My Vampire System Chapter 1593

: A Warning

As Quinn advanced through the levels of his old System, the number of Quests he would receive decreased in rate, and this also assured him that the System was close to its max level. There wasn’t much it could teach him, nor were there as many challenges to help Quinn grow.

Yet, he had finally received a new quest from the System. Another thing to note is that this one seemed like a chain quest. To find out what happened to Owen? Does this mean that the quest was over if Quinn figured out Owen had died of natural causes instead of being murdered?

Also, how did the System know that someone murdered Owen? If that was the case, how would the System even know that in the first place? Either way, these quests were a lot harder than actually surviving a fight or something along those lines.

Which was why he was hoping with an upgraded system that the rewards he would receive would be better too.

‘The System is a bit addictive… It’s like I am getting a present when I get these rewards. Even though I don’t know what it will be, I am always a bit excited to get them.’ Quinn thought.

Regardless of this, Quinn could see he had completed most of his previous quests, all apart from one that was.

[Learn more about the Talen family]

‘Why hasn’t this quest been completed? Even when I ask so many questions about the past, this quest just never seems to conclude.’ Quinn thought.

It wasn’t an important matter though, and he had more important questions to ask in front of him.

“I can’t make any promises just yet, and I think that you should be able to understand I need to know what happened to myself and the others. If it’s true, like you said, that the two things are linked, then, of course, I will help. Owen was a really good friend of mine.” Quinn answered.

Hearing this had put a smile on Zinon’s face.

“The Cursed Faction’s influence started to dwindle when those from earth seemed to become a blur of one group. To put it simply, the world didn’t need someone like the Cursed faction anymore, but it seemed like that was very wrong. As I said, after Owen’s death, the Dhampirs started to appear.

“I heard that they attempted to hunt the vampires till the very end. The Vampire Corps did a good job, but as for the rest of them, my theory is the Cursed faction were being hunted as they were the ones who brought the two sides together. Unfortunately, the Graylash group had the vampires here to worry about.” Zinon explained.

“Honestly, at around the same time, when the Dhampirs appeared, the Cursed faction seemingly went into hiding.”

“Hiding.” Quinn quickly repeated. “You mean they’re not dead; they just have gone into hiding because of the Dhampirs?”

There was hope yet again.

“Please bear in mind, a lot of this happened when I was not leader, and I only took over not too long ago. I have to add that the hiding factor is my own theory. There’s a high probability that Dhampirs may have already hunted them.”

This fact was true, and Quinn wasn’t sure if they would even stay alive for that long. Maybe because the Cursed faction felt like the world no longer needed them since there was no existential threat, many lived out their lives and went to eternal sleep.

All for the Dhhampires to start their attack then, it could also be something that was just timed too well or a coincidence, though the latter part was quite improbable.

“I have a reason to believe that theory. After the Dhampirs appeared, there was a time when it looked like they would come to the Graylash family planets. However, when those on Earth increased pressure on their forces, they had made a deal with us.

“They will not bother us, and we must not interfere with the matters of Earth. It might have been a bad decision, but my father and I agreed to the deal. And because of this, our people have been able to live relatively peaceful lives. However, I think the cursed faction is alive due to the armour that was given to me by your friend.

“The person was named Sam. I believe you should know him as he played a big part in the Cursed faction. He was the one that gifted the armour. My theory of them being hunted is because of what he said. The world was after more potent weapons, and many knew about a piece of information regarding a place where two humanoid demon tier beasts were present.

“It came as a surprise to me that this armour came from him. I’m sorry, I honestly never knew.”

‘Sam was the one that gave him the armour. Does that mean Vorden is dead…and it might also mean that Sam is still alive?’

“How long ago was this? When did Sam give you the armour?” Quinn asked.

“It was originally given to my father, just after Owen had passed. This is why I believe this whole mess is linked, and the Cursed faction might actually know more about this than the others. If you are asking where they are…I do not know.”

If Sam had appeared after Owen’s death, it meant that it was around 200 years ago. It was still a long time, and a lot could have happened. However, if Sam visited the Graylash family, it also meant Sam was alive for a long time, even after Quinn’s fight with Graham.

“It’s a good thing that you kept your face hidden. If the dhampirs were to know that you were alive, Quinn, I’m sure they would destroy every planet you stepped foot on to find you, a force as strong as them…and you still hold the strength you did in the past. If you can…I will suggest that you find them before they can come to you.”

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Honestly, Quinn was already planning on it, he had one more place he wished to visit to see if he could find the Cursed faction first, trying to figure out what had occurred, but if he still couldn’t get any answers, then it was time for him to be the assailant for once. He would march right into wherever the dhampirs were and ask them what happened to the Cursed faction since they seemed to be the problem of them all.

Still, the Dhampirs also had to be strong enough for the Graylash family not to make a move, and even those on Earth have yet to get rid of them.

“If you don’t mind me asking, where do you plan to go next?” Zinon asked.

It didn’t take long for Quinn to respond.

“There is one member of the Cursed faction that is still alive. I’m going to see Logan Green on Earth and fill in the gaps of history. I’m sure he will know why the Cursed faction went into hiding.”

When Quinn answered, he could hear Zinon’s heart rate change. It made him wonder why. Was it the name? The place he had decided to go? Or was it something else?

“Quinn, I am thrilled that you are back. I wish I could treat you to any desire you want in the Graylash family. I feel as close a bond with you as my own family, even though I don’t know you.

“Even though you nearly killed me as well. This is how much the Graylash family believe they are indebted to you. So when I speak, please know that I am not trying to be rude to you; however, I wish to give you a word of warning.

“The Vampire Corps is very trustworthy, but as for Logan Green… Have you ever thought that if the Cursed faction were being hunted or had gone into hiding, why Logan Green hasn’t? Not only that, but somehow he has become a public figure and yet still, no dhampirs have attempted to attack him so openly like they had done the others.

“As I said, something big is going on in this world…and my advice would be not to trust Logan Green.”


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