My Vampire System Chapter 1610

: Influence Mayhem

With the title of Ruler of Blood Quinn had gained, he now had an infinite amount of blood control. Quinn was able to feel vampires from a far distance. The problem was that it was pretty useless if the vampires were relatively far away since he could only tell in a vague sense where they were.

It also seemed like he couldn’t sense them well unless they used their blood aura.

In a way, it reminded Quinn of the connection he would have with his subclass vampires. However, he preferred his connection from before because he could know if the others were safe.

‘Now that he is in front of me, I can feel the energy from him. I couldn’t feel it from far away. Is it because the celestial energy isn’t that strong? Maybe I can use this to my advantage?’

Quinn had said his words loudly when talking about the celestial energy Thinking that it might provoke a reaction from Tikker in front of him, but there was no such thing other than an odd look as if Quinn was crazy.

Which meant he most likely didn’t even know about the new energy in his body. Or at least didn’t know what it really was.

“You’re a vampire, right, and you know about us? Where is Hannah? Are you from her group?” Tikker asked. “I can’t believe that wench won’t even come and visit me herself. She goes and sends one of her goons. No wonder I was sent to lead this task force…I swear to join the vampire corps..”

“I am not with them,” Quinn answered. “I know of you red vampires, and I could sense your energy, so I came over here. I was wondering something, though, where exactly were you heading?”

Tikker and the other vampires laughed at this comment. Sensing energy, it wasn’t really something that many vampires could do. Tikker couldn’t. Otherwise, he would have been able to sense the energy inside of Quinn, but there was a reason for Quinn’s question.

When coming towards him, he was wondering why of all things, did it seem like the vampires were heading towards the town, rather than the meeting location, the cave that was a little away.

“Haha, what are you some type of vampire detective?” Tikker laughed. “Hey, you like blood, right? Why don’t you come down to the town with us because you’re about to see blood both.”

The vampires started to move, which was partly what Quinn was worried about. He was sure that Tikker knew what state the town was in. It was a good opportunity for a full attack on humans.

Because any deaths, they could play it off as the Traveller’s fault.

“I guess for those that are good; there are also those who are bad,” Quinn said as he looked directly at all of them with his eyes glowing red. “You know, I realised something, my influence skill doesn’t seem to work against humans due to the Qi they have protecting their brain.

“Usually, the skill is less effective against vampires, but you see, I’m a little different from them, and I’m looking for some of my questions to be answered. Kneel.” Quinn ordered.

The knees of the vampires hitting the floor were heard as something had overcome their body, but one was left standing, and that was Tikker himself.

“What are you guys doing? Are you playing some joke on me!’ Tikker stated, clearly a bit frightened at what had just happened.

“Well, now that’s a shame. Why hasn’t it worked on you?” Quinn thought as he walked closer towards Ticker. “You were the one that I had the most questions for.”

Frightened, that was when Tikker had covered his hand in red aura, making a large claw. The red aura was shaped similar to his hands, but was twice the size of it. Shoving it forward, he tried to attack Quinn, who was able to quickly move his head away, and grabbed onto Tikker’s wrist.

Soon the red aura started to fade, and his special red aura had gone away.

‘He is suppressing my red aura…but how?’ Tikker was beyond confused. Never had he seen or heard of someone capable of doing such a thing in his life.

“You know, I was actually planning just to ask you some questions, maybe find some things out about what a dedicated follower was, but I had a gut feeling that maybe you were heading to the town. I was hoping it wouldn’t be the case. That I could leave you be. Now my influence skill won’t work on you. I’m going to have to do things a bit differently.”

Letting go of his hand, Quinn jumped back.

“Everyone, attack the man with the T on his head,” Quinn ordered

Immediately, the other vampires that were on the ground had gone towards their leader. Their faces showed that it was clearly against their will to do this, but they fired blood swipes towards him.

“What are you guys doing? Why are you listening to him!” Tikker shouted. “He can’t have control over you guys; that’s impossible!”

Although the vampires were attacking their leader, it looked quite sloppy. It seemed that his influence skill, even as strong as it was, didn’t allow him to have complete control.

“If you want me to tell them to stop, then tell me. Who gave you your real marking. Who is the leader of the Red vamps? What are you planning to use the red heart for? Agree to answer the rest of my question, but that will be a good start.” Quinn demanded.

He was hoping that this might convince Tikker. However, soon getting frustrated, Tikker summoned the red aura and stabbed his own ally right through the chest. It was causing blood to fill the vampire’s mouth, and he fell to the ground dead.

“If I tell you any of that crap, then I’m dead!” Tikker shouted as he continued to go after the others. “How dare you betray me? He shouted, slicing towards the neck of another vampire, ripping it out and blood pouring.

Tikker was no longer trying to avoid their attacks, and it looked like he wasn’t holding back either, even against his allies.

Going after the next Red vampire, Tikker was clearly faster and on a different level compared to them. He had even used the red aura to extend the claw he had on his hand. Just before the aura could pierce the eyes of another alley, a single blood swipe had hit him in the body, sending him flying back and through the trees.

“I’m sorry, but if he can’t answer my questions, then I’m going to need some of you guys alive,” Quinn said, looking at the three that had survived. “Stay out of the fight, stand back, and don’t die.” Were the orders Quinn gave.

Quinn had somewhat held back in his blood aura attack, but looking in the direction where Tikker was he could tell that the fight wasn’t over yet. No, Quinn didn’t want it to be; he needed to figure out just what a dedicated follower was capable of.

“You! You!” Tikker shouted from the other side as he walked back, looking in perfect condition, not a mark on his body. This Quinn had found strange. Even if he did hold back, it should have done something.

“Are you the one that he warned us about! You have to be! Well, if that’s the case, then I won’t have to worry about tearing you to shreds!” Ripping off his shirt with his hands, unearth a red marking that could be seen on his chest. It was large, but it also was the same design as the one on Hanna’s thigh. Yet Quinn knew this wasn’t just a tattoo.

A single eye with a pair of bat-like wings on top of its head. Soon, it started to glow, lighting up and infusing a power into Tikker. His body began to change. Seeing this whole scene playout reminded Quinn a lot of his fight with Laxman.


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