My Vampire System Chapter 1600: The Bounty

As Quinn had stated, flying through the air was a lot calmer than before, and he had even chosen not to go at his full speed, no matter how much he was tempted to test the limits. Still, Minny was having a great time as she grinned while her small hair waved back.

Yet, there was one person that wasn’t enjoying it at all.

“I’m really going to be sick,” Lucia said as she tilted her head towards Jessica, still hanging on.

“We really have to land this thing now. Besides, I was part of the Earth’s Vampire Corps unit, so I don’t really know where the base is!” Jesica had to shout due to the wind’s rustling sound, although Quinn could hear well either way.

In the end, Quinn noticed that they were entering a suburban area. It looked pretty calming, as the streets were filled with red and orange lights. People were outside, eating at street vendors on the roads, laughing, and drinking.

It was hard to tell if the little place was having some sort of festival, but one thing was clear: it was peaceful. Seeing a large hill that overlooked the small town, they landed on it. The others stretched and exercised a bit to get the normal feeling back while Lucia had gone to spill her guts out.

“Is it okay for us to enter the town? The humans have those rings, and I’m worried we might cause a panic,” Quinn asked.

Jesica glanced at Lucia, wondering if she was going to be okay. The two of them had grown quite close to each other on this trip for more reasons than one. Both of them were outsiders in this group, and somewhat going along with the situation was just one of the many reasons.

Seeing that her new friend had finally stopped throwing up, Jessica was at peace of mind again.

“The current land we are on is meant to be the Vampire Corps’s territory. So you should only see vampires and humans here.” Jessica answered. “As we get closer to the base, there will be more vampires, vampire families that aren’t part of the corps but live in the current area. So there shouldn’t be a problem at all; as for the corps’ base, it will be easy when we spot it. I thought if we headed into the territory, we might see it, but the area is more hilly and mountainous than I thought.

“So it will be easier if we just ask one of the people here.”

It all sounded well and good, but of course, Quinn couldn’t help but worry. Perhaps he was just over worrying because of the threat of war that used to be looming over their heads and then being in the war. Now that there was no war, was he making up imaginary enemies, or were people, including Logan, really after him?

When they eventually entered the town, they could see it was just as busy as it was above, and being here in person, it looked more alive. The people were dressed in some sort of one-piece outfits that covered their whole body as they enjoyed themselves.

At the same time, they noticed that there were plenty of Travellers in the area as well. This was because every town and city, no matter how small, had a travellers centre. In fact, Quinn could even see the locked large wall in the distance.

One would have to show their traveller ID to be let out into the open area where beasts roamed. Although, to Quinn’s knowledge, there were no beasts on Mars unless they somehow started to appear here or the humans had done something.

Regardless, since there were Travellers in the street, Quinn had to believe that there would be beasts as well.

“This place is so pretty, the lights look so nice, and the drink they are drinking is making the people act like children.” Minny pointed out a few drunken men who were dancing.

“Yes, Minny, that drink makes people into children, so you don’t need to drink it; otherwise, it will just make you younger,” Peter replied in a serious voice.

When walking, they didn’t stop at any restaurants or places because they were looking for something, or someone, to be more precise. They had passed a few vampires, but they didn’t seem to want to mingle and that’s when they finally saw their first vampire that smiled towards them. It was a female dressed in the same one-set outfit as the others. She was calmly chatting away to other humans.

It was nice to see this; nice to see vampires and humans getting along.

“Should we ask her where the corps area is?” Jessica wondered.

Quinn didn’t reply, and she wondered why that was.

“Haven’t you noticed?” Quinn replied. “Ever since we came here, although the general people haven’t been looking at us so strangely, the Travellers, they have been staring at us.”

It was something that had gone entirely over Jessica’s head, and honestly, she didn’t see what the big deal was. Travellers would always look at vampires strangely.

‘Wait, that is a little strange. The people are fine with vampires here; we just saw it, so why are they looking at us? Is it because we are strangers? Do we look so out of place? No, that can’t be it.’

“They’re following us as well,” Peter mentioned. “Which makes me think they may be the extra people you talked about before.”

The group continued to move, ignoring this fact, and decided not to approach the vampire in front of them. Truthfully they were just following Quinn’s lead, and he decided for now that if they were after him, they quite possibly would think that every vampire they conversed with was helping them.

In the end, the others could see it as well. Quinn didn’t imagine things, and some of the travellers weren’t even hiding the fact that they were looking at them strangely, even pointing and speaking to them about it.

“If it’s only the Travellers acting this way, maybe we should head to the travellers centre here and see for ourselves,” Lucia suggested.


The group had entered the travellers centre, which wasn’t too busy. After all, it was quite late in the night. There wouldn’t be many trying to take an assessment or hand in their quest, but the Travellers around them reacted with sudden gasps when they noticed the group.

Walking around, Quinn and the others were on guard for what could happen at any moment. Some of the travellers inside the centre even looked frightened, which confused Quinn a bit, until he heard a small voice.

“Hey…look, it’s the fake you!” Minny pointed in a direction, still sitting on top of Peter’s head.

When walking over to see what Minny was pointing at, they saw a giant digital screen. Each of their images, all apart from Minny, all with a similar bounty: money enough to allow any of the travellers around them to live several lifetimes over with no worries at all.

“What…what is this?!” Jessica said, slapping her forehead in disbelief, “Why…who…who even has this much amount of money?”

For a second, she even thought about turning herself in for this amount of money. Either way, it looked like the group figured out why the other Travellers were looking this way towards them.

‘This is troublesome; I can only think of one person who would have the power to do this, but why try so hard for us…strangers.’ Quinn thought. ‘Anyway, I’m glad Minny hasn’t been put on this as well. Either way, for Peter and me, we can just change our appearance when we wish, but Peter can only create one mud mask. The girls, now they have been dragged into this whole mess because of us.

‘With this amount of money, high-ranking travellers are sure to make their move. No one has done so far because of the amount of money. They must have assumed that we are either dangerous or strong to have such a huge bounty, and in a town like this.’

Listening carefully, it was then that Quinn could hear some calls being made. It seemed like the travellers were possibly talking to their higher-up friends.

“Let’s get out of this town quickly; we’ll find the Corps area ourselves,” Quinn said, walking towards the exit, but was wondering if that was even a good idea now. As soon as they exited out of the door, Quinn was ready to use his wings.

But just then –

“Hey, you guys!” A person called out to them.

Up ahead, by the traveller centre’s other entrance, they saw the female vampire from earlier.

“That bounty, it’s on your head because they figured it out, right?” Quietly, she ran over to Quinn’s side and whispered. “It’s because you’re part of the red vampires, right? Don’t worry, I am too, and I can help you.”

Pulling up her dress, she revealed part of her thigh, and there was a red marking of a single eye with wings on it.


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