My Vampire System Chapter 1590

: Red Fury

On the very top tier of the Graylash ship, there was a golden temple larger than any of the others. Only the highest ranking members of the Graylash family would reside there. They were in charge of most of the important day-to-day decisions, among them, making sure to keep the main ship in order, keep the peace on the various Graylash planets, as well as keeping the Graylash family in order.

In the centre of the temple, there was a true garden compared to Lucia’s. It had large ponds flowing, greenery all around and even a beautiful pink cherry blossom tree. Sitting crossed legged in the middle of it was a young adult with long, straight black hair.

“I’m sorry to interrupt your mediation, Master Zinon, but I have important information that I needed to bring to your attention.” An older gentleman, whose beard was almost touching the ground, informed the Graylash family leader.

“You usually only call upon me when there is a need for me to fight someone. Is today any different?” Zinon asked, opening his left eye.

“Well.” The man paused as he struggled with what to say. “Mrs Song has brought a few guests with her, and she wishes for you to meet them. However, they aren’t just any guests. It’s a group of vampires, and the reason I’ve come to you is that one of them is supposedly one of the Original Vampires. One belonging to that of the thirteen families.”

Hearing this, his eyebrows rose, and he opened his other eye, before he stood up from the ground. The armour he was wearing clanked a little. The leader had a large chest piece, with a circle in the centre of it that wrapped around the white robes underneath.

He had a feeling that either today was going to be a big eventful day, and it looked like he was somewhat right.

“Did you get an image of him?” Zinon asked.

Swiping his hand, a screen appeared in front of the old man, facing the young man. It was video footage of Quinn arriving in the docking bay on the first tier. The camera was zoomed in on the Celestial Vampire.

With his right hand, Zinon expanded something with his fingers, and several photos came up. All of them had different faces. He quickly glanced between the two of them, checking for any matches.

“It doesn’t look like his face matches up with any of the Originals we know of or anyone from back then. Although I made a quick check with the vampire we have on file while also cross referencing his face through the system, but he could be one that has woken up.” Zinon theorised.

“That might be the case, though I’m afraid that they might be Dhampirs who have managed to trick Lucia somehow.” The old man stated.

Nodding along, Zinon agreed that to be another possibility.

“She is a kind-hearted girl, but she is too focused on the past. Perhaps they have learned of this and have tricked her.”

“She reminds me a lot of you in a way.” The old man commented with a slight smile, and Zinon helplessly scratched the head of his back, unable to refute that claim.

“Thank you for informing me. I will set out and test them myself. It is too dangerous if anyone else goes out, and if Lucia were to get hurt, I would feel incredibly guilty.” With that said, Zinon pressed the centre of his chest, and two large wings sprouted from his back.

What he currently had on his chest was a Demon tier piece of armour. This item, along with the Graylash leader’s personal strength, meant that the old man wasn’t too worried about him going out on his own. Against a single person, the elder honestly believed that there was nobody that could defeat the current master of the Graylash family, even if it truly turned out to be an Original Vampire.


Flying over to Lucia’s house, Zinon immediately spotted the individual he had seen on the screen. He decided to give that person a little test to verify whether that was the truth. However, before he ever got the chance to, that person released such a scary amount of aura that it nearly overwhelmed the Graylash leader.

‘What is this feeling? Am I scared of him? Is this the power of an Original? How’s that possible? They were never described to be this strong! Just who is this person? Could he be the leader of Dhampirs? No, they always address her as some Queen, so it can’t be her?’ Zinon’s mind tried to come up with a reasonable explanation of who Quinn might be.

Having felt the pressure, Lucia stormed out from the house. Not just that, but she could somewhat see it around him. Like a soft red flame that looked like it be covering his entire body.

“What happened?” Lucia asked.

“I have no clue!” Jessica replied. “That guy just appeared out of nowhere, and he seems to have done something to make Nate furious.”

The two girls looked towards Peter wondering if he had an answer.

“Those wings…” Peter muttered, starting to recognise them. “Are they a Demon tier item?”

Hearing Peter ask this, it was then that Lucia noticed who the other person was.

