My Vampire System Chapter 1587

When absorbing the Nest Crystal, Quinn knew that his body was going through an evolution. Although it stated that his system was getting an upgrade, it felt more like he was the one that was changing. However, becoming the celestial vampire made him realise that he and the system were more linked than before. It was as if their body was one.

Quinn always used to see the system as something helpful, a tutorial almost of how to become a vampire. Vincent had even explained it to be that way. Now though, it had evolved into something else.

At the time of the great fight, Quinn was just making what came to him and his mind naturally, which allowed him to take out Graham. Because of it, he had drawn far too much power for his new body to handle, and it had made him end up in the current situation he was in now. Whatever the reason, he didn’t want to do that now, so he needed to read everything carefully.

[Celestial Vampire System]

[Level 1]

‘Level 1? Is it because the system has been upgraded that it’s restarting me from level 1? But it’s not a reset; I can tell my body is just as strong as it was before.

[HP 100/100]

[Strength 200]

[Agility 200]

[Stamina 200]

[Charm 200]

[Blood control (Title effect applied): Infinite]

In one way looking at Quinn’s current stats, he was expecting them to have increased after evolving, but in a way, it made sense. When fighting against Graham, there was a reason why Quinn hadn’t fought him head-on using his fist and legs, because although evolving, his body hadn’t improved.

If he was to punch his enemy head-on, he was sure he would lose out in a battle of strength, but using the blood aura inside of him and using the blood control to power if further, it was what allowed him to make forces and attacks beyond what Graham could handle.

‘I wonder, now that the level has reset, does that mean my body can increase even further if I level up?’ Quinn wondered; that’s when he noticed something else as well. There was no exp bar. If there was no exp bar, how was he meant to level up? Would it be by doing quests just like he had done before, ones that would reward him instant level up or something else.

looking at the level icon again; Quinn pressed a small little ‘i’ next to it that wasn’t there before, which allowed another system screen to appear in front of him—explaining details which weren’t there before.

‘Haha, an upgraded system means this thing can be useful for once!’ Quinn thought.

[For a celestial being, there are up to a maximum of ten different levels. At each level, a new divine power will be unlocked. Level 1 (Celestial energy is now available) There is more than one way to level up for a celestial being. The more followers a celestial has following its set condition will provide the user with more Celestial energy.

[If a Celestial loses followers, then the energy will also lower, meaning the user can go down in levels. Another way for a celestial to