My Vampire System Chapter 1611: What Is This Energy

Although the transformation reminded Quinn of when he fought against Laxmus, what was standing in front of him didn’t quite look like what Laxmus had done or become when he had finished transforming.

Tikker’s body had grown more significant like that of a bloodsucker. His muscles also bulged, being tight to his skin. However, the skin was now black making certain features stand out more. For one, the red eyes against the black skin contrast, and then, there was the large red marking that was still visible on its body.,

There were no wings that had formed, but its mouth looked to have been a melted mess as there were no longer any lips or edges, but just teeth that would show through gaps here and there.

“I really hope when I use my own celestial energy that I don’t look that ugly,” Quinn commented. “I mean, I didn’t right, but maybe the transformation will get worse the more energy I have.”

Tikker wasted no time, opening its mouth and gathering his vampire aura. A small red ball of energy grew in size, and soon throwing his head forward, the energy beam went straight towards Quinn.

‘Hmm, I can tell that I can’t control this blood energy. So it looks like if blood aura has the powers of a celestial, I can’t do anything to it. It’s the same with the Dhampirs as well. It’s almost as if I’m a god of the vampires but nothing else. I would probably have a hard time controlling the aura of subclasses as well. Is it because my own body’s constitution is closest to theirs?’

While thinking of all of this, Quinn readied one of his hands, opening its palm. The next second, a large energy force came out from it. This was the blood cannon attack, but similarly to his opponent, Quinn’s energy beam was consistent.

The two of them clashed in the centre, and at first, it looked like Tikker’s energy was winning out as Quinn’s force of blood aura was pushed back.

“Hahah weak!” Tikker shouted.

Taking a step forward, though, Quinn soon increased the level of blood aura he was using, and not only that but decided to enforce the attack with Qi. His blood aura had a burst of energy, pushing back Tikker’s attack.

There was no contest between the energies, and Tikker, knowing this, jumped from his position. His movement was fast and robust, and even Tikker was surprised. It seemed like it was his first time having been in this form.

However, while in the air, he soon saw Quinn was in front of him with a pair of steel wings, and his other arm pointed towards him.

“I have two arms I can use,” Quinn said, shooting out another Blood cannon and hitting Tikker right in the body, sending him crashing right through three trees before he fell to the ground and tumbled.

‘I thought I had used enough Aura to beat out that attack, but I had to use more and Qi. Is this what the system was talking about, where when fighting celestial energy, it was easier to use celestial energy. But it also means that it’s not impossible to kill those with celestial energy just harder.

Flying over to where Tikker had landed, Quinn could get there quickly as he didn’t have to care what his wings touched. The demon tier armour was able to slice through everything it touched without slowing it down,

He was then right next to Tikker before even getting up from the ground. When he eventually did stand up, Quinn could see that there was marking firm the attack on his chest. It hadn’t gone through his body, and at the same time, it was healing, almost like a wound from an ordinary vampire after drinking some blood.

‘I used Qi in that attack as well, and his body is still able to heal. I guess I need to try out a few things.’

Seeing his enemy in front of him, Tikker leapt, trying to grab onto Quinn, but moving to the side, Quinn then delivered a punch to its large body, one that was filled with Qi and nothing else. He felt his hand go through its thick muscles as he did something similar to his regular hammer strike.

Tikker’s muscles, bones, and internals were breaking down, but while Quinn’s first was still connected, he could feel they were coming together again. Still, Tikker’s body was sent flying again in another direction.

‘Blood energy and Qi don’t work. I would have to either constantly hit him until he died before he healed or try something else. Luckily I have the ability to try something else.

“This is the last time I’m going to ask you,” Quinn said as he calmly walked over to where Tikker had been sent. “Who gave you that Marking. Was it Laxmus or someone else?”

Instead of an answer, a red beam came shooting out towards him. Rather than match it in power, Quinn decided to avoid the strike by running toward him in a circle. The aura was hitting the trees and going a great distance, destroying everything. It was sure to gather the attention of others soon.

Still, Quinn could eventually see Tikker and jumped up to where he was and using his hand, he grabbed his mouth and sealed it shut, causing some of his own aura to burn his mouth somewhat apart.

Quinn continued to push him until he slammed his head onto the ground and let go. Now he could clearly see Tikker’s teeth, and the skin that had been burnt off from his own attack didn’t look to be healing.

‘I guess using one’s own energy against it works as well.’

“So you can’t speak, or you won’t say anything?” Quinn asked once more, beginning to lose his patience, but Tikker just stared at Quinn.


His hand was held out in front of Tikker, but this time he wanted to try something else, and that was gathering the celestial energy in his own body. Quinn tried to focus it on one point on his arm, and as he did, he noticed something. He could feel that the energy that was running through his body was somewhat damaging the beast tier equipment that was on his body.

Quickly, Quinn used the shadow to place it away, and now he could see even the robes that had gathered around his arm started to disintegrate. Now revealing his forearms, the red veins that would be showing on Quinn’s body began to glow with power.

Seeing this, it looked like Tikker was finally worried. It was a little too late as Quinn grabbed onto Tikker’s head. He noticed that he was having problems releasing this new type of energy externally. Still, he could at least power his arm and fingertips with it.

While holding onto Tikker’s head, Quinn made a slight scratch mark and could tell that the wound wasn’t healing.

Knowing his life was in danger, Tikker went to punch Quinn from both sides, but Quinn was far quicker. Using his celestial arm, he let go of Tikker’s head and made his hand into some type of knife.

Slicing downward, both of Tikker’s arms were cut off before it even touched Quinn. Now feeling Tikker’s head again, Quinn could finally use his other skill.

[Celestial drain activated]

A rush of energy could be felt escaping from Tikker, and his body started to grow smaller in size. He was making no such noise, but his body just started to shake.

“Qu…Quinn…” Tikker eventulley said.

Touching his face, that’s when Quinn realised that his mud mask had gone as well. Perhaps just like his armour that was being affected by the celestial energy, it was the same for the mask.

For some reason, seeing who it was, a smile appeared on the person’s face.

“I got to see…”

Letting go of Tikker, Quinn thought that maybe he could have got answers. Perhaps he should have thought of this before. They worshipped him, so if he told them who he really was, then they would likely answer, but it was a little too late, as Tikker was clearly dead.

[Celestial energy drained]

[You have gained 3 points of energy]

‘Why…did he look happy? What is wrong with them?’ Quinn thought to himself, not knowing how to feel. Turning around, the others were still there, those that would give him some answers.


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