My Vampire System Chapter 1589

Not only Quinn but all three of them had been diligently practising that they couldn’t hear or feel that the ship had already landed. Looking at the other two, Quinn was somewhat proud because they took the current situation seriously.

“Right, Peter?” Quinn called out, already having gotten up, but the other two were still sitting on the beds. “You are just practising and not just daydreaming or something, right?”

Now that he thought about it, Peter had achieved this new talent, to empty his mind as if he was meditating, not even knowing that time had passed.

“Could you let it go, playboy?” Peter smiled and got up from his bed.

As they stepped out of the ship, they noticed that those who had come with them would soon be leaving back to the last planet they were on. As it lifted into the air, before Quinn could even say goodbye, leaving him with the two girls. Waiting to greet Quinn and the party were more Graylash members. However, none of them wore the white robes that Quinn saw in his time. Instead, they all wore heavy pieces of armour on their body, similar to the guards he saw in the Travellers building on the last planet.

Looking around, it was hard to tell if they were on a ship or on a planet, and Quinn was smiling at this fact because it was one aspect of the Graylash family that didn’t seem to have changed. Other than a practical spaceship that they could use for space battle, they went for one that felt more like home.

It was as if they were on a giant piece of moving land. There was also the sound of flowing water, birds flying from the trees, and temples off in the distance. Currently, they were on the bottom level, and the ship had its own set of open land with buildings and landscapes at different levels, similar to a layered wedding cake.

Only these layers were able to support a significant number of people. The Graylash people managed to survive through the years and still held considerable influence, yet the Cursed faction had not; something seriously had to have happened.

“Lucia, we are glad you have come back.” A man said as he bowed down slightly towards her.

“Thank you, Gerard. I will cut to the chase why I am here.” Lucia said. “Right next to me, I have one of the Vampire Originals. I want to request a meeting between Leader Zinon and these guests by my side. I’m sure the leader will be interested as this vampire Original claims he was a part of the great war thousand years ago.”

Hearing this, the Graylash members all looked at each other, and finally, Gerald, who was out front, had decided.

“I will inform our superiors, and they will pass on the message to Leader Zinon; in the meantime, why don’t we escort you back to your home on the second level.”

“No need, I can escort them myself,” Lucia replied, which gave the others nervous looks. “I can guarantee you they are not Dhampirs. If they are to attack this place, I will take full responsibility.”

Once again, the men had to make a decision, but in the end, they allowed her to do as she wished. The others left the open area, which meant they were somewhat on their own. However, they were never truly on their own because the giant spaceship was like a planet with several people moving and training everywhere, not to mention the guards around them who had their eyes and ears vigilant at all times.

Looking at those training, Quinn noticed that many of them were using weapons while practising the lighting ability. Although the Graylash members did use weapons during their time, it was completely different. The weapon seemed to be more of tha main focus.

Currently, the group was walking through what looked like an ancient style town. There got a few stares from the others here and there, but eventually, the people didn’t pay much attention and got back to their day.

While walking, a few seemed to greet Lucia as well. Some were more sincere greetings and were formal. While others Quinn could hear them talking about her.

“Why do the others still treat her like she is some royal of the Graylash family, her family and especially her haven’t done anything special for the group in a long time.”

Quinn wasn’t sure if he could hear it, and even if she did, it seemed more like a regular occurrence to her.

“The traditional Graylash clothing, why did they get rid of it, or maybe I should ask why are you the only one still wearing it?” Quinn finally asked. It had been on his mind, and even more so now after seeing all the others.

“I knew you were different.” Lucia smiled. “You said you approached me because of my clothing, but not many know that this used to be the old clothing of the Graylash family. You see, my family used to be quite close to the leader of the Graylash family in the past.

“I heard that the Graylash family prided themselves on their ability, calling it the world’s strongest. The light cloth, made from a special set of beasts, was designed to use our powers freely. However, the family has forgotten this fact some way down the line. Now, they use armour and weapons to boost their powers even more than in the past. I guess you could just say that my side of the family are traditionalists.

“However, our influence within the Graylash family is no longer too deep since our own power has weakened, but I wish to change that.”

When hearing their conversation earlier, Quinn realised that the current leader’s name was Zinon. He had prepared himself for Owen to no longer be alive, but at the same time, he held on to small hope because confirming that Owen was dead perhaps would mean the others were dead as well.

