My Vampire System Chapter 1606: Controlling One’s Strength

Out of all the travellers, only a few of them were able to comprehend what had happened, or at least saw what had happened because to most, all they could see was a red masked vampire with his hand out—pointing at the location where one of them had fallen from a rooftop.

Quinn stood somewhat behind Hannah, who was leading the vampire group and standing at the front. She hadn’t expected him to make the first move, and she didn’t see the blood bullet leave from Quinn’s hand. All she could see was the damage that had occurred on the Travelers leg. Allowing her to guess what the attack was. Looking over at his hand’s position had only confirmed her thoughts.

‘That has to be the blood bullet. Can he perform something like that?’ but he smells like a regular vampire; how is that possible? And I’ve barely seen a bullet that fast before.’ Hannah thought.

It was the same for the other vampires. The one move he had made showed that this person was no ordinary vampire. They somewhat understood now why there was a large bounty on one’s head.

Trying to make the best out of the current situation, Hannah decided to speak once again.

“As you can see, we don’t want to hurt you. That is a warning that if you continue to cause trouble for this town and pursue these people, we will get involved!” She shouted once again.

It seemed like Quinn’s little act had somewhat caused them to be hesitant in their movements, and the people that filled the streets were a little confused. They had heard the name red vampires, but why did the woman seem so concerned for the people. It was the first for many of them to hear something like this.

“It’s not so strange.” One of the residents said. “I heard that in one of the big Dhampir attacks, the red vampires came and supported the vampire corps in one of the fights.”

“Ah yeah, I heard that as well. It was one of their leaders, that strong female vampire. They thought that the red vampires would request something. Some land from the corps unit or something else, but they said nothing and just left.”

Hearing some of the stories behind him made Quinn feel like there were a set of good vampires among the red vampires. He needed to know more about this group.

“That damned zombie already killed some of our people, and then he raised them from the dead!” A traveller shouted. “You said you weren’t trying to hurt us. We have lost too much al-“

Suddenly, the man speaking knee exploded, causing him to fall over on one side and hit the floor. When Hannah turned around, she could see that the newly recruited vampire had his hand pointed towards the man’s position.

“Let’s make this really clear. You attacked our vampires. You did so full well trying to kill them. If you are prepared to kill, you should be prepared to die as well.” Quinn spoke. “Right now, we are the ones that are giving you a chance.”

‘He used the blood bullet again, but that is a risky move.’ Hannah thought. ‘Right now, they are intimidated by his strong attack, but if he uses both hands, he will only be able to use that move a total of 8 more times. Simply put, it’s just a bluff.’

Although this would have been the case for other vampires, this was not the case for Quinn at all. No longer did Quinn get the drawback from using the blood bullet as he had done in the past? If he wanted to, he could continually fire it at all of the Travellers that we’re here right now,

He had chosen to use this move because he realised after using his blood control that other vampires would certainly get suspicious, but a move like this was something that other vampires were capable of doing.

On top of that, he was annoyed that these people had attacked those close to him, so he needed to vent some of his anger out.

“You Fu*k-“

Bang, another shot had gone off as soon as one of the travellers opened her mouth.

They could see that this was the work of only a single vampire, and seeing that it was like this, they believed that perhaps all of the vampires were capable of this. Some of them were starting to have second thoughts. At the end of the day, what was the point of money if they wouldn’t live to see another day?

“Good, it looks like we have come to an understanding-“

As Hannah was ready to finish her sentence, a large force of attack had come from behind. Two of the red blood vampires towards the back had managed to create blood walls just in time, to stop the attack somewhat.

Jets of what looked like water were powerful and had crashed through the Blood walls. The walls had slowed down the attack somewhat, allowing them to move slightly out of the way, but both of them were still hit on the arm.

“It’s the flowing water faction, another triple-A rank faction!” One of the Travellers shouted. Seeing this, the confidence in all of them grew. As time went on, after all, more and more factions, famous bounty hunters and more would all be coming after the large bounty on their heads.

“Damn it, there’s more, and these guys aren’t weak!” The vampire said, holding onto his arm. It wasn’t healing, and noticing this, Quinn could tell it was because Qi had been infused with their attacks. Due to the spread of Qi, vampires were no longer so much stronger than humans.

“Why are we risking our lives when these guys aren’t even members yet!” The vampire shouted.

Two more water jet streams had come out. It was fast, and it looked like the vampires would be unable to avoid them. When they felt someone push their heads towards the ground, the jet streams of water had gone completely over their head.

Looking at who had saved their lives, they could tell that it was the new vampire Quinn.

“If you are fighting for the lives of those that I care about, then I will protect you as well.”

Running forward, Quinn went towards the Flowing Water faction that seemed to consist of five members. Meanwhile, Hannah, Jessica and the others were dealing with the members that had come towards the front. Peter continued to stay by the two girls’ side as he wished to help them out even more.

The jet streams of water were fast and consistent for Quinn, which were pricing annoying. He would run forward as fast as he could while using the flash step at the right time to avoid them, but at times, he would have to take a step back to avoid them.

‘This is really annoying; if I had my shadow, they would be easier to deal with.’

Of course, there were other ways Quinn could deal with them, but he was trying not to show too much to the vampires. Eventually reaching them, Quinn had proceeded to attack with a thigh kick to the one closest.

Immediately, when making contact, the man’s bones had been crushed, putting up no resistance and causing his leg to bend inward, so much so that his leg had actually been torn off from his body, flying off in the distance and hitting another person, knocking them over.

‘Crap, I was trying to hold back. I sensed he was using the second stage of Qi, so I thought he would be able to handle that one.’

When another member tried to attack Quinn again, crashing water on top of him, he spun around, avoiding the hit, getting behind the other member. Grabbing his arms, Quinn pulled on them towards him, then kicked his back, once again, causing both of his arms to be removed from his body, blood gushing everywhere. A pop was heard when they had been released from their shoulder joints.

Some of the travellers, people and other vampires that were seeing this thought one thing, that the new vampire recruit was brutal.

‘Sh!t, this is meant to be a triple AAA rank faction member. Why are their bodies so…weak.’ Quinn thought as he had once again misjudged his own strength and their strength as well.


The sound of the travellers’ watches they were wearing continued to go off. Everyone could hear it, so they were wondering what was going on. Those that hadn’t been fighting quickly checked to see the message, and their faces had the look of dread on them.

“Wait, stop!” A traveller shouted, and not just one but several others as well.

“Everyone stop; it’s the bounty! The bounty has been dropped!”


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