My Vampire System Chapter 1596

: Five Stages Of Qi

Since the money that had been gifted to them was apparently quite a lot, the three of them decided to splurge on two nice rooms. The hotel rooms were simply delightful, nicer than anything Quinn had seen during his time.

Many structures in the past, including the Shelters, had to be built quickly using abilities and more. With war, many knew there would be times when these structures could collapse at any time, so luxury was nothing like what Quinn was looking at now.

After being given their key cards, a small little round robot that looked like a moving trash can was showing each one to their rooms, they were close to being on the top floor, and each of the rooms were also placed next to each other. Although next together perhaps wasn’t the right word.

The doors were so far apart, that Quinn wouldn’t even be able to hear what was being said in the other rooms. Peter, Quinn, and Minnie would be staying in one room, while the two girls would be staying in the other.

“Lucia, do you mind meeting me in my room for a moment, there were a few questions I would like to ask you?” Quinn said.

“Hey, what are you planning to do, and why do you need just her? I thought you would be talking to me!” Jessica complained.

“Well, do you know how to use Qi, and how Qi works?” Quinn asked.

Shaking her head, and a little embarrassed at what she had just said, Jessica decided to just storm off instead. When entering the room. Quinn could see a nice glass window that showed the whole city, and the three luxury beds that had been requested.

When looking around, Quinn also noticed a few things he never expected to see and were still hard to get used to. For one, it was a menu, and on the menu there was blood, also human flesh among other things. It was split into different sections for different people.

“I thought there weren’t many vampires here other than those in the Vampire Corps?” Quinn asked, holding the menu.

“There will be a few vampires, but just most that are here are part of the corpse. Remember, they still have their families and more. Hotels are also used for meetings and such, so they have to accommodate these things.” Lucia explained.

“At the moment, we are in the Green and Vampire Corps area. Which means there is still a mix of vampires and humans living here. Although, there is also the specific Vampire Corps area. In the Green area the vampires are still discriminated against. So there is an area mainly for vampires.

“There are some living in this area that actually support what the Dhampires and Pure are doing. Which is why most vampires chose to move out of here and head to our Graylash family.”

Although it wasn’t perfect, Quinn could see how things worked like that. Pure was just a power hungry group in the Celestial Vampire’s mind. They just wished to control everything for whatever reason. No matter what, Quinn was never going to be able to get rid of those people.

However, the Dhampirs, it was in their blood to get rid of the vampires. Perhaps if Erin had never lived, then the world would have been able to accept all the races. They would still deal with problems, but all of them could have lived together.

‘Crap… did I really just think that Erin would have been better off killed?’ Quinn cautioned himself. ‘Until I know 100% what’s going on, I shouldn’t be thinking things like that. Besides… wouldn’t I be the one at fault for having turned her in that scenario?’

Sitting on the desk that was by the window, Lucia followed and sat opposite him.

“I want you to tell me how much the people of your era currently know about Qi. During my time, it was rather rare, but nowadays, even random people seem to know enough to be able to prevent vampires from charming them.” Quinn requested.

“We’ve been classifying Qi into five different stages.” Lucia answered. “The first stage helps us power the cells in our bodies, making them sturdier, the second stage allows us to encompass something external, like a weapon to give it a power boost. The third stage of Qi allows us to use Qi itself as a means of attack. These three stages are known by most, though only around one in a hundred people are actually able to use the last one.

“The fourth stage of Qi is something that only those that don’t have an ability seem capable of learning. Most members of Pure have this, although there are also people who chose to focus on Qi rather than learn an ability. Although they exist, you won’t be able to find too many, since abilities have just been more useful for finding jobs and such.

“Then there is the fifth stage of Qi. This is something that only members of Pure have reached. It allows them to insert Qi into an object, a person, or even a being, and give them a type of command.”

Listening to the explanation, Quinn had actually come across all forms of Qi. He then went to hold Lucia’s hand, and could tell now, that the Qi she was using to cover her brain was the second stage, not enhancing but forming a wall around the organ, and not for a second had she allowed it to lower around her brain. At first, she felt a little nervous, worried that ‘Nate’ was attempting something, but soon she realised that he was just checking out the Qi in her body.

“Is Qi something that’s taught in school now? Everyone seems to know the second stage.” Quinn asked.

“It has become a standard, yes, and even those that haven’t learned it at school have chosen to learn it. I believe it was when attacks started to happen from the Red Vampires. It has scared everyone into learning it, and of course Pure was the best at teaching it. This was also one of the reasons how they managed to gain the people’s favour.”

“What about the Qi explosion? Is that the fifth stage of Qi that the Dhampirs are using, since they are working with Pure? Or is it something else.” Quinn wanted to know.

“It’s not really confirmed whether the Dhampires are working with Pure or not, but it wouldn’t be surprising, seeing that their goals align.” Lucia explained. “The Qi explosion is something not everyone knows, but I believe it’s similar to how they activate the fourth stage of Qi. We don’t really count it as a stage of Qi as there is only one way to use it.”

If Quinn wanted to question his attackers, he would have to hold them still and remove the second stage from around the brain first. The problem was that they would surely use the Qi explosion, and without knowing how exactly it worked, there wasn’t much he could do. He would have to act first to somehow disarm it, otherwise the person would be dead.

With no other questions on his mind, Quinn decided to let Lucia go, allowing her to get some rest. Heading back, Lucia couldn’t help but be curious about who ‘Nate’ really was. However, she felt like it was rude to ask… or more like she was somehow afraid to ask.

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She didn’t believe he was just an Original Vampire to have Zinon gift him such an important piece of equipment. Upon opening the door, she could see that Jessica seemed to have been practising something.

She was partially sweating, which was strange for a vampire.

“Are you training?” Lucia asked.

“Yeah…i kind of stopped a little after leaving the unit, but after we were attacked the other day. It just-”

A sudden click was picked up by Jessica’s ear, causing her to leap back a little. Lucia seeing this reaction also quickly pulled out her spear. The next second and the closet door was blasted off from where it was, and not just one, but three of the doors came unhinged and on the other side they could see something they hadn’t expected.

“I thought it would be Dhampirs, but why…why are there battle robots here?!” Jesscia shouted. The robots were the same ones they had seen at the assessment, but they didn’t have the same level of beast crystal they had at the assessment. These were higher.

‘Why would they be here and why are they attacking us!’ Lucia wondered, since the creator of the robots was other than Logan Green.


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