My Vampire System Chapter 1615

: Keep Up

With them being vampires, they could travel through the night, and the speed they were travelling at was nothing to be scoffed at either. Quinn could tell that these vampires were just like regular vampires, yet their strength was higher than the vampires from Quinn’s time. 

He didn’t know if it was just because they were Red vampires or if vampires had naturally grown stronger in these thousand years. Still, it was nothing compared to the millennia ago vampires. As they ran across a vast land to get to the location of the Vampire Corps base, Quinn and his group were keeping up with all of them quite easily. 

Quinn was carrying Minny on his shoulders, who looked peacefully sleeping on top of his head. It was quite an achievement, considering the wind hitting them, and the ‘ride’ was also not something one would describe as smooth. It seemed like, similar to young humans, the young vampires needed more sleep as well.

At the same time, someone else was getting a ride as they continued to run. It was Lucia, and she was getting a piggyback ride from none other than Peter. Currently, her eyes were closed as if she was dozing off. 

At first, Lucia was pretty reluctant to take a ride with the others. In fact, she even ran alongside everyone for some time. She was able to use a skill called the lightning step, which gave her great speed by amplifying the Qi in her steps, and in the end, she was not slower than the vampires. 

However, it used a great amount of MC cells, and soon she could no longer keep up. Of course, the vampires refused to wait for her since they did not even want her to accompany them in the first place, and before Quinn could even suggest something, Peter had already volunteered.

One of the Red Vampires, running by Hannah’s side, glanced behind. He was the vice-captain of the group and went by the name of Derik.

“Hannah, the sun is starting to rise. Maybe we should pick up the pace. We wasted too much time waiting for the other group.” Derik suggested. 

She glanced at the others and noticed that no one looked tired, and she had been holding back due to Quinn and Peter carrying people. Still, Derik was right, and soon she picked up the pace. 

After a good fifteen minutes had passed, Derik turned around expecting to see the others tired or lagging, but they were keeping up just fine. In fact, Quinn was now even holding Jessica like a princess as he continued to run. 

“Sorry about this… I’m not the best when it comes to running.” Jessica explained with a shy red face. 

“It’s okay,” Quinn replied with a straight face, “This isn’t a problem for me, honestly.”

Seeing this sight just caused Derik to push himself further. He started to run a little ahead of Hannah this time. She didn’t say anything herself though and decided just to keep up. 

Once again, a short while later, and this time, Derik didn’t look back, as he was far too focused on running forward. He was practically going as fast as he could while pacing himself for the long distance. 

‘They must be tired by now and far behind me or something.’ Derik thought, 

Just then, he heard an odd sound, and when looking up, he felt like his eyes were going to jump out of his sockets. Derik even went to pinch himself as he thought he was sleeping. 

Not too far ahead was Quinn, running backwards while carrying Jessica and Minny, and it didn’t look like he lost any sweat in all this while Derik had focused all his strength on running faster.

“What are you doing? Do you not care about the others?” Quinn asked.

“You’re exhausting your people too much,” Quinn said. “If we run into beasts, the enemy or anything else, they will be too tired to fight.”

Turning his head, Derik realised that Quinn was right. Keeping up with his speed was simply too much for them, so he immediately decided to slow his pace in the end. 

‘I may have lost this one, but speed isn’t everything.’ Derik thought while looking at Quinn, who was unaware that the former was trying to compete with him. After a few more minutes, the group could see something resembling a city. 

There were no borders since the area they had been travelling in was considered one big border, with the beast areas being the lesser parts of the planets. Still, as they entered, they began to slow down their stride and were soon walking through streets.

For the first time after waking, Quinn and Peter could tell that there were more vampires than Humans around them. The humans were only a few, here and there, and they looked content while minding their own business.

However, what Quinn liked more were the vampires’ smiling, relaxed, and cheerful expressions.

“This is where the families of those in the Vampire Corps live. They get a free place to live, an allowance and a few more special benefits for being a part of the corps.” Jessica explained. 

Originally, she was meant to be the one that would introduce the group into the corps, but since joining the Red Vampires, it seemed like it would be best if the others didn’t know of their past. However, this did mean that the group would have to join the corps through conventional means. 

“So, are there any human and vampire relationships too?” Quinn asked, looking at a human and a vampire walking side by side. 

“Yes,” Jessica answered. “Although it’s still not too common. It takes a lot for a vampire and human to be together, and there is also the problem with conceiving.”

“You sure do ask a lot of questions,” Hannah said, having overheard everything the others were saying. “However, the girl is right; it’s actually one of the ways that most humans are turned into vampires. Since Humans and Vampires can’t conceive a child, but two vampires can, the best thing to do is to be turned. 

“Still, the turner and turned can’t be together, so they would usually go to the vampire corps to get it more officialised by someone else.”

Eventually, the group reached the end of the city, and now they had walked into a bit of a wasteland. There were roads and paths leading towards what looked like a large set of barracks in the distance. There were several large buildings, vehicles, and even the racket of vampires undergoing some sort of physical training. 

“I feel like I should warn you about something because it seems you still aren’t fully aware of what you have gotten yourself into.” Hannah started to explain. “All of the Vampire Corps bases are placed on the border of their respective territories. What this means is that they are the first place to be attacked and the first line of defence, so you all need to be aware of this.”

“Attacked by the Dhampirs? Or something else?” Quinn mumbled, stepping back a bit so Hannah couldn’t eavesdrop like she had been doing.

“You’re correct in some way,” Jessica whispered. “Technically, there are only three territories: The Vampire Corps, Pure and Green. However, the Vampire Crops and the Logan Green’s region have amicable relations with each other. Also, Pure’s territories are officially recognised too, and while everyone knows that they are working with the Dhampirs, it’s not official.”


At that moment, a large ship was seen landing in the Vampire Corps area. The vampires on the ground were quickly reorganising themselves as if they were expecting quite the important guests. And when the ship landed, they all straightened themselves and saluted.

A young blonde man and a slightly older middle-aged blonde woman stepped out when the ship’s door opened. 

“Do you remember the plan, right mum?” the young man said. “We are just staying here for a little bit while we look for the people on dad’s list.”

“You told me a hundred times, do you think I have a memory of a goldfish? I know it’s dire considering he wanted me to accompany you. I wonder who these people are?”

Just then, as they reached the last step, one of the vampires stood in front of the two and greeted them with a bow. 

“It’s an honour to meet you, Master Green, and Mrs Blade.”


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