My Vampire System Chapter 1604: What Is Your Goal?

Unlike the mud mask that Peter would make using his soul weapon, the disguise that originated from his ability, wouldn’t go away from being hit. However, he did have to use his abilities MC cells to keep it the way he was before, and that was exactly what he was doing.

Some members of the Behemoth gang ran outside to check on their friend, and a few seconds later they loudly lamented his fate.

“He’s dead!”

The whole restaurant turned to look at Peter. Some inside had seen his poster, while others had no clue who he was, but they were sure of one thing. This person was strong. To be able to kill someone from a Triple A-Rank Traveller group with one punch was unheard of. What’s more, they had been unable to see him move from his position from the wall. Lastly, the strange healing powers that allowed him to heal from even cracked bones.

‘Damn it, if I had been paying attention to my surroundings, I wouldn’t have even let that hammer hit me, and now I’ve been hurt as well.’ Peter thought. ‘I really should keep practising Qi like Quinn suggested, that also would have helped me from protecting myself and my body from being crushed, and now she’s looking at me like that.’

Turning his head towards Lucia, he thought that she would have freaked out given his abnormal healing speed. Many people did when they saw it, however, she was just left with her mouth wide open.

‘While I don’t know all of their members, the Behemoths wouldn’t just let anyone join their group… yet he was able to kill one of them with a single hit!’ Lucia thought. ‘No, I shouldn’t be surprised. I have to get used to the fact that I’m not travelling with someone normal. If ‘Nate’ is an Original, does that mean he was also someone from that era? But I don’t recognise him…’

“How dare you kill Rodeiro?!!” Another large, burly man pointed his weapon at Peter. It seemed like the Behemoth group were filled with large, bulky people who mostly used large weapons. There were giant axes, hammers, greatswords and more.

“You three have officially become our Behemoths enemies! We planned to hunt most of you down alive, but you can now forget about it! Anyone who wishes to help us shall obtain a share of the reward. Everyone else, get out!” The man announced.

Hearing this, several people that were inside the restaurant quickly left the restaurant, scared to get involved in the fighting. However, there were other Traveller groups that were interested in the bounty on their heads, and with a strong faction backing them, even after seeing what Peter had done, they weren’t afraid.

There had been ten Behemoth members in the establishment, but with the other groups, their force numbered around thirty. Once the area was cleared, the large man by the name of Edu pulled out a giant axe and swung it towards Lucia who was closest to him.

The two of them were quite a far distance away, so she didn’t even think it would hit her. Still, she pulled out her spear just in case to try to defend herself and was ready to fight for her life. That’s when the axe started to grow in size, becoming gigantic, almost covering half of the restaurant. It looked like the man’s ability allowed him to make weapons larger, and she could tell it wasn’t just large, but judging by the surrounding wind, the weight of the weapon seemed to have increased as well.

‘All I can do is block this hit, with my Qi!’ She thought, getting her spear ready and moving it to the side. However, before the gigantic axe could hit her, it had stopped, and the other saw that one man was responsible for it, holding the sharp edge of the axe with his fingers.

“Don’t worry, I was told to protect you and Minny, so as long as you stay with me, I’ll make sure that nobody will be able to harm a single hair on your head.” Peter stated.

Looking at his fingertips, Lucia could see they were covered in a strange yellow glow.

‘Is that Qi… but then why can I see it? I’ve never seen Qi in such a solid form! Just how much strength does he have to stop that large weapon?’

It wasn’t just that, as the next second, gripping tightly the Wight had broken the head on the axe, which he quickly grabbed with both hands as the others came towards him and pulled it out from Edu’s hands. The axe was shrinking by the second, but before the axe it had reverted to its normal size, Peter swung it as hard and fast as he could.

The handle part of it hit the Behemoth members as well as the others in the restaurant. No matter what ability or active armour they had used to try to block the attack, they were swept off her feet and crashed through the restaurant’s walls out to the other side of the feet.

“Hehe, Uncle Peter is so strong!” Minny called out in excitement as she watched this.

“Strong is an understatement. He has abnormal healing, strange Qi, and inhuman strength. Any one of those would make him a powerhouse, yet he has all three. That guy could be one of the strongest people in the world, and he’s right here by my side.” Lucia mumbled to herself. ‘Just how could it be that the world doesn’t remember someone like him?’

Those that had been on the second floor, ready to attack, suddenly, reconsidered their approach. Still, as Peter walked out the front of the building, Lucia quickly followed him along with Minnie, and they had only taken a few steps when she had stopped.

‘What is all this? Does everyone on Mars know where we are!’ She panicked.

Lucia was unsure about their exact number, but she was certain they had to number in the hundreds, Travellers everywhere. It wasn’t just members of the Behemoth group, there were also other prominent Traveller group standing on the rooftops, out from the other buildings and lining up down the street.

Before the others could even act or say anything, Peter ran straight towards the first man and kneed him in the face, crushing his skull and killing him instantly. The Wight then let go, causing him to fall on the floor.

“If you plan to stand in my way of protecting those two, I don’t care how many of you I will have to kill.” Peter stated, as he knelt down by the crushed man’s face and pressed his hand on him.

“Wake up!” The Wight shouted, and the next moment the clearly dead man started to stand up again, completely ignoring the fact that his skull had just been crushed.

“Kill them!” A man shouted, and it looked like everyone was ready to attack Peter and the others, not caring whether this town might get destroyed in the process.


Inside the cave where Quinn and the others were, it looked like one of the vampires had been informed about what was happening in the town. Quinn could hear it clearly, and so could everyone else. Multiple factions had entered the town in search of a bounty, and they didn’t care about the people of the place.

“Do you know these people?” The vampire asked.

“Yes,” Quinn replied. “I’m not too worried about them, but the trouble or fighting it might cause. There might be a bloodbath.”

The others thought Quinn was exaggerating, or perhaps didn’t know what factions exactly had arrived in the place.

“These are high-level factions, Hannah. If we get involved in saving these vampires, there is a good chance that our group could get wiped out. We need to stick to the mission.” The man next to her cautioned the red vampire.

“And what mission is that exactly?” Jessica interrupted. “To search for the red heart? I thought you said that your goal was to turn humans into vampires. Well, then, why don’t you save them from these attackers. Why don’t you actually help people? If you showed them your strength and what you’re capable of, I’m pretty sure that would be a good way to convince people into turning them into vampires, don’t you think?”

After saying the words, Jessica was a bit silent, wondering if she had taken it a step too far, but she soon saw a smile on Hannah’s face.

“The new girl is right. More and more factions will probably come. We need to save who we can from the fighting and move the fighting to somewhere else. We will try our best to help out your friends before it is too late.” Hannah stated.

Then, out from the inside of her pocket, she passed Jessica something and went over to Quinn, giving him the same item.

“Please put it on. We are going to make sure to let them know that the red vampires were the ones that saved them. This mask will soon become a symbol to all those out there.”

Looking at it, Quinn felt like he was going back to his old days as he grabbed it and placed it on his face.


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