Quinn was about to ask a few more questions, but that’s when he could see, on the lowest tier in the middle of this town once again, there was bigger than a life-size statue of himself.

“I heard that the Graylash family was close to the hero. He had a deep respect for the hero, which is why on every one of the planets, you will find statues of him.” Lucia smiled. “We all grew up hearing great tales about him, and that is why we are so determined to follow his wish, to make the world a place where everyone can live in harmony.”

Although Quinn didn’t exactly like the big statues of himself, he really did appreciate that Owen tried to make the world a better place, and in a lot of ways, it was a better place than the one Quinn had grown up in. It made it feel like the victory wasn’t for nothing.

After passing through the first tier, they reached the second tier, and here, there were far fewer houses and people roaming the streets. Obviously, there would be even fewer people at the very top, where the current leader resided.

They were led to the very edge of the second tier, where a temple-like house could be seen. It was a large one but hadn’t been kept up too well. Upon entering the home, they didn’t sense anyone else in it.

“Is this your family home?” Quinn asked.

“Yes, don’t worry, you are free to come inside. All my family…they’re all dead.” Lucia said, still smiling while saying those words towards them. The others looked at each other and wanted to ask more, but it might not be polite, so they refrained.

“Feel free to make yourself at home, or if you want to stretch, there is a garden that has a view of the whole ship at the back. It’s a nice place to relax, and I’m sorry, I don’t have any blood, but I’m happy to let you feast on my own if you would like.” Lucia said.

“I’m okay,” Jessica answered. “Us, in the Vampire Corps, practice going without blood for long periods, so you don’t have to worry about that.

It was the first time Quinn had met a human openly offering their blood like so. It certainly was strange and perhaps something he would take a while to get used to.

“We’ll be okay,” Quinn answered for the rest. “You must be tired, get some sleep, and I would like to head to that garden you just talked about if you don’t mind.”

The others decided to head outside along with Quinn. While making their way, they stepped inside what looked like a training hall, and in the training hall itself, there were several photos framed above of certain people, men, women and more.

Looking at them all, Quinn stopped at one as he recognised him.

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“Robin Graylash…so this is the family you belong to..”

Robin Graylash was indeed a high ranking member of the Graylash family in the past. He was assigned to help the Cursed faction take down a demon tier beast, and during that time, Robin was taken over. In the end, Quinn had no choice but to deal with him himself, but he never expected to reconnect with someone here.

‘Is it my fault that this family lost its place…’ Quinn thought as he continued to head outside.

Whatever the case was, he had to defeat the demon tier beast at the time.

It wasn’t much of a garden as they stepped out; most of the flowers planted had wilted, and the ground was hard and rocky—a solid yellow. This place was more like a desert than a garden.

They could see several strikes on the ground, footprints, and more. It looked like Lucia used this as her training space more than anywhere else. The area was big enough, it was huge, and on top of that, the sight certainly was beautiful, as one could see the tier of land below them and people far below in the distance.

“I’m so bored! When are we going to look for Mommy?” Minny asked. It was a conversation that Quinn still hadn’t gone through with her.

“If you bored, try to practice what I taught you-”

Quinn noticed a shadow cast from above, which made him pause. It looked like a giant bird as it flew towards them. As soon as it was close enough, a young man with long straight hair started to descend and landed right in front of them.

“I heard that there was an original vampire here; I came as soon as possible to see if that was true.” The young man said.

His wings were spread out proudly on his back but didn’t look like part of his body; instead, they looked attached to the armour around his chest. The armour was dark in colour, a dark blue, and the wings were furred but looked heavy and as hard as steel.

Quinn stared at the young man as veins popped upon his head.

“Why does my body feel so weird…,” Minny said as she crossed her arms around herself shaking, Peter moved and stood next to her as if to cover her. But she wasn’t the only one feeling strange; Jessica could feel it as well. The tingling was all over her as if the blood was rushing throughout her body.

Peter could tell Quinn was beyond angry as the latter’s eyes glowed red seeing the young man.

“Tell me!” Quinn shouted with a booming voice letting out an aura of Qi, which shook the whole surface beneath their feet. Even the young man who had just arrived was covered in sweat; seeing this, he too felt his body numb just standing in front of this person.

“Where did you get that Demon tier armour from?!” Quinn questioned.


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