My Vampire System Chapter 1602: The End Goal

Upon seeing and hearing this, the first thing that Quinn thought was that he was glad that he didn’t bring Peter. The latter would have straight-up laughed and perhaps offended these vampires, and unlike the humans before, it would have quite possibly caused a head-on argument before they ended up finding out about anything.

Still, this was something Quinn wasn’t expecting.

‘The red vampires worship me… not Laxmus or Bryce, but me? That doesn’t make any sense. The humans see me as a hero, and so do the vampires. I fought to save them both; I introduced both of them to the world. So why would the red vampires worship me?’

It was beginning to make Quinn’s blood boil thinking about it. Someone perhaps used his name to convince these vampires to do something they never wished to do, and he now wanted to get to the bottom of this situation.

Thankfully, someone was by his side that looked to be just as shocked as he was, which meant this wasn’t public knowledge to them all.

“You also worship the Hero Quinn? This is the first time I am hearing something like this,” Jessica said out loud and immediately had stares coming from all the others in the room. It was making her feel a little nervous. “I mean, I never knew…do you mind telling us why, so we can learn more and become a closer part of the red vampires?” She smiled.

Seeing this, Quinn felt like he had made the right choice in bringing her.

The group moved closer before they explained, and Quinn carefully looked at all of their faces. He was wondering if he might recognise one of them. It was hard with only the bottom part of their masks, but it seemed like they were all strangers.

‘They all feel as strong as Hannah; there aren’t really any special ones among them.’ Quinn thought. ‘I need to meet someone in a higher position or strength if I want to know more about them, but let’s do one thing at a time.’

“Do you really think we can trust these guys?” One of the vampires shouted out.

“I’m not comfortable with you bringing random vampires to our meeting spot.” The other shouted.

“Please, we are meant to be welcoming to any vampires that wish to join our cause.” Hannah replied, folding her arms. “Besides, here is my reason for trusting and bringing them in.”

It was then, from her wristwatch, that the image of their bounties had appeared. And reading the amount of money displayed under their name and faces nearly made their eyes pop out. Unlike before, where vampires cared little for the world currency, now that they were involved in the current world, they cared for it quite a bit.

They all knew that these vampires had to have done something pretty serious to get a bounty on their heads like that. It cleared up a lot of the suspicions the others had. The group sat down on some logs placed in a circle. Quinn, along with Jessica, sat on the same wooden log on the ground.

“About your question earlier, since you’re going to be a part of our group, I will explain a few things for you. We believe that Quinn Talen had a different goal after saving the humans.” Hannah started to explain.

“There are many that believed that he wanted humans to work alongside vampires, but there is another side to it; what if he didn’t?”

‘I did.’ Quinn wanted to say but kept his mouth shut.

“The vampire settlement, there was no need for it to be moved back then as he had done so. At the same time, Quinn had turned every human close to him, from his friends to those in his group, into a vampire. With this mask, we believe he was trying to hide another side to him.”

Hearing this, Quinn could somewhat understand how they had come to that conclusion, especially after a thousand years. But one would seriously have to twist a few things to think this way. If the Cursed faction were still publicly involved in the current world, then maybe this wouldn’t have happened.

“This is a belief that all of the red vampires can agree on.” Hannah continued. “But because of this, there is something that not all of the Red vampires agree on, and that splits us into two groups. One side wants to kill humans or rule over them. Then there are those like us who wish to show humans the benefits of being a vampire and then turn them. Some in our group might be a bit forceful. However, I am not like that.”

Although it could have been easy to disregard and not believe what Hannah was saying, there was a smile on her face when she said the last line. Quinn had seen the same smile when Hannah was talking to the other humans.

He wanted to believe what she was saying, and he did believe what she was saying. Although he still felt it was wrong to try and turn others into vampires rather than letting those who wish to be human to let them be humans, at least she wasn’t forceful about it.

‘So there are even good vampires in the Red vampire group.’ Quinn thought. The whole situation was certainly complicated, so he was happy he hadn’t decided outright to destroy all the red vampires for causing difficult troubles for the other vampires.

“Okay, that’s great you told them about our view of the Hero Quinn.” One of the men from earlier interrupted. “But should we really talk about our mission before knowing if our leader has accepted them?”

“Well, I think if someone does find out what we plan to do, then we can track them down quite easily. Besides, today is just an update, and I think they might be able to help us.” Hanah explained.

Sitting upright, Quinn was ready to hear carefully. If they did plan to do something to this town, he would stop them. Perhaps not kill them, but at least stop them.

“Our goal, for the time being, is to keep gathering information from the town. Honestly, I think they know nothing, but it’s just for a while as we wait for the others to arrive. Once they have arrived, we will head to the Vampire Corps base and join them.”

“Join the Vampire corps?” Jessica repeated. “Are you planning on leaving the Red vampires to join the corps?”

The others laughed at this comment, showing how unlikely that was to be the case, but that only meant they would be joining undercover.

“What do they have that you need?” Quinn asked, getting straight to the point.

“We need to know how close they are to finding the Red heart. Now, you might not know about this because it’s not general knowledge, but there is another reason we decided to brand ourselves the name Red vampires, not just because red is the colour of our eyes and the blood we feast on.

“No, it’s because, despite the two groups’ visions not aligning with each other, we work together to find one thing. The thing that our Hero left us. The Red Heart.”

When saying Hero, it was obviously referring to Quinn, but Red Heart? Quinn didn’t remember leaving a red heart anywhere.

“What is this red heart that you are looking for, and why are you looking for it?” Quinn asked.

“Quinn Talen created the red heart during the fight with the Dalki leader. A condensed form of blood gathered and concentrated to the strongest degree, creating a blood crystal that we call the red heart.”

Now Quinn knew exactly what Hannah was talking about, and he did indeed create it, but it looks like the cursed faction didn’t have possession of it. Has it gone missing?

“The Red Heart will give us the power to turn everyone into a vampire. We have to get our hands on that before any of the other groups do.”


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