recruitment area, each person was given a digital form to fill in. It asked about their current ability and what type of position they were applying for, Whether it be a support, worker, frontlines, etc. On top of that, the form even presented regular job titles, such as cook and more.

It made Quinn quite happy to see this. During his time, they only cared about one thing: how strong one was. Of course, based on what Hannah was saying, most of them seemed like they were trying to become fighters.

“What should I put?” Minny asked.

“Don’t worry, just put no ability for now, and I doubt we will be at this recruitment stage for long anyway.” Quinn smiled back.

After filling everything in, their group of about fifty recruits was called in. They were now on an open wasteland that looked quite destroyed, and this reminded Quinn of when he had taken the school’s first assessment.

Initially, there were more Humans in the group, but the groups got split off based on what role they had selected and wished to be a part of. In the end, Lucia was the only person who chose the frontlines and was also a human.

Standing in front of them were five vampires, all of them at the vampire noble rank, and they were wearing a new design of uniform that Quinn was seeing for the first time. It was a light black looking leather armour that offered a good amount of protection while not restricting their movements.

On top of that, Quinn could tell that it was beast gear made at the emperor level.

‘It looks like the vampires have given in to the thought that beast gear makes them look weak, but they still are struggling against the Dhampirs. This enemy must be quite strong.’

“My name is Mitchell Sanguinis, and I am happy to see that there are so many new recruits, especially in tough times like these!” The leader of the recruitment centre spoke. He had a black eyepatch covering one of his eyes, which Quinn found weird since if it was a wound, it should have been something that one could have quickly healed.

“Every day, the Dhampirs are moving more and more forward. Pure continues to support them behind the scenes, and the actions of the red vampires are driving public opinion against us. This is why we need to stay true to our goals.

“We will not be the aggressors! But we will train damn well hard enough to protect those that we care about, whether they are human or vampires. That is why the Vampire Corps exists! We are not a group out there to eliminate the Dhampir or stop the red vampires from doing what they are doing. We are just protectors to protect those we care about. If you joined to eliminate Pure or fight back the Dhampirs because they killed your loved ones or for revenge, then leave now! Because we don’t want those types of people in the vampire corps!”

Hearing these words put a big smile on Quinn’s face. The Vampire Corps’s objectives seemed to be the closest to what his thoughts were, and he truly understood them. On top of that, the family name was that of the thirteenth family. It was as Quinn expected, the Vampire Corps must have been quite closely related to Fex.

“You seem to have a large smile on your face, young man. Is there a reason for that?” Mitchell asked.

“I just like what I am hearing; it seems like this is the perfect place for me,” Quinn replied.

Some of the people left after what Mitchell had said. It looked like a couple of vampires had the wrong agenda. They had thrown on their faces and spat on the floor before leaving. The corps Unit did nothing, allowing them to go.

“I like the look on your face; I look forward to seeing your performance in the assessment.” Mitchell smiled back.

The assessment was quite simple. The vampires were to fight against the current members of the Vampire Corps – the five infront of them. If they can defeat one of the members successfully, they would face two opponents at once in the next round, and the number would keep increasing until they reached the maximum of five, with Mitchell stepping in the last round.

While watching the other participants, Quinn noticed that the other vampires didn’t have beast gear or beast weapons, putting them at quite a disadvantage; on top of that, many of the recruits didn’t seem like fighters to Quinn.

There weren’t many that could beat even one of the Vampire Corps members. However, Mitchell said that they would be trained.

“These vampires, I feel a little sad for them,” Jessica commented. “They had earlier decided to stay away from the fighting, perhaps just wanted to live happy, normal lives, but now have decided to come here.”

Eventually, the red blood vampires in the group were being assessed, and they were making quite the impression on the recruiters. Most of them could take out two of the Corps Members at once but failed to deal with a trio, all apart from Derik, who managed to beat three Corps members at once.

“Stop!” Mitchell called before the fighting got out of hand.

“What?! I can take on four of them!” Derik shouted back.

“Look at yourself; you should know your limit,” Mitchell stated. “You are clearly a strong vampire. Remember, we are not saying you couldn’t take on four at once, but this test also tests your endurance, as we add more opponents, and the level of their strength varies as well.”

Not everyone had been assessed yet, including Peter and Hannah, and then, the man called out a name.

“Nate Snell!”

That was when Quinn. He stepped forward and entered the field.

“Don’t disappoint me,” Mitchell commented as the first vampire corps member stepped forward.

Thinking about the situation, Quinn didn’t want to waste time. He wasn’t planning to gradually rise in the ranks or anything like that. Rather, he was going to make a big bang so that he could meet the person at the top straight away.

“You might need your whole army if you want to take me down,” Quinn said, holding out his hand like a gun.


Everyone heard a quick blow, and instantly, both of the Vampire Corps members in front of him fell on their knees.

Mitchell’s eyes lit up seeing this, and the grin on his face went wide, almost up to his ears.

“You really didn’t disappoint me!” Mitchell said as he prepared to step forward and shouted. “All five, attack!”

Ignoring the recruitment rules, he directly went for the main course by increasing the number of opponents to five, including himself.

“Five? Didn’t you hear me? You will need a whole army to make me serious.” Quinn repeated his words, this time his eyes glowing red.


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