“It’s the Graylash family leader, Zinon! What is he doing here?”

Although it didn’t answer his question, Peter thought that it might just be a resemblance. After all, with a millennium having passed, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that humans would have gathered multiple Demon tier items compared to before.

In general, everyone’s equipment should have been better, just because it looked like someone that was dear to them, didn’t necessarily mean that there was a correlation.

However, Quinn seemed to think differently. He took a single step forward and the tingling feeling they could all feel grew stronger inside their bodies.

“Tell me, what is that you are wearing!” Quinn demanded to know.

He had used his Influence skill, however, just like with the other humans, all the Graylash members had trained in Qi. Zinon blocked the attempt and had covered his mind just in case.

For Quinn, he didn’t need to use his Inspect skill. Ever since evolving, he had become able to feel the different energies around him. Now that he was at a hundred percent he could feel all the surrounding energies, and he could tell that the energy of the armour was strong.

“If you’re going to be aggressive like that, then I have no choice!” Zinon mumbled.

His large wings started to electrify, turning blue, and with a single flap of his wings, several zaps of lighting came out, accompanied by metallic sharp feathers at the end of it. Moving ever so slightly, Quinn was avoiding each one.

However, there was far too much lighting for him to block it completely. With his finger held out, the Celestial Vampire quickly shot out several Blood bullets towards each of the lighting strikes. Numerous feathers fell to the ground, yet one of the lightning feathers came straight towards Quinn’s forehead.

Blood started to cover the vampire’s hand. The red glow could be seen on it again as the red power flowed through his veins. Lifting his hand, he caught the lightning feather. It continued to strike him with power, but it didn’t seem to have an effect on him.

The next second, holding the feather, Quinn threw it back, right towards Zinon. Seeing this, the young man closed his wings, shielding himself. He knew his wings were strong and almost indestructible. However, when Quinn had thrown the projectile back, he had added a bit of his blood aura, and started to spiral the back of the feather giving it a boost towards the person in front of him.

When the feather hit, it pierced right through the Demon tier wing, going through it and injuring Zinon’s shoulder.

“AHHH!” The Graylash leader let out a scream. ‘How did that get through?!’

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It was then Quinn moved from one side of the open area and now was directly in front of Zinon who still had his wings held up.

“I missed your head on purpose.” Quinn stated. “As for your title and position… I don’t care.”

Opening up the palm of his hand, a red beam could be seen. It looked similar to that of the red Blood cannon, and the next second it left his hand, hitting the wings and sending Zinon off his feet.

The red beam continued to make contact, and pushed the leader through the walls of the house, and continued to go until it had hit the wall of a mountain on the other side just opposite the house.

The young man was seriously hurt, wondering where this monster had come from.

‘I’ve never heard or seen anyone who has this strength… No… could he be that Laxmus?’ Zinon thought.

When opening his eyes, and climbing through the walls, he could see Quinn was already in front of him, and before he could say anything his fingers were wrapped around Zinon’s throat.

“Right now, I can feel the blood completely running through your veins! I can make them pop at any second! Now tell me, what did you do to Vorden!” Quinn shouted, tightening his grip.

Asking this question, images appeared in his head. The first time he had met his friend at the military academy. Despite having been a prodigy from an important family, he had always stuck up for him and Peter, who had been regarded as nothing but wastrels. Although it had practically been suicide, he had gone through the teleporter without hesitation when Quinn had been pushed through it on to a dangerous planet.

The first true friend he had made… and now, his body, or at least the body of Tails, the Humanoid Demon tier beast he had been in control of, was nothing more than a weapon.

Lifting his hands, Zinon was trying to show that he meant no harm.

“PLEASE NATE, STOP!” Lucia shouted at the top of her lungs. “I brought you here because I thought I could trust you! Please! You said you were friends with our Graylash family, right?!”

Hearing those words, it had caused Quinn to calm down a little and he loosened his grip.

“You..You..said Vorden, right?” Zinon questioned, now that he could breathe a little again. “So you really are someone from back then… someone from the Cursed faction.”

Hearing those words, Quinn completely let go of Zinon.


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