My Vampire System Chapter 1598: Two Great Minds

After injecting the strange liquid, the two men’s bodies started to change in front of the Celestial Vampire’s group. The transformation was relatively quick, taking less than a second in total, yet with the Blue Fang armour set Quinn could have attacked them in the middle of their transformation, most likely killing them on the spot.

He was quite confident in that, despite their strange powers. However, that would rob him of an opportunity to learn the extent of his enemies powers. Someone had purposely sent these guys after them, whether it was linked to the first attack or not, that remained to be seen.

Whatever the case, the first lot they would send towards Quinn wouldn’t be their strongest, not unless they had already figured out who he was, but judging from the Qi in their bodies he felt like it was unlikely.

While somewhat waiting for them to reply, Quinn took a glance at the guns.

‘A lot really has changed compared to our time. In the past guns did nothing against the enemy, and with beast gear powers and abilities, a lot of powers had proven stronger than regular guns and more useful against beasts.

‘Finding beast gear that could turn into a gun was rare, but even if that was the case, the main issue was the ammunition. Since regular bullets weren’t too strong, one would have to find a crystal that could be used to turn into a beast bullet. The only story or person I ever heard of having such a thing was Oscar. Which he used to defeat the Demon tier beast.’

Regardless of all this, it was clear that the guns they were using weren’t regular. It allowed them to fire their Qi into bullets similar to Quinn’s Blood bullets. What he wanted to know was whether anyone could use such a thing, or if the third stage of Qi was a requirement for it.

The transformation of the two was finally complete. The men had grown to twice their initial size, their upper body gigantic, as thick as a large tree’s trunk. Four horns stuck out of the top of their heads, and their eyes now resembled those of wild beasts. It was clear that they were no longer human.


Getting out from a chair, the short man pulled out all the cables from his body. He walked towards the edge of the white room that started to curve, and eventually the wall opened up. Exiting out of the place, it looked like he had left a giant circular ball, and now he was in some lab of sorts, with the giant ball in the middle of the room.

Then, the doors to the lab opened themselves, a particular individual with glasses entering.

“Do you always keep an eye on everything? It’s frightening to imagine that you already knew I was coming.” The man commented, wearing a large white overcoat. As he turned to look at some data, on his back, one could see that it had the number 4 stitched on.

“I hope you didn’t wear that overcoat outside. If you are seen, it would cause great trouble.”

“No worries, Mr Green, I was very careful.” The man replied. “I assume you already know the reason for me coming here as well? Do you mind sharing the reason for you to take the initiative to send out not just high level A.I robots, but Pure agents? What’s more, it appears as if you have given them your serum.” Agent Four asked.

Yes, the young man, who had only grown a little larger, was indeed Logan Green, the current World Leader of Earth.

“I told you.” Logan replied. “Creating the serum was not my merit, it was something that used to exist long ago. It had simply been erased from mankind’s history. All I did was recreate that serum and improve upon it with the means of our time.”

“We both should know those are just semantics.” Agent Four let out a sigh. “You do realise that if someone sees them fighting in a public area or worse yet they end up defeated that the Vampire Corps won’t be happy? Your action could result in a large confrontation.”

It was then that Logan started off away from the agent, as if he was in deep thought about something. “You don’t have to worry, they received injections from a Demi-god tier beast. It would be very surprising if something happened to them.”

Quickly, Agent Four turned around from his computer in shock, staring at Logan with his mouth wide open in disbelief. “You did WHAT?! Why would you waste something so precious on a bunch of nobodies?!”

“Didn’t you just state the reason for it yourself? I, too, would like to avoid any conflict with the vampires. However, if those vampires do manage to survive an attack from them, then it just means we have an even bigger problem on our hands.” Logan stated.


The room was covered in blood from head to toe, both of Quinn’s arms were drenched from his fingertips up a little above his elbow, and in front of him were the two evolved beasts.

When using his Inspect skill, Quinn had been told that those two had become something on the level of Demi-god tier beasts. At the same time, he noticed that unlike those he had seen during his time, these forms also seemed to enhance the level of Qi in their body.

With the amount of power they had, it was quite possible they could bring the whole hotel down. Not only would that have brought attention to them, but it would have caused others to lose their lives.

Quinn was sick of people dying, but what he really didn’t want to happen was people dying because of him. Without hesitating, he slashed his hand across one of the member’s arms. Following his hand, a red crescent could be seen in the air. It wasn’t quite a Blood swipe, nor was it Blood hardening, but it was something in between.

It was one of Quinn’s new blood skills he had learned. Blood Slash. It was a stronger form of the blood Swipe. Rather than a claw of red aura, this was more of a permanent form that would be used in a single line.

It was sharp, similar to the crescent kick but more powerful as it had condensed blood aura. There were what would be considered downsides to the move. The range was only what would leave one’s fingertips, and at the same time the slash would only be as strong as one’s aura, but for Quinn that wasn’t a problem.

The arm fell to the floor and blood spewed onto the ground. The next second, though, and the arm had regrown right where it had come off. It was a speed and a large limb which looked more impressive than even Peter’s healing.

“Haha you can’t kill us, do you even know what we-“

Before the two monsters could finish their sentence, Quinn continued to use the Blood slash with the remaining time of his Blue Fang set. With every cut, blood would spray from their bodies and hit the back wall. Quinn continued to do this, until both of them were no more, their bodies just slices of flesh on the floor.

‘I wanted to ask them questions, but with the amount of Qi they had, if they had done a Qi explosion, then we would have been in serious trouble.’

When turning around, he could see that Peter had covered Minny’s eyes, shielding her from the gruesome sight. A surprising act by him, but it showed he at least understood emotions, even though he himself seemed unfazed by it.

“You think they were after us?” Peter asked.

“I don’t see why else they would have been here.” Quinn replied. “We should see if there are others that have been sent towards the girls room, and besides we will find out if that attack was meant for us or not. They can take this as a message, since their people won’t come back alive, they’ll probably soon send more after us. It just makes our job easier.”


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