My Vampire System Chapter 1592

: The Great Graylash Leader

At some point, Quinn knew that he would have to reveal himself, but with him being a legendary figure and still not entirely understanding the current state of the world and how it came to be, he felt it was easier for him to hide for the time being.

However, with how things were now, it was quicker to get straight to the point, and just by showing his face to one person, he could gauge the reaction of the others. Now that he had finally revealed himself, he could see the look on Zinon’s face – one that was of speechlessness.

His mouth was left wide open, and his eyes dilated to the point they looked like they would fall out of its sockets. He stood frozen on the spot and didn’t say anything for a long moment.

‘Well, it looks like he can recognise me.’ Quinn thought, a little worried that he might not have done. After all, all of Quinn’s statues on the Graylash planet were similar to his look before final evolution when he was the leader of the Cursed faction, not when he had defeated Graham, which was his current appearance.

The latter was revealed only briefly to the world.

The next second, and lifting up his hand, Zinon slapped himself across the check, which resounded through the room, and his face turned red, showing he hadn’t held back.

“The Hero…after all this time, has returned and is still alive,” Zinon uttered, falling to his knees. “The world thought you had died, why..why did it take you so long to come back finally.”

That was an awkward question for the group to answer, one they were trying to figure out themselves.

“It has been some strange circumstances, but thousand years ago, after defeating Graham, I went into a slumber, and these two were also with me. We just woke up, and the world is like it is now. I need to know what happened; I need to know what the Cursed faction is like. You said you knew them, by name and their faces, what they looked like, and how did you know how I looked?” Quinn asked.

There were numerous questions, and knowing that such an important person was asking them, Zinon had to regain his composure, but it was almost impossible as he kept staring towards Quinn; soon though, the screen on the wall of his chamber had changed.

It had changed into something Quinn was familiar with. It showed Quinn in the air, tornados of blood around him, while Graham was on the ground.

“This was the footage captured a thousand years ago of that fight,” Zinon explained. “The past leaders and I have watched it many, many times over again. The faces of all those that were involved in the war back then, those that had saved our lives, the Graylash leader at the time, Owen Graylash, made sure that at least our family line would remember it.”

Zinon paused the video right on Quinn’s face and looked towards the man in front of him. He turned his head several times, making sure they were the same person, and without a doubt, he confirmed that they were the same.

“Even if the whole world was to forget, no matter what, the Graylash family will remember. These were Owen’s words. I’ll do my best to explain what has happened since you’ve been gone. However, I’m afraid I can only explain it from the Graylash family point of view, and you will soon understand why.”

The video screen started to change, showing a timeline of sorts. A celebration took place in all of the Shelters after the war. The planets being taken over, and the statues of Quinn being built.

“At the time, Owen was the leader of the Graylash family, and after the war, he focused on building up the Shelters on each of the planets they owned. Thanks to the Cursed faction, relations with the vampires were developing by the day.

“In the end, the Graylash faction was also able to claim land in the vampire solar system, which is where we are today. It was on the condition that we were to allow the vampires to live here, which Owen, of course, accepted and had planned to do so anyway.

“The Graylash family chose to stay away from the troubles on Earth, so there was not much known about it or much details about what was happening. All we do know is the Cursed faction and the Earthborn group were doing their best to resolve matters, and in the end, it seemed like they had somewhat succeeded.

“However, the Graylash group didn’t feel the need to go back to the Earth’s solar system. We had found our own place here and continued to live our lives away from the others.”

So far, the story sounded like there was peace after the war. The troubles on Earth might have been related to Pure.

“Did Leo and Sera complete their mission? Did they get rid of Pure?” Quinn asked.

“Pure…” Zinon paused for a moment before adding, “I do not know the people that you spoke of, I only remembered the names of those that were with you in the fight against Graham. Which is why I knew of the name Vorden. But yes, Pure is an organisation that is currently still rampant on Earth..and in fact, they have the support of half of the humans living in earth’s solar system.”

Over half came as a big shock, but it was also clear that Zinon didn’t know the details of why this came to be, only the result of what had happened. It also made Quinn wonder if Zero was still alive.

“It’s a worry, as there are also supporters of Pure currently on our own planets. However, many supported the Hero’s ideals and chose to follow Owen Graylash’s wishes above all. Which is why, even now, we accept the vampires.” Zinon explained.

“The cursed faction though, what happened to the Cursed faction? Why has everyone forgotten about them?” Quinn asked.

Upon hearing this, there was a concerned and pained look on Zinon’s face.

“Do you know, Owen was still alive when I was a child? He was my Grandfather, I didn’t just know him by name, but I knew him in person. He would tell me countless stories about you, Quinn.

“You might be wondering how he was able to stay alive. Due to mastering Qi, those who excel at it can slow down the ageing process significantly, and he was someone who had managed to excel at it more so than any other Graylash before him. I believe he had reached the age of 800 and over when he passed, he wasn’t even a vampire and it was believed he was the first human of his kind to make that achievement then there was my father, and now there is me, at the age of two hundred and so, but I won’t tell you the full number. That’s right, between my time and yours, only three generations of leaders have enacted.”

It was hard to believe the words of the person in front of him, since he looked like a young man, but why would he have a reason to lie, and he had heard the effects of Qi like this before, he just didn’t know they would work to this extent.

“Quinn, your goal and my goal are similar, so you might be able to find out what happened to the Cursed faction and why. Pure, although strong, wasn’t a significant threat to the Cursed faction or the Vampire settlement. Everything changed when an influx of dhampirs started to appear.

“That all started when Owen Graylash died. No one knows how he died, but it was in this very room that I am in now. His heart had stopped, and the higher-ups told the public that it was due to his old age, but I don’t believe that fact at all. You see, Owen continued to make strides in Qi. He had become fascinated with the power. He was still strong and healthy; in fact, he had even comprehended how to take life force from the things around him.”

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Hearing this reminded Quinn of what he had seen Zero do. All those dry bodies, having their lives drained out of them.

‘The life drain skill will allow a human to live indefinitely.’ Ray answered. ‘If anyone has truly mastered that, they can take the life not just from other humans but even plants or beasts around them to increase their time here. No wonder humans managed to live for so long.’

“That is why I believe he was murdered. I have more reasons than one for this, but the main reason is that all the chaos in this world was triggered by my grandfather Owen’s death.

That’s when the group of dhampirs began to come out and reveal themselves. Something strange is happening, Quinn. When I heard that someone was still alive from back then, I hoped they were close to my grandfather. I was hoping they might know who could have killed him, but I guess not.

“Still, I will tell you what I know about the Cursed faction and even help you on your quest, as long as you can help me. I request you to please find who killed my grandfather, Owen Graylash.”

[New quest received]

[Find the murderer of Owen]

[Quest reward:???]

‘Oh, it’s the first Quest of my new system.’ Quinn thought, but there were still plenty of questions he needed answering, and he still had a lot to hear about.


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