My Vampire System Chapter 1595

: The Red Heart

Before leaving, Quinn once again gave the option to the other two women who had been following him so far. Whether they wanted to come along or not, he thought it would be handy to have them since they could help point out things in the world that he didn’t know yet.

After all, there were certain things that perhaps Zinon had missed. Also, sometimes hearing about things and actually experiencing them themselves are two different things.

“Of course, I’ll come. I said I would introduce you to the Vampire Corps in the first place, honestly as well…I wonder if I made the wrong call coming here. I feel like that attack on the Graylash planet was because of me.” Jessica answered.

Then there was Lucia; although Zinon had asked Quinn to take her along with him, Quinn wasn’t going to take her against her will. It had to be something that she wanted to do. At the same time, this was her home; her family house was also here.

She clenched her spear as she went to make the decision.

“I… will come. You are trying to learn the truth of what happened around your time, and my goal is quite the same. Honestly, I had no path I wished to take, so this will give me one.”

Zinon was extremely helpful, giving the small group everything they needed. He had given them a combat ship to travel to whatever planets they wanted and would come across. It was a perfect vessel for around ten members in total, so there was plenty of room for them.

On top of that, he had given enough money for them to have no troubles, although the correct thing to say was he had given the money to Lucia, who would be holding onto it. After finding out she would be going along with them, Zinon had decided the aforementioned.

Currently, the group was on board the ship and headed to the space station that would take them to Earth’s solar system. Quinn wanted to explore the other planets here to see the vampires, where the originals were presumed to be, but he would leave that up to the leader Zinon.

‘From the first impression I have of him, I think I can trust him…I kind of have to find new people to trust now.’ Quinn thought.

“So explain why we can’t just go straight to Earth?” Peter asked Jessica.

Quinn and the others were quite surprised that they were going to Mars, even though Earth was where they knew Logan to be present currently.

“Can you please just leave this stuff to us? Don’t you trust us?” Jessica complained, with her arms folded, “At the moment, there are four or three groups that are on Earth, and unless you are a part of one of them, then we can’t join. Not without permission.”

“Not even I, being a high member of the Graylash family, would be able to set foot on earth,” Lucia added. “Especially since the agreement between our family, which is why the best option is for Jessica to use her contacts.”

There was a smug smile on Jessica’s face as she heard her name being used, but to be honest, she wasn’t sure how much help she could be. After all, she was just a standard member of the Vampire Corps, and she wasn’t special in any way, unlike Lucia. This meant when they got there, it all depended on how convincing ‘Nate’ and his friends could be.

‘I’ll keep this bit to myself, though… If they find out that I can’t really help, is there any point in me being here? It will feel just like it did when I was in the Vampire Corps.’ Jessica thought while looking at the others as they made their way to Mars.

Going through the space station was an easy task. Also, Quinn didn’t know that the wristwatch given to all three of them by a Graylash elder before they left the Graylash planet also acted as an ID card for them. And now, Quinn’s name engraved in the database was Nate Snell, the same alias that Quinn had used before.

Since no one seemed to know the names of the Cursed Faction, apart from those obsessed with the events, like Zinon, he thought using the name Nate Snell, was sure to grab the attention of those from the past, if they did know who the real Nate was, this might help Quinn without having to reveal his real identity.

Finally, they could see the planet Mars in the distance, which was now wholly terraformed into a planet similar to the Earth, except for the surface, which contained a tinge of redness.

In Earth’s solar system, they hadn’t terraformed the other planets yet, other than the Shelters on the different beast planets which were in a different solar system, so seeing this the way it was, was quite a surprise.

“It doesn’t look like there is much fighting on here?” Peter said as the ship approached what looked like a megacity of some kind. It looked like a modern city similar to the Graylash planet.

“Remember when we used to learn about different nations and countries?” Lucia commented. “Currently, Mars is similar to that. There are different parts of the planet that individual groups regulate. Pure also owns a part of it, so do Logan Green and the Vampire Corps. However, Logan Green and the Vampire Corps areas overlap each other. Since the two work with each other.

“There are fights here and there, but a full war hasn’t broken out on these planets. War isn’t beneficial to anyone. It’s clear to the others that either side is waiting for something. Either the enemy attacks first, or perhaps they are in search of something that will guarantee them victory if there is a war.”

Quinn understood this very well. In the past, with the big four, it was similar. When there were several big powers, they knew that a war would just wipe them both out, and that wasn’t something any of them desired – economically or figuratively.

‘What does Pure really want…and what are they waiting for?’ Quinn wondered.

Landing in the docking bay, the group again had to register themselves. It looked like the planets kept track of who was where and when. Something that didn’t happen so much in the past, because of how unorganised everything was. However, this was mainly due to the countless wars and the groups not working together.

‘So in theory, all the dhampirs and Pure members should be registered as well since they are currently normal living citizens? They’re no longer hiding like they were before.’ Quinn realised. ‘I really hope Logan is on our side because all of this information would be useful in finding out what is going on and getting rid of the real threat.’

It was late for the group, and Lucia was getting tired, so the group decided that they would rest at a hotel before heading to the Vampire Crops group located in the city.

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— — —

A young man was sitting in a chair in a bright white-light room. Several wires were linked to him on the chair itself—cables from all ends leading to several different machines.

Screens, more than one could count, were spread all over the room, but the young man’s eyes remained closed as if he was in a deep sleep.

That was until something flashed in his mind, and his eyes twitched a bit.

‘A group of vampires have just arrived on mars? Well, that’s not the interesting part, but the name… Who would be brave enough to use a name like that…Nate Snell, huh. It seems someone is feeling lucky enough to irritate me today. It couldn’t have been them; they would have contacted me beforehand.’

‘This pain…it hurts a lot. Wait, do I even feel anything anymore.’

When moving part of the shirt around his chest a faint glow could be seen sticking through the material. It was a special crystal that was said to have unlimited power — a Nest Crystal.

‘I have to find the red heart before the others…can’t afford to have people interfere.’


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