My Vampire System Chapter 1594

: Its Yours To Keep

Before leaving the chamber, Quinn had asked as many questions as he could about the current state of the world, the Cursed faction, or if there was anything else that he had missed. Unfortunately, it seemed like there wasn’t much information.

The Graylash planets and the main ship were currently in the vampire’s solar system, and they had somewhat made it their base. What used to be known as the beast solar system was a mixed bag, and Earth’s solar system was in the worst state, filled with most of the ongoing conflicts.

Quinn did, however, find out more about the vampires. If the thirteen families were still alive or their tombs existed, they would probably be in the current solar system.

Nearly all of the thirteen family vampires resided in this part of the solar system rather than the beast part, even if the Graylash family owned those planers. Quinn felt like he somewhat would believe this since he himself was found on one of the Graylash planets.

After their conversation came to an end, Peter had gone on to make another mud mask for Quinn. Zinon had promised that he would keep Quinn’s identity a secret. And it looked like it was best for Quinn to meet Logan by surprise rather than alerting the latter beforehand.

‘Logan…I can’t believe it. There is no reason for him to change sides. It just makes no sense, but many things haven’t made sense since I’ve arrived. As Zinon said, something is going on.’

“Can you do me a favour?” Quinn said as he put on the mask and once again took on the appearance of Chucky. “The planet I was on, the location I described-”

“You want me to try to find out who rented the room out, or perhaps who owns the building, correct?” Zinon replied with a smile. “I will try my best to find out for you. I’m sorry I can’t help much further, but whatever you need, as long as it’s on one of the Graylash planets, I will be happy to help you. I just can’t believe that the world, after so much time has passed, will need to rely on you again. Because of that, I want to give you something before you leave.”

Pressing the centre of his chest, the armour seemed to release some sort of steam as it unbuckled. Quickly Zinon grabbed it and walked over to Quinn.

“Take it…this is not mine in the first place,” ZInon said. “You will possibly be going into dangerous territory. I won’t lie, but most likely, fate will put you in situations where you will need to fight once again.

“I know you’re strong.” Zinon touched his injured shoulder. “I know that more than anyone else. However, the enemy is as well. While you were away, they built up strength, with next to no resistance.

“Qi, Crystals, beast gear…all of these things have changed from your time to now. Even our Graylash family, who was proud of their ability, had to resort to using strong beast gear to enhance our powers.”

Honestly, Quinn initially wanted to reject the idea, but since there was a chance this was a piece of Vorden, someone he cared about, he didn’t because he wanted to bring a part of him along with him.

When he placed it around his chest, the armour attached itself around the back.

[Demon tier Chest piece acquired]

[All stats + 60]

[Defence 200]

[Passive skill: Endurance restoration]

[If any part of the armour is damaged in any way, the armour will return to its original state if it is not taken in use for some time.]

[Active skill: Flight]

[While skill is active, the User can fly for as long as the skill is active. Speed is based on the User.]

So far, for a demon tier piece of equipment, Quinn didn’t find it too impressive. However, its defence was undoubtedly high, and there wouldn’t be many things that could have broken through its wings. At the same time, the restoration skill was unheard of.

Then there was the active skill of flight, which in itself was a skill that was almost as good as an ability. And the last thing was something Quinn had never seen on a piece of armour before.

[Unique active skill]

[The armour can adapt any active skill dependent on the User’s ability]

[Unable to process information at this moment]

‘This is a first; Did special lightning feathers the armour had produced when Zinon tried to attack me come from this skill? I’m interested to see what this thing can do with my shadow?’ Quinn thought.

“I’m happy to know you enjoy the gift.” Zinon smiled. “It belongs to you in the first place. You know, in some ways, I feel like when Sam gave the Graylash family that piece of armour, he might have known it would come back to you.”

Thinking about what Sam’s character was like, Quinn didn’t doubt that.

“You have been a big help. Thank you for looking after the vampires. If you need anything, or anything comes up, I will contact you.”

“One last favour,” Zinon said. “About Lucia, she is interested in knowing how a man in the Graylash family had died. Similar to how we passed down stories of you. In her family, they passed down stories of the greatest Graylash member from her family. If you know anything… Well, I will let you decide what to do.

“However, my wish is for her not to get hung up in the past and to enjoy her life. I believe that she will have nothing to worry about by your side. I’m not asking you to protect her, but maybe show her more of this life.”

For once, it was a more normal request, and hearing this, Quinn did feel a little guilty. His actions from a thousand years ago had affected the poor girl and her family.

He could at least help them out.

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Zinon then gave a small communication device to Quinn. It was a wristwatch of some sort, similar to those they would use in the military. It worked similar to a phone, and the two could contact each other whenever they wished.

It was good because many technology devices Quinn had with him were outdated and not functional anymore.

As the three of them walked out of the chamber doors, they found the girls talking amongst each other.

Quinn had been in the chamber for a long time because there was much to learn and hear.

“You’re back!” Jessica said, somewhat smiling but then quickly put the smile away. “I mean, I thought that the two of you might have gotten into a fight again, so I was a little worried when guys were in the room for so long. Anyway, what did you talk about?”

“Wait for a second, what is that!” Lucia said, pointing at his chest, at the beast armour Quinn had recently acquired.

“Wait, isn’t that what we saw on the Graylash leader?” Jessica said, surprised as well. “What did you do to make him let you keep that?”

Quinn was thinking about what to say. According to Zinon, not many would recognise it, as Zinon hardly used it outside of the main ship, but of course, these two would know about the armour piece.

“It was in return for a request,” Peter replied. “The Graylash leader once used to be his little dog, so he gave us this to make it easier for us.”

Surprisingly, Peter was the one to save the day.

“A task, the Graylash leader gave you a task to do? Something that he can’t do himself.” Lucia repeated.

“He has several planets to run. He is a busy person,” Quinn said and realised now with the way he was, with his identity hidden. He was a free person. Most importantly, he was a free person who was no longer a weakling.

“So, what did he ask you to do?” Jessica asked.

“We… We will stick to the plan. Let’s head to earth.” Quinn stated.


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