My Vampire System Chapter 1588

After having looked at everything else so far, what Quinn was most interested in was the new celestial tab that had appeared in his system. After some description of his current state, he hoped to find answers to the questions he had.

‘The red aura, being the vampire energy, the yellow energy of Qi, and the shadow energy of my current MC cells. They were the three energies I could feel in my body from before, and now I can feel the fourth energy, white energy. This new energy that I now feel has to be the Celestial Energy.’ Quinn thought as he selected the tab.

[Celestial Being Level: 1]

[Celestial Energy: 10]

[Current dedicated followers: 0]

The first thing that Quinn saw was already explained to him, but the value number seemed to be relatively low for the Celestial Energy itself, which was expected based on how much energy Quinn could feel inside his body.

‘Current dedicated followers? Is that what the system was talking about, a way to increase my energy?’

Clicking the ‘i’ icon next to Celestial Energy’s description, a few paragraphs of text popped up, explaining a little more.

[Celestial Energy is an energy that the user can use to combat against other Celestials. It can damage other Celestials and their followers compared to other basic skills.]

Reading this made Quinn wonder if adding Celestial Energy would help him increase his current strength and powers or if it was something, like the system stated, to be only used for fighting against Celestial Beings and their followers? If it was the latter, it wasn’t something urgent he felt like improving. Besides Bliss and Sera, he couldn’t think of anyone else who would perhaps be referred to as celestials.

‘Maybe the other god whom Richard contacted as well…that could be one.’

Still, a lot could had happened in the current times, and he wouldn’t completely disregard it just yet. MAybe the current world had more gods that were roaming around.

[To increase your Celestial Energy, followers must meet a certain condition]

[Condition: Followers must offer blood while thinking of the celestial. You will receive more energy if blood is offered before a figure or icon of the said celestial, i.e. a statue. Followers are to continue meeting the condition once a month for the Celestial Energy to remain.]

Reading the condition required to increase Celestial Energy made Quinn shake his head. According to what information he had learnt from before, the condition that would be set would be different for each celestial. Perhaps because of what Quinn was, he required those to sacrifice blood.

He imagined that other gods had easier ways to increase their energy. Maybe just doing good deeds, a prayer, a war, would be other ways.

‘This isn’t really something I can go around telling people to do, but is there a difference between followers and dedicated followers then.’ Quinn thought as he continued to explore the rest of the system.

[Celestial Skills]

[Clesital marking]

[A Celestial Marking can be given to others turn them into a dedicated follower]

[The user can transfer Celestial Energy to a dedicated follower to increase their power.]

[Those with a Celestial Marking will die along with the celestial, even if they are to be reincarnated]

This sounded similar to Quinn’s current Demon tier weapon that could give energy to others. A difference was if he made a mark, perhaps he could give them energy no matter where they were. The only thing he was confused about was just how much Celestial Energy would be enough to power up the followers who had a marking in the first place. Since his energy was already low, maybe it would make next to know difference.

The only downside was that if Quinn died, the rest of his dedicated followers would die as well.

‘The drawback isn’t too bad, but having others’ lives in my hands is a bit scary. I would have to test this on someone who really trusts me, and I guess I have a good subject right next to me.’ Quinn thought as he glanced at Peter, who was still trying to practice his Qi.

Still, it made him wonder if this was the same thing that Bliss once talked about. A way to cure the vampires was to defeat the god that turned Richard and the others, but was that true? Because now, according to the system, if he killed the god, all of the vampires would most probably die.

However, it was unclear if vampires counted as followers of the particular god in question or just another power that gods gained once they reached a certain level of strength. Since what would the marking be if that was the case.

[Celestial Drain]

[Celestial Energy can be drained from other celestials once killed using this skill. The skill also works on dedicated followers once killed.]

Other than that, there really wasn’t much to the system. It didn’t state how much Celestial Energy Quinn needed to reach the next level, nor what he would unlock. Honestly, Quinn thought it would have been quite easy if he had had this system in the past.

As King of the vampires, he would have already had a lot of followers, and he could have easily met the condition which would have granted him more power. Then there was the Cursed faction. Although harder to explain, perhaps he could have made it a condition or a ritual for everyone to give blood.

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Right now, though, Quinn had no one to follow him, and if he asked others of such things, other than those close to him, people probably would think he was a mad man.

‘Everything that is happening…is it because of these gods trying to gain more energy for themselves? Then what about Bliss? Can I really trust her?’ Quinn thought.

‘I told you not to trust her too much.’ Ray replied. ‘Although she has helped so far, whatever the case, it would be for her own cause. It always seemed that way. Perhaps this Celestial Energy is the same hunger she talked about, and hers is just how many lives she saves. The more lives she saves, the more Celestial Energy she earns.

‘What I do realise, Quinn, is that in this world, there always seems to be a balance. If Bliss’s condition is to save lives, then there is sure to be a god out there whose condition is to take lives. I’m not too fond of this… in fact, I don’t like this at all.’

Quinn agreed with Ray, but unlike him, it seemed like the latter was becoming closer to what he hated. Letting out a big sigh, all Quinn could really do was protect those he cared about.

Thinking about it more, now that his body was back to normal, Quinn wanted to test it out. He wanted to see the level of his current strength. On top of that, he also wanted to see what his Celestial Energy could do. He was sure that his sudden command over Minny when the latter went berserk during the test and how he had held her back wasn’t because of blood powers.

It didn’t state in the Ruler Of Blood title that Quinn could control blood aura. But if this was a part of his celestial powers then, it would be worth trying to figure out ways to increase it somehow. Quinn started to gather the blood aura in his hand, and soon, he collected it into a ball-like shape, similar to that of a blood swipe but in a circular form. Then, he placed his Qi in his body, which was no less than before, and finally, he wanted to add the new white energy to see just how strong it was.

But before he could, there was a knock on the metal door. Quinn quickly dispersed all the energy that he had gathered in his hand. He realised there wasn’t really anything he could use or test it on in the first place, at least not in this small room, not unless he wanted to explode the whole ship.

“Uhm, Nate, sorry to disturb you,” Lucia said, standing by the door. “But we have arrived; we have landed on the main Graylash ship.”


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