My Vampire System Chapter 1607: Years

“I don’t understand a thing you’re doing.” Agent Four said while rubbing his forehead with the tip of his fingers.

Since Logan seemed interested in these vampires, they also became Agent Four’s interest. They were watching the events in the little town unfold. It was impossible not to find an electronic device one could monitor from in this day and age.

The wristwatches and the cameras in restaurant buildings, among other things, were there, just to name a few. The two of them were witnessing everything going on, and in the end, Logan had decided to call off the bounty.

“Well, do you mind explaining? You usually love to blabber a lot, so I wonder what has gotten your tongue so tied up?” Agent four asked.

Although Agent Four was teasing his fellow companion, the truth was, something had shocked Logan into his actions, and he didn’t know how to reply or what to say at this moment as his head was beginning to process a few things.

‘It didn’t quite click at first because they look nothing alike, but that strength, that speed, the healing powers and that power. If they are travelling with vampires, all signs point that it was a Wight.’ Logan thought. ‘However, that Wight managed to raise four dead at the same time, that’s something unheard of even between Wights. I only know one capable of such a feat is…wait…could it be him?

‘Peter…Peter also had the transformation ability, he could easily disguise himself, but I don’t recognise any of the ones he is travelling with. Is it really Peter? Has he finally returned after all this time?

‘But why now? After going missing with the tomb for so many years, why now? None of this makes any sense; I have to find out though; I have to find out for myself.’

It was then that Logan looked out of the corner of his eye towards Agent Four, who was staring directly back at him.

“Something is seriously up, isn’t there? What did you find out?” Agent Four asked as he started walking over towards Logan.

“It’s nothing,” Logan replied as he brought up images of the two on-screen. The destruction caused and injured people running for their lives due to the fighting could easily be seen in the pictures. “The whole town has been destroyed because of the Travellers. Honestly, I never expected them to act like wild beasts because of the bounty and thought they would have some sense. The chaos is beyond what I expected, so I decided to call off the bounty while I think of another way.”

There was a pause, as it looked like Agent Four was taking in what the other had said.

“Besides, it was clear with their strength and the interference of the Red vampires that it has become a matter that is far too big for those travellers to handle.”

“I thought, you of all people would have considered all this beforehand, no?” Agent Four asked.

This was what Logan was worried about; it was pretty unbelievable for him to think that the bounty wouldn’t have this effect, which was why he had added in the last part as well, for two reasons.

“I thought since you were more robot than human, you wouldn’t have emotions towards the others.” Said Agent four. “Who cares if the whole town is destroyed? You do understand that if they get their hands on the Red Heart before us, then it won’t just be a little town that’s going to be destroyed; rather, everyone will die.

“Sacrifice the lives of a few to save the many!” Agent four shouted, slamming his fist onto a console. The console was instantly destroyed into pieces due to the punch, but his fist didn’t have a single scratch on the knuckles.

“Don’t destroy my things,” Logan said immediately, “If you’re going to continue to act like this, then leave.”

In an instant, in the lab itself, several pods that were placed around the area opened up, and a few seconds later, A.I battle robots had all left quickly flying over to Logan’s side. There were around twelve of them in total, and they had their hands held out, already charging energy to fire towards the agent.

“Oh? This is the first time I am seeing you act like this! But do you think those robots that couldn’t even help capture those vampires you are after will be able to stop me?” Agent Four shouted with what could only be described as rage as a large vein sticking out from the side of his head.

“Do you really think that I wouldn’t keep the best and highest grade crystal robots for myself? And let me reassure you, they aren’t made from the same material as the others either.” Logan explained. “I will remind you again. I don’t want to fight; I only want you to respect my equipment.”

The two of them stared at each other for a while, and Agent Four looked back and forth between Logan and the A.I. robots as if he was considering whether to fight them. He always wanted to know just how strong Logan Green was.

However, he decided to scoff as he turned away and avoided any fighting for the moment.

“I will be back to get an update on matters.” Agent four said, finally leaving the lab.

As he stomped his feet down the hallway, he had a thought in his mind.

‘Something really has him rattled to act like that. There seems to be something that he has noticed that I haven’t. Was it those vampires? Do they have a clue to the red heart, and he is trying to keep it to himself? Well, even if that isn’t the case, as long as Logan is interested in them, then it is enough for me to be interested in them as well.’

Back in the lab, Logan went back to the video. He was trying to see if he could spot anything important. He played back all the scenes with his suspected Peter in them. He watched the videos repeatedly, and the more he thought about it, Logan felt like the person in the footage was the same person he thought it was, Peter.

‘Wights can live forever…but Peter, if you were always alive, why did you come out? Did something happen to Quinn? Or did you find out where he is?’

It was then that Logan went back to the security footage at the hotel, looking at the others who were with the suspected ‘Peter’.

‘Whom does he trust enough to even travel with? It can’t be him…that’s impossible. After ten years had passed…’ At that moment, Logan’s eyes suddenly moistened a bit as he thought about what had occurred ten years after that.

But suddenly, he heard the door to the lab opening again and quickly wiped his face with his sleeves, which hurt a bit since his arms were more solid than usual.

“Oh, your eyes are a bit red; I don’t think I’ve seen that from you since…well, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in such a state.” The one who had entered the lab was a handsome young man.

He had short blonde hair, cut to the side and was quite tall at the same time; It was clear he was gifted with quite an excellent set of genes.

“Hey, what was up with Agent Four’s eyes?” The young man giggled at himself after coming up with that joke. “For a second, I thought steam was coming out from his ears.”

Walking over, Logan went to the destroyed console and placed all of the A.I. robots back away into their pods.

“Ah, I see, he destroyed one of your machines.” The young man sighed.

“Actually, can you do me a favour?” Logan asked, and the smile on the young man’s face receded.

“I would like you and your mother to head to mars to check something out for me. This is, of course, not official business, just a personal trip.” Logan stated.

The young man didn’t hesitate as he smiled back.

“Sure thing, just let me know if you need anything from me, dad.”

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