My Vampire System Chapter 1605: Protect Is An Order

After witnessing the sight in front of her, it would be an understatement to say that Lucia was amazed by everything around her because she watched a single man take on several high ranking Travellers at once.

At that moment, Peter raised four people he had killed in the fight so far. He then ordered two of them to stay close to Lucia and Minny to protect them and not let them get involved in the fight. At the same time, the remaining two would be supporting Peter during the fight.

A strong blast of ice energy came toward him from his right side, but before it could even hit him, one of his Lesser wights sacrificed itself, taking the hit. Seeing this, Peter didn’t hesitate to smash the ice that contained his Wight and forcefully threw the body part towards the ice user, aiming towards him, high up on one of the roofs of the buildings.

In the next second, he ran towards another man and kicked him, sending him flying into the building on the opposite side and destroying the wall in the process. It was clear that there was currently no one here who was stronger or faster than Peter.

However, with the sheer amount of travellers that were there and them working to gather being in the same factions together, they had their ways.

“Now!” one of them shouted, and immediately, from underneath, the ground had exploded. The explosion chucked up dirt in front of Peter and blocked his view. It was then that those that were using long-ranged weapons fired towards the cloud of dust, and those with ranged abilities also added their attacks in the ensuing assault.

It was impossible for anyone to avoid, even if they had his speed. Regardless when the smoke settled, all they could see was Peter holding up another traveller by their head, only using his finger strength.

At the same time, Peter’s body was slowly healing from the edges he was hit on. Dropping the body on the ground, Peter proceeded to pull out what looked like a beast bolt that had gone through his arm.

“Always protect the head,” Peter mumbled to himself. “It’s good that I actually listened to that rule. A beast bolt actually managed to pierce quite deep through my arm.”

‘I wondered why someone had put such high bounties on our heads.’ Lucia frowned. ‘At first, I thought it was all a mistake or a misunderstanding, but now it looks like that’s not the case.’

‘The bounty was for him and that vampire. These two…someone must have known their real strength. I knew something was up when that other one got Zinon’s armour. The attack in the hotel…was aimed at them, but why…why would someone put a bounty on their heads?’

At that moment, a powerful blast hit the familiar infront of her, causing the lesser weight to fall to the ground. Several pillars of earth spikes began to rise from the ground, and Lucia quickly jumped and avoided them all.

She could feel the rumbling under her feet and was quick to act. During her jump, though, she had grabbed onto Minny as well.

“I’m sorry,” Minny shouted out, feeling pretty useless, almost on the verge of tears.

“It’s not your fault. It’s these people who are blinded by the greed of money. I mean, look what’s happening.” Lucia replied.

It was then they noticed that even the people who weren’t taking part in the fight were now injured. The Owners of the restaurants and other buildings were close to pulling out their hair in despair upon witnessing the state of their shops. At the same time, the remaining bystanders were shaking in fear.

However, she had no time to worry about that. There were still things she needed to do. Getting her spear ready, she thrust it forward towards the Traveller that stood closest to her. A lightning strike left her spear, but an earth wall rose, blocking the attack.

Despite this, the lighting, midway, seemed to get a second surge of strength as it sped up and blasted right through the earth wall. The strike continued and hit the man in the chest, causing him to fall to the ground and convulse uncontrollably.

‘Earth users have always been tough for lighting users to go against. So I had to use some of my Qi in that attack. But I can’t keep using Qi. Otherwise, I’ll be exhausted.’

In the middle of her thoughts, before she could react, she was pulled up off the ground, and in the next moment, holding her under his arm, was Peter. Minny, who was now unconscious, was in Lucia’s grasp.

“My job is to protect the both of you. I almost forgot that, and I’m sorry.” Peter explained. “I could probably beat all of these guys myself, but you are the priority.”

Jumping up from a ledge, Peter made it onto one of the roofs. The best way for the others to not get hurt was to run away from the situation or get to an area where Peter could fight them more easily.

However, there were several Travellers on the roof, as if waiting for them. One had a super-speed ability, and he ran right towards Peter with two daggers and jumped towards the trio.

Peter also jumped at the right moment, and still holding the other two, he kicked the incoming Traveller’s arm, breaking it in an instant as the dagger fell off of the latter’s hands.

As soon as Peter’s foot hit the ground, he lifted it again and kicked the Traveller in the stomach, causing blood to gush out of his mouth.

“You should put us down; it will make it easier for you to fight!” Lucia asked. “Also, you’re going to get tired quicker if you continue like this.”

“I don’t get tired,” Peter replied as he continued to run forward, jumping side from side, avoiding a range of different abilities. As they landed on the rooftops; the tiles below their feet would crack and burst in all directions.

Sensing some type of invisible wall, an ability from one of the Travellers, he didn’t stop and ran forward at full speed. Peter smashed the barrier, but he was slowed down in the process, and now they had surrounded him.

“I know you’re strong, but the number of Travellers coming here is countless. There is nothing we can do! You take the child and get out of here!” Lucia shouted.

“No!” Peter shouted as he held onto Lucia tighter, now grabbing her with both arms. He was holding her as if she was his bride in his arms. Then, lifting his leg, he stomped on the ground.

It destroyed the rooftop, causing them to fall down, but not just with the part of the roof below his feet; rather, the whole rooftop was going down. Peter collapsed the building’s structure from a single stomp.

The travellers stepped back, waiting for the outcome, but they had seen this Zombie of a person come out from a much worse state than this, and they were sure it would be the same again, and they knew they were right when they saw the pile of rubble suddenly move.

Covered in blood, Peter stood up with injuries on his head but had safely protected the two girls.

“Why?!” Lucia shouted. “Why are you doing so much to protect me?!”

Something like this, she had never had someone in her life do something like this for her…she wondered whether Peter was doing this because he…

“Because my friend told me to, and I will do anything he tells me to do even if it costs my life,” Peter replied.

With the Travellers still unwilling to give up, it looked like they still had a lot of fights to go through.

“Those were some good words, and I would do the same for you, my friend.” A familiar voice resounded through the scene.

The Travellers who stood on the rooftops of nearby buildings weren’t quick to act because now they could see that these three weren’t alone anymore. Shielding Peter’s group from the Travellers were seven people, all wearing strange red masks over their faces.

“We are the Red Vampires!” Hannah declared, walking out in front. “Look what you’ve done to this peaceful town! Because of you outsiders, this place is now destroyed, and we won’t let you continue acting like this.”

From the look in the Travellers eyes, Quinn, who was also in the group of seven, was sure that the Travellers wouldn’t back down so easily.

Recognising the voice from earlier, Minny, who had now regained her composure, immediately hopped off from Lucia and ran towards Quinn.

“They…they tried to kill us!” Minny started crying as she tugged on his leg.

The other vampires seeing this wondered what sort of vampire travelled with their daughter like this—doing these things. It also gave the image that this vampire was quite soft.

Rubbing the top of her head, Quinn bent down to her height.

“I see…well, don’t worry. I will make sure they never try that again.”

Upon hearing what Quinn had said, the vampires thought he was just trying to reassure his daughter. It was then, after standing up, Quinn looked at all the Travellers and sighed.

One of them moved slightly, less than an inch forward, in the next second. Lifting his hand, Quinn shaped it like a gun, and out from his finger, a blood bullet shot out, hitting him right in the knee, making him fall off the roof and onto the floor.

It was strange because it had happened so fast that everyone froze, wondering what had just happened.


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