My Vampire System Chapter 1599: Eyes Everywhere

After finishing up the short battle, Quinn thought that if the girls had an assailant, he could perhaps use the latter for information instead, as long as they weren’t carrying the same type of serum, of course.

However, using his ears, he could hear nothing. There was no fighting sound, and he wondered if that was worse. Peter now had Minny over his shoulders; she held tight on top of his head as the two men ran towards the other room.

“Wee…! This is so fun!” Minny shouted, tapping Peter’s head like a tambourine. Although it would annoy most, it seemed to do nothing for Peter.

When the two finally arrived, they now understood why there was no sound coming from their room. It was because the fight was over. Once again, Lucia seemed quite injured; her arm was somewhat broken. There were long scratches all over but no serious wounds other than her broken arm.

Then there was Jessica herself. She was standing in the centre of the room. The three A.I. robots that had attacked them were long destroyed by large lashes on their body parts all over.

“Were there any others?” Peter asked.

Lucia, holding her arm, looked towards Jessica for a second. The latter’s eyes seemed somewhat lost as she stared into space, not even noticing those that had entered.

‘What she just did…is that why she left the Vampire Corps? It would make sense, but then why is she with us? I guess I shouldn’t be one to judge someone else’s situation.’

“The three robots were the only ones that attacked us. Were you guys attacked as well?” Lucia replied.

Although they weren’t injured, Quinn had blood over his body, which suggested at least something had to have happened, and now she understood why they couldn’t help.

While Peter explained what exactly happened, Quinn decided to walk forward, heading towards the robots. He used his inspect skill, hoping it wasn’t true, but that’s when he could see it, the same name had appeared. Those robots were created by Logan Green.

‘Why would Pure and Logan’s robots be with each other?’ Quinn thought. ‘Is it like Zinon warned me about? On the surface, they are against each other, but secretly they are working together, but then why the attack? Was it the name I used?

‘If it is really Logan, then he might have noticed something. And if we’re up against Logan Green, he’ll be able to find us anywhere, and it makes sense how he knew about us. This is getting dangerous, and maybe I should reconsider the idea of bringing the girls around. I thought the dhampirs were after them but what if the enemy is actually after me?’ Quinn started to think.

“You girls did well, the A.I. robots; they had king-tier crystals. You definitely would have passed that Travellers exam with flying colours.” As he pulled the crystal from the core of the robot’s body, Quinn said and threw them towards the two girls.

“It’s your reward after all, and I think it’s not safe to stay here any longer. Jessica, if we head to the Vampire Corps, do you think they could protect the two of you?” Quinn asked.

When hearing her name, Jessica had finally snapped out of it, noticing the ‘Original Vampire’ and the White were in the room.

“Right, yes, if anything, the Vampire Corps are loyal and will do anything to protect fellow vampires. But what do you mean by ‘protect the two of you’? Are you planning on leaving us after we agreed to come with you?” Jessica asked.

“I’ll be honest,” Quinn said. “I think the attack was because of us. I know that sounded illogical, but once we arrive at the Vampire Corps and I feel you girls are safe, let us part ways.”

Jessica felt somewhat miserable about this. Her grand journey with a vampire original was rather giving her a spark, a purpose, and being of use, but now once again, she would be tossed to the side, not beneficial for them as well.

Gathering their things, the small group was off, leaving the hotel once again, although heading out through the front door wasn’t the best idea, so Quinn had another suggestion as he activated his beast armour. Grabbing onto the two girls, allowing Peter and Minny to hold onto his wings.

The group kicked the glass window, breaking out and holding on as tight as possible. He flew down to the surface, now deciding to travel in the night searching for the Vampire Corps.

“Actually, now that I think about it, why don’t I just fly us there,” Quinn suggested, as he was already bending his knees getting ready for another takeoff. Flying was something he hadn’t experienced before apart from using his shadow wings once.

It was surprising how easy it was to use. Honestly, Quinn was a little worried that they might have just gone down and splat right onto the ground. Of course, he wouldn’t mention that to any of them, but flying turned out to be easier compared to the many other things he had to learn in the past.

“Wait, the Vampire Corps base is far, and I’m not sure Lucia can take it anymore,” Jessica claimed.

Just from the short flight down, her face was already turning green, and any second, it looked like she might hurl up and vomit whatever she had eaten that day.

“Don’t worry; it won’t be a sudden drop. It will be a lot smoother.” Quinn claimed, and already the whole group was off in the distance.


As soon as the group had destroyed the A.I. robots, a certain individual was, of course, informed about it. The only thing Logan was wondering was whether to be surprised or not.

“It looks like the other two aren’t answering either,” Logan calmed down as he pulled up the image received from a camera in the hotel. He looked at all of them closely, wondering if he recognized any of them.

However, they were all using faces that one couldn’t recall, nor did he recognize.

“So what are you going to do now? Send an army after these vampires, so they don’t start spreading rumours?” Agent four suggested. “And you were worried about me when this issue might be caused by you.”

Logan glanced at the agent, and the next second he placed his hand on the terminal.

“We still have yet to know the extent of their strength. I was hoping the fighting would continue in the hallways. But now, we don’t even know if those two were able to use the serums or not yet until we recover the bodies. However, I do agree, sending in more people would just cause more problems, and it would be a waste of resources.”

“Yes, and real lives of people, not just those of your stupid robot. If you want to, send the whole force of A.I. to go after him.”

“No,” Logan replied. “That would be too obvious. There are ways to see what type of people we’re dealing with; for instance, we can use the public to be our eyes.”

Activating his ability, he soon got to work. There were several travelling centres on Mars. After all, they tried their best to operate like other cities even with everything going on. This also meant there were plenty of Travellers groups factions and those of high ranking.

What they didn’t expect was for them in the middle of the night to suddenly get a request. A unique quest had been received, not just on Mars but also on the other planets in Earth’s solar system.

“Hey, did you see!” One of the Travellers said.

“You mean about the vampires?” Another replied.

“They have to be strong to have that placed on them; it might mean they are in the Vampire Corps territory as well, so it’s pointless.”

“Pointless? How could you say that? This is the biggest bounty that has been put on a group of people ever before!” The man shouted as he pointed his arm out to the digital board.

Here, there were the faces of Quinn and Peter’s disguised version and the two other girls. With far too many zeros for them to count. Without a doubt, if anyone saw them, they would attempt to bring them in, because they had just received the world’s biggest bounty.


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