My Vampire System Chapter 1591

: A Bond Of Trust

Since waking up from the deep slumber, Quinn had never heard of anyone who knew what the Cursed faction was. He hadn’t spoken to many, but still, to not hear anything about Cursed Faction, with even people not remembering about it, he had lost all hope until now.

“Speak,” Quinn said, still a bit short and still angry at what the man was currently wearing.

“You…you said the name Vorden, correct,” Zinon replied while still adjusting his neck. When the strange Vampire had him held, he felt all of the blood in his body rush to his neck, and although he couldn’t see, there was a red ring around his neck where Quinn had held him.

It was not because of the pressure of the grip but because of something else. There was one thing that Zinon knew for sure: he needed to tread carefully.

“That name, he was one of those from the Cursed faction. I studied them well; if you are an original from back then like you claimed, then perhaps you two were friends.” Zinon continued; it was clear he was fishing for answers and confirmations.

“Just tell me, what is that armour you are wearing right now? Is it Vorden!” Quinn demanded to know, still frustrated.

The others had rushed out of the house, and the two women, a little frightened, had decided to stay back a little, but Peter and Minny continued forward while Minny ran straight up to Quinn’s leg and grabbed onto it.

“Please…please don’t hurt the bird, please stop fighting!” She said as she continued to sob and cry, which had managed to somewhat cool Quinn’s head.

Seeing this and the little girl, a young vampire, along with such a man, Zinon decided to take his chances.

“This armour was gifted from the Cursed faction to the Graylash family. We had a close connection in the past; you must know that, so I ask you to trust me. Please, if you want to know more, then follow me…and we can talk.” Zinon suggested.

Looking at the others’ frightened faces, especially for the woman who had come along with him, Quinn thought he should calm down a little bit. After all, he was a guest, and as the man in front of him stated, this was the Graylash faction. They were not the enemy. At least that’s what he hoped. Either way, if he found out something he didn’t like, it wasn’t exactly like there was anyone that could stop him.

The group started to follow Zinon up the mountain. There were thousands of stairs to the top level. Before that, he had also informed the others that there was nothing to worry about, at least for now.

Since somewhat of a fight had broken out, he was sure they would soon be coming to look. In the end, they had reached the large temple, and standing outside were countless guards wearing large pieces of armour as Quinn had seen before.

They were lined in a row on either side to the temple, and their armour was gold and white compared to the others he had seen. Another thing to note was that these guards also wore a helmet with two wings on the top of the head. He also noticed that their choice of weapon was a spear, similar to Lucia.

Many elders in white robes rushed towards him when entering the large temple. Unlike the guards outside, they didn’t wear any large and heavy armour.

“Master, you brought them in. Does that mean-”

Before the elder could ask his question, Zinon shook his head.

“There is still more we both have to learn. I shall take him to my chambers for now.”

With that said, the others bowed down, but they did notice the state their master was in; his face was covered with dirt, and blood was flushed on his shoulders. The elders also took note of others with him, and to their surprise, of them looked like they fought.

“Just in case, get everyone to be on standby.” One of the elders whispered to the others.

Now in front of the group were two large doors. It was the Graylash leader’s main room.

“Is it okay if the two of you waited outside?” Zinon said when looking at Lucia and Jessica.

“Are you serious!” Jessica said. “After coming all this way, you two are going to talk about the past. I want to know what happened to…I mean, who doesn’t want to know about the Great War?!”

“I understand,” Zinon said with a smile. “However, there might be some things which, if revealed, must not escape this room. Please understand.”

The door was then pushed open and immediately stepped out of the room were two of the golden guards that Quinn saw when entering the temple. Peter, Minny and Quinn headed inside. While the girls were forced to wait outside and the guards would make sure of it.

Inside the room, there was a large bed, but at the same time, there were several pieces of paper, computer servers, screens and more. It wasn’t what Quinn was expecting at all, and the number one face he could see scattered all over the room was Owen.

It seemed like Quinn might have come to the right place after all.

“First, if you are who you say you are, one of the originals, then please, could you tell me when you went into a slumber. How long after the great war? How long after the battle between Graham and Quinn?”

It was starting to annoy Quinn; it seemed like everyone he met had their own set of questions before he could even ask his own. Still, for now, he would play along.

“I went into slumber right after the battle,” Quinn answered. “So I know nothing about what happened after, which is why I wanted to ask my own questions.”

Zinon gave Quinn a look as if he could tell he was somewhat lying, or at least holding something back. He then swiped his hand up, and a screen appeared on the back wall, which revealed the faces of all the vampires who fought during the war.

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“These are the faces of the vampires that took part in the war. All of those were caught on camera back then!” Zinon said. “Your face matches of them. I’m not saying you aren’t an original; you might have been sleeping. In fact, many don’t know this, but the vampires that took part in the war were just regular leaders; they weren’t any originals at all!

“You have to be honest with me. You want to know about the Cursed faction, but I have to trust you before I can tell you anything. I need to know who you are. Over the years, we have made countless enemies, and as the leader, I have the responsibility of everyone in the Graylash Family.

“Let me tell you something: when you had my life in your hands, I didn’t tell you about the Cursed faction because I was scared, but because I thought you might be able to help me, tell me information that I need to know.”

When hearing Zinon talk, Quinn could understand. The weight that a leader carries. He had held it for a long time, and now he felt like crap. Crap for leaving them and having this happen to them all.

“Fine,” Quinn answered. “If you wish to know who I am, then so be it. You said you wanted to trust; then this should give you enough trust.”

Quinn lifted his hand and slightly pressed his face with a finger. A slight crack appeared on his cheek, and it slowly spread throughout his face.

Slowly, the parts of the mud began to fall off on the floor, slowly revealing Quinn’s real face. His hair suddenly began to grow longer until they reached up to his waist, and within a few moments, Quinn successfully removed the disguise, and his real face was fully revealed.

“I am Quinn Talen, Leader of the Cursed faction, and once King of the Vampires.” He declared.


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