My Vampire System Chapter 1608: Dedicated Follower

Immediately after hearing what some of the other Travellers were saying about the bounty, they decided to take a step back. The red vampires were holding onto the wounds that had already been made on their bodies.

It was clear that these Travellers were indeed no ordinary set of Travellers because the vampires themselves weren’t weak by any means, just not strong enough to face such a group like this.

“Hey, it’s true the bounties have been called off. How is that even possible!” One of the travellers shouted. There was a specific process for bounties to be put up in the first place. One couldn’t just request bounties.

One of the reasons for this was that the bounty would have to be inputted and checked. Once confirmed, it could be put through. Simply put, bounties were mainly for criminals on the run. However, the Travellers weren’t stupid, and at times, there were ways to bypass this, allowing personal grudge bounties to be put up.

However, for a bounty to be taken down, either the people involved had to have been captured, which clearly wasn’t the case here. Otherwise, half of the payment had to be given up to the Travellers association. The money would go towards improving the Travellers centre, medical centres and more, but it wouldn’t go to any of the bounty hunters involved.

“What is this bullcrap! People in our faction have died!” Some of the Travellers were furious and gripped their weapons even harder.

While others started to turn away and head out from the scene, which included those from the Flowing water faction that had just arrived, they picked up their wounded and started to leave.

“What are you doing? After they did that to your people, you’re just going to leave like that!” A Traveller shouted.

One of the members held the one that Quinn had ripped the arms off. Quinn had seen him do something interesting as he moved the broken arms close to the body and activated Qi. The cells were seen coming together. They weren’t completely healed, but it had stopped the bleeding somewhat, joining part of the skin here and there.

“You want us to risk our lives when there isn’t even a bounty on the line? That is ridiculous.” The man said, turning around with the rest of the group. “And to be honest, even if there was still a bounty. We would be doing the same as we are doing right now.”

That last line from one of the top factions really resonated with a lot of the Travellers, and those that felt like they were ready for revenge had decided it was better for them if they were to give up now or risk losing more than they had already done.

Most Travellers didn’t belong to the town in the first place. They went around to different cities on different planets frequently with their occupation. It was partly where the name came from, so they didn’t care what state they had left the town in.

Only a few Travellers that were locals, who only hunted for income now and then, had gone to apologise to the rest.

“We should head out of this place. Although they might be welcome to us now, they won’t feel that way for a long time, and besides, we weren’t planning to stick around anyway.” Hannah stated.

The others agreed, and soon all of them were on the move, with Peter following along with Quinn and the others. As soon as they got out of the busy buildings and streets of the town, they had entered the forest that would lead to the cave before.

“Wait!” One of the Red vampires said, turning around. Hearing this, the whole group stopped thinking that something might have happened. “I don’t mind the others following us back to our camp, but she’s a human!”

The vampire pointed towards Lucia, who had come along with the others.

“The others wish to join the Red vampires, okay, but a human has to be turned if we are to trust them.”

The vampire started to take a step towards Lucia, and looking nervous, she went to grab her spear, but before she could even grab it, another person already had his hands around the vampire’s neck.

“You touch her, and you’re dead,” Peter said, gripping tightly, making sure he knew who had the superior strength.

Seeing one of their allies being hurt, and by what was a stranger to them no less, they had decided to try to attack him. Each one started to raise the blood aura in their body as they went to attack peter.

“STOP!” Quinn shouted.

All four of their bodies had frozen in place. They didn’t know why until they could see that the new vampire was looking towards them all with red glowing eyes.

“If you dare touch him, I will make you all kill yourselves!” Quinn said, making sure they knew why he was angry.

‘Can the others not move?’ Hannah thought. ‘With the glowing red eyes, is that vampire really using the influence skill on them and its working. This is not something a simple vampire can do. I thought something was strange about this person, but could they be a vampire lord? Then why do they smell like regular vampires?

‘Whatever the case, he will be a big help in our goal.’

“Everyone, calm down. At the moment, she is just coming along as a supporter.” Hannah explained. “We are just heading to the vampire corps area, not the Red vampires base, so there is no need to worry. If our new friend wishes to bring her, we can explain the rules to him then when those roads cross, we will sort it out then, but for now, it would be best if we cooperate, we just got out of a tricky situation after all.”

Hearing this, Quinn nodded, and Peter soon let go of the vampire in his grasp. He walked back towards the girls staying by their side in case the others tried to do anything else.

With the little spat over, the group continued to head towards their meeting spot from before, but the vampires who had tried to attack Peter were left with a thought in their mind.

‘Am I just imagining things, but did his influence skill also suppress our blood aura somehow? No, I must be imagining it. It had just to be the fact that we were frightened but just who is that vampire.’

Eventually reaching the cave, all of the vampires were resting; however, they had split even inside the cave into two groups—Jessica along with hers that she had come along with, and Hannah and her group as well.

To clear the tensions, Quinn had gone over to the other side. He then used his Qi to remove the traces in their body, which allowed them to heal.

“You know how to use Qi?” Hannah recognised immediately.

“I…I’m a human turned vampire and knew how to use Qi before, so it’s still with me.” Quinn answered.

That seemed like a good enough explanation for her, but for the others in his group who had overheard, now had heard conflicting stories.

‘Did Nate just lie?’ Jessica thought. ‘He said he was a human turned vampire, but he said he was an original as well. Maybe he’s just lying to throw them off, but then how does he know Qi?’

“So, what is the plan now?” One of the red vampires asked.

“I have already updated the other group of what has happened. They are on their way and should be here in a few hours. Once we meet up with Tikker, we will head together with him to the vampire corps to join them, and of course, our newest recruits will be joining us. If all goes well on this mission, we will bring them back with us to the red vampires.” Hannah smiled.

“Tikker!” One of the vampires sounded surprised. “He…does that mean he will be leading us? If that’s the case, he might have a bigger problem with humans than others in our group.”

“Why’s that?” Quinn asked immediately.

“Because Tikker is a vampire from the other Red Vampire group. The ones that have a slightly different view from us. He is also what is known as a dedicated follower, so he is a higher rank than me and will be leading our group.” Hannah answered.

Hearing the word dedicated follower made Quinn think about the system. Was it a coincidence?


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