My Vampire System Chapter 1601: The Red Vampires

The Red Vampires. Quinn knew little about them from his talks with the others. They are one of the three groups of vampires that were around in the current time of the world and were one of the reasons why vampires had gotten so much hate from humans.

It was said that these vampires were known for attacking humans, either to turn the latter or kill them. Quinn didn’t know whether these vampires were a branch of the thirteen families who believed vampires were a superior race compared to humans and should rule them or were part of Laxmus’s group. Maybe even a mix of both.

However, seeing the symbol that Quinn had noticed on a few items and others before made him think.

‘This symbol is similar to the one Laxmus had, right? Is this a marking? Is that how Laxmus was able to gain extra strength? It was clear what he had turned that day into something beyond that of a vampire…and I remember what he said was strange.’

‘Either this marking is something that these red vampires have just chosen to have on their bodies, or she might have been marked. Meaning she has a closer connection towards a celestial being. If that’s the case, maybe there is something bigger behind these Red vampires. It could just be a god that is tricking them all with a fake goal so that he could get stronger in the process.’

‘Sounds about right to me.’ Ray replied. ‘The question is how strong has this apparent god become during the time you were asleep? Remember, you have just become a celestial being and are only at the first level. Unless you are willing to create some followers and make them follow your condition, the only other way is…’

‘To kill the other god’s dedicated followers and absorb their energy.’

Looking at the vampire in front of him, Quinn could tell by the aura around her body. She honestly didn’t see them as a threat and even believed that they were their alley. It could only be because of the bounty. What other reason would there be to put such a large bounty on one’s head unless they were part of the red vampires?

Then begged the other question. Shouldn’t she do something to confirm Quinn’s identity if he was a red vampire? Was Quinn now supposed to show his symbol to her to prove that they were part of the same group, or was it something only high ranking members had?

‘What I’m more worried about is what is or is a red vampire doing in this place? Are they planning an attack on this village? If so…it would be in my best interest to stop them. Perhaps it can be as easy as allowing them to take me to their leader and stopping him, putting an end to this red vampire mess.’

Eventually, Quinn decided to answer with the most suitable option to his situation.

“We are not red vampires,” Quinn answered. “Not yet anyway but we wish to be. We had a small scuffle on one of the Graylash planets, and ever since, we have been on the run. We just found out about the large bounties now, and it looks like we messed with someone we shouldn’t have.”

Quinn thought this little excuse or act should be good and vague enough to satisfy their questions.

The female vampire looked the group up and down, and there was only one thing that wouldn’t quite fit their group, that was Lucia. She was clearly smelt like a human but also had a bounty on her head for some reason.

“I see; if what you say is true, then come join us…though not all of you can join, but, yeah, we are always looking for those that are happy to join our cause, but there are also those that wish to try their best to hamper us. There are too many of you to introduce at once. If all goes well, I promise the Red vampires will do their best to protect you; we always look after our kind. That’s what being part of the red vampires is all about.” The woman answered.

Looking at the others, Quinn wondered what the best choice in front of him was. Who could he bring with him, and how they would split up the group for a short time, they would be away. After discovering more about the red vampires and their plans, he would reunite with them again.

“Jessica,” Quinn said. “Why don’t you come along with me? Peter, make sure Minny and Lucia are safe at all costs. I am trusting you.”

With the bounty on their heads, he was a little worried, but for some reason, he felt like Jessica, another vampire that knew more about the situation, would be a better option in this case rather than Peter.

Yet, he needed someone strong enough to protect the others if anything happened to them. Minny also had almost blown his cover several times, so bringing her wasn’t a good idea.

“Very well, follow me, you two, and we can introduce ourselves and talk on the way.”

As the two groups split from each other, Minny looked like tears were about to come out from her eyes. She had grown attached to Quinn, and saw Peter like an uncle. Peter gave a look as if to say that Quinn didn’t have to worry. But of course, he would be worried about them.

While walking, they had found out a few things. The vampire that they were currently following was named Hannah. She explained that she had been in this town for a while now, not just her, but a few others were with them as well.

They were living here among the humans for years. This made Quinn wonder if certain humans had gone missing. Perhaps these red vampires worked in secret, taking them out slowly. Still, it wasn’t something he could straight up ask.

Eventually, Hannah went into one of the small shops and pulled out robes that were of the same design as what the others on the street were wearing, except for one thing: these had hoodies as well.

“It would be best to cover up now that you are wanted. I can’t wait to hear what you guys did to get a bounty of that size on your head.” Hannah smiled.

They took the robes, covered themselves, and followed Hannah along. Honestly, she didn’t talk much about the red vampires and just went on about how lovely the town was, which was a little confusing for Quinn, but he decided not to rush and take one step at a time.

“How many of you are there?” Quinn asked.

“In this town, there are a total of five of us, but more will be coming soon, so you are just in luck.” She replied.

Although, initially, Quinn actually meant about the whole of the red vampires, thinking he might get a number. The vampire settlements were never large in numbers, but they could be in a completely different state with no restrictions on their population anymore.

Eventually, the three of them had arrived at what looked like an entrance to a cave. They were away from the busy parts of town and could see the lights off in the distance, and no one seemed to have followed them.

When heading inside, Quinn could hear the sound of talking that soon stopped. Their footsteps were quiet, so it was apparent that they were approaching.

“I have a guest, so please be on your best behaviour, you lot,” Hannah said.

Taking a turn in the cave, they saw a group of four. All of them were vampires, just as Hannah had said, but that wasn’t the shocking thing about them. For Quinn, it was what was on their faces.

“Those…masks,” Quinn said.

“Oh, it looks like you already know quite a bit about the Red vampires then. We wear these masks whenever for a meeting among the members.” Hannah explained and soon pulled out a mask from under her shirt. It was a red mask, with two large teeth on the sides- it was half of a red Oni mask.

Not just that, but it looked identical to the one that Quinn used to wear when he fought in the past.

“This mask is to remind us of who we worship.”

Hearing those words, Quinn could feel his heart beating faster.

‘It can’t be.’

“Many don’t know this, but the great Hero Quinn Talen used to wear this.”

Now Quinn was really starting to scratch his head.


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