My Vampire System Chapter 1613: A Split Faction

Hearing the descriptions of the said person, searching through his memory bank, Quinn only knew of one person that it matched.

‘It has to be Layla; could it be the person they are describing is her?’ At first, Quinn was relieved to hear that she was still present after 1000 years. However, he did wonder if that was naturally possible for a Hannya, Quinn didn’t know the answer, and he wished he still had Vincent in his system to ask those sorts of questions. He knew asking Ray would be a lost cause since vampires were non-existent during his time.

However, he quickly realised that it wasn’t so joyous that Layla was alive. In the end, she was part of the red vampire group.

‘The horns on her head, and the black sword with the marking. It has to be her, or at least maybe someone who is a relative of hers using the same sword.’ Quinn thought. ‘Why would she be part of the red vampires? Did someone convince her to go to the other side, or is she part of the good half of the red vampires?’

Although Quinn referred to them as the good half, the truth was that wasn’t really the case at all. Speaking to Jessica, Quinn learned that not all red vampires were like Hannah. It was true that they wished to turn the humans, but some didn’t care if it was by force or other means. On top of that, turning all humans into vampires wasn’t part of Quinn’s ambition, nor did he believe it was Layal’s.

Still, it was hard to grasp how much could change in so much time.

“This leader, what part of the vampire group does she belong to? Do you know her name?” Quinn asked.

“She is a leader.” The vampires replied. “The leaders are not so clearly split in views. Her name, I do not know.”

The more Quinn learned, the more he needed to know what happened to the Cursed faction. What happened to them for them to be split apart so much like this. If they had gone into hiding fair enough, if they had all joined the same group, Quinn could understand but for all of them to be apart no longer working together.

Since Quinn had finished asking all the questions he needed, now it was time for him to decide what to do with the other vampires. He was considering removing their memories of this event, but then he would need to give them a reason why their leader died. A plausible one for them all.

‘Still, if I just make them completely disappear from this area, and they never arrive to meet the others, that could be suspicious as well. Maybe they will send more.’ Quinn was struggling with what to do, but then he realised that perhaps it wasn’t a good idea for those guys to meet the other vampires.

“When entering the town, what were you planning to do there?” Quinn asked.

“We were planning to kill some of the humans and feast on their blood.” The vampires replied.

Quinn already knew the answer to this one, but he had asked twice just to make sure it was the case, perhaps expecting a different answer.

“Would you ever work alongside a human?” Quinn asked again, and this was for Lucia’s sake.

“No.” Was the answer they had given.

It was clear that these vampires had a clear disliking for the humans, perhaps as much as the humans did back then for the Dalki. He imagined many humans would have answered the same way in that case.

“I’m sorry, I said I would protect her, and with the way you guys are, I am unable to convince you for now,” Quinn said as he swung his hand towards their necks, and a single line of red aura chopped all three of their heads right off.

Quinn never liked to kill, but he currently felt no emotion towards the act. In fact, he could tell his emotions weren’t really there in the same way as before since becoming a celestial. It was why his mind was always in a fog because he thought he should feel a certain way, yet he didn’t.

‘I’m a little worried. If I continue to evolve and grow, my feelings will completely come void. Then what, do I just become a being trying to complete his condition to grow? Is the rise in energy the only thing that I will feel? Maybe this is what happened to the others as well.’

Quinn realised that he could also burn their bodies himself using his red aura like he did before. Such strong blood energy would turn their bodies into ashes. Doing this would mean no one could no longer find them. The only thing he couldn’t do anything about was the scene itself. It was clear if they were to investigate the area, they would know fighting had occurred.


No one had tried to talk to Quinn’s shadow inside the cave itself. It had just gone up against the wall, and for the first time, it had finally moved and approached Peter. It tugged against Peter’s shirt without saying anything.

“Huh, is there something wrong?” Peter asked.

The shadow clone simply nodded his head. The two of them then headed outside the cave. The other vampires seeing this were a little nervous at the actions taken, and one of them chose to follow the two, wondering what they were up to.

When he went out of the cave, he could see the two standing next to each other for some reason.

“Hey, what are you two doing?” The vampire asked.

Turning around first was Quinn.

“We just needed some fresh air, no need to worry about us. Do you have any news about the other group of vampires?”

The vampire hesitated to answer at first, wondering if there was a problem of some sort.

“No, we are going to stay here tonight. If we don’t hear from them, Hannah will report back, and we will get further orders from there. I think I’m going to stay out here and stretch with you guys for a while.” The vampire said, still thinking the two were up to something.

In truth, it was a close call. Quinn had gotten Peter to come out of the cave with his shadow clone because he needed a new mask to wear his disguise. Then, using the shadow link skill, he could connect with his clone, and move his whole body to the clone’s location, just like he could with other shadow users.

It allowed him to travel so fast back to the area the others were. Thankfully everything had been quickly done, and Peter somewhat understood what was going on. He could tell his soul weapon was ready to use again, yet the Quinn in front of him was still disguised as Chucky. So something had to be up.

Thinking about the shadow link skill though, made Quinn worry a little. The fact that he was unable to go to any of the others with the shadow ability made him believe they were all dead, but at the same time, it wasn’t like he could travel to Laxmus, who had the shadow powers as well. Or at least Quinn thought he would. So perhaps there was something else going on with his shadow link.

In the end, after doing nothing for a while, the vampire was ready to go inside, and it was at a good time as well since Hannah had called him in. This gave Quinn a chance to do something that he had wished to do before.

“So, are you going to tell me what happened then?” Peter asked.

After telling Peter all the details, Peter seemed quite surprised.

“Quinn, you have gotten a bit more…ballsy since you slept. I couldn’t imagine you going out to attack them first…and do you really think it’s Layla? I mean, I guess it would explain the obsession the red vampires have with you since you know she was obsessed with you.”

“I just feel like, in the past, a lot of my mistakes came from hesitating or not acting, and I don’t want the same to happen again, which is why I have a request. I’m going to make you a dedicated follower.” Quinn said with a smile.

[Please think of the marking you would like to place on your dedicated follower]

[This marking will be placed on all dedicated followers and can not be changed]

“Peter, I’m going to make sure you get so strong that I never lose you as well.”


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