My Vampire System Chapter 1597

: Pure Or Green

Seeing the battle robots from the Traveller centre in a place like this was surprising for the two girls. Because they were mainly used for two things, one was the example used earlier for the testing, and the other for fights and battles when in war and such. Right now since they weren’t exactly in the Travel centre and ended up in their room, they were pretty sure they were here to hurt them.

The A.I robots were an improvement upon the manned Mechs that used to be used.

The mechs themselves needed crystals to power them, yet no matter what level of crystal was used, the power they could produce was the same. A higher tier crystal would only allow one to use the Mech for a more extended period.

However, they didn’t need to be manned with the battle robots. They had their own advanced A.I. programming them, and the crystal inside them powered its whole body. A high tier crystal made their energy blasts stronger since they became faster. However, their bodies could not be improved on, but that didn’t matter so much as they were made using a new strong material called Tingalt. One of the newly discovered materials of many in the vampire solar system and beast solar system.

With time, they were able to more thoroughly explore different planets and mine for different resources.

‘They were hiding in our wardrobes, which means they had to be in there already.’ Lucia thought, ‘Were they hiding in there waiting for the next person to rent out this room? Or did they know about us and were coming after us? Then the question would be, why?’

The three robots immediately moved out in all directions, splitting up. They were also able to use the energy from the crystal embedded into them on their hands, producing small bursts of energy.

It gave them fast movement and flight.

‘You’re fast, but you’re not as fast as lighting!’ Lucia shouted out as she thrust her spear forward, striking one that was a little above them. The spear bashed into it, slapping it to the ceiling and leaving a black scorch mark.

Then, at the one coming close to her, she thrust her spear forward again, but the robot managed to dodge, and the next second, it threw out a fist, landing right in her face and sending her crashing into the wall.

“Lucia!'” Jessica shouted out once again. While she was dealing with two, the vampire was struggling with just the one in front of her. She had sent out several slashes of blood aura against the robot, but they were each met with energy blasts of equal power. Whatever crystal was inside these things, it was clear that it wasn’t at the same level as the one at the training centre.

Seeing how the robot was coming closer towards them, Jessica had no choice but to use her string powers. At that moment, she wrapped it around the incoming punch of the robot. Stepping on the string, she moved the hand downward and then, with her own blood aura, she formed a sharp blade just outside of her fist. She then used blood hardening to make it a more solid form and punched right towards the robot’s head with her whole strength.

She quickly punched it, and everyone heard a loud clang. A small hole had gone through it, but moving its head back, it looked like it was still active. After all, it was a robot, and hitting in the head wasn’t an instant way to destroy it.

“Just die!” Jessica shouted in frustration, and she repeatedly hit it again and again. She then saw that the energy blast, on its other hand, was lighting up. Spinning around the back of the robot, she lifted it with her strings and slammed it into the ground.

She saw Lucia still fighting, peering at the latter’s state. She had been hit a few times, but she used a substantial amount of Qi to protect herself. Rather than try to time when she would crash and then use Qi to protect herself, she had chosen to keep it active around her whole body. The only problem with this was one had had to have a large amount of Qi, or they would run out quickly.

“Two of them are tough! Can you take that one out quickly!” Lucia shouted as she finally managed to stab one of them, but it had hit the end of her spear just slightly, unfortunately avoiding the core in its chest and had hit its stomach, allowing the other one to blast her with energy once again.

Seeing that the one on the ground was about to blast her, Jessica had an idea. As it pointed its hand towards her, she quickly pulled on the strings and redirected the blast, so it hit one of the robots. It had successfully blasted the robot, chucking it off to the side, allowing them to each deal with one, at least for a short time.

“We’re making a lot of noise right now. Shouldn’t those other guys have heard us by now?” Jesica though.


In the room that was not too far from where there was, there was a reason why the trio had been unable to help, and that was because there were a couple of intruders in their rooms as well.

“I guess this is the reason why they took so long at the reception. They were busy preparing our rooms for us?” Quinn said.

The two men just grunted. Rather than robots, they were greeted by two men in strange dark-coloured clothing and beast armour.

“You’re not dhampirs, I can tell, so tell me, what exactly are you guys?” Quinn asked.

However, of them seemed to want to reply. They simply pulled out something which Quinn had only seen in history books.

“Peter! Protect Minny with your body at all costs!” Quinn shouted as soon as he identified the weapons in their hand.

The next second and Quinns fears were confirmed as the beast weapons started to fire off what seemed like bullets one after another; only, the bullets were auras of Qi. In quick succession, several shots were coming out, straight towards them.

Since it was unexpected for Quinn, he had no choice but to try and get rid of all the Qi himself. Shadow rose over his body as he used the Shadow Equip to put on the blue fang armour set he still had.

[Nitro accelerate activated]

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The next second, he used the second stage of Qi to cover his hands, and he soon moved in front of all of the bullets coming from the intruders, blocking each and every one of them.

“Hey, are you seeing what he’s doing right now? How is this possible?!” One of the men shouted.

“Just keep shooting!” The other replied.

Perhaps a vampire would have been able to avoid them with their speed, especially if it was just one gun, but this was two, and Quinn wasn’t avoiding them, he was moving his hands in such a way that he could use his own Qi to move closer to the enemies and eventually, he began moving closer and closer.

Finally, reaching the guns, Quinn pulled them out from his hands and threw them behind him, onto the ground. He looked back for a second to see if he had caught them all, and whether Peter and Minny were safe. It was hard for him to tell if the bullets hitting Peter would have seriously affected him or not, and he didn’t want to test it out right now.

‘Those two girls and Zinon should have told me about Qi guns being a thing at this time.’ Quinn was annoyed. In that instant, Quinn moved and grabbed onto the tow to try and get it so his Qi could get rid of the explosion before it occurred.

However, he had looked at the two men right in front of him at that moment. Something else was happening to the two bodies in front of him. Their bodies were starting to change; they were growing in size.

‘What is this?’ Quinn thought the energy he could sense was beast energy coming from them, and that’s when he noticed an injection in both of their arms.

“We never thought we would have to use this for a mere vampire like you! But you left us with no choice!” The man shouted as he turned into a half-man, half-beast of some sort.

‘These guys… They are turning into those creatures that Pure was creating…’ Quinn noticed.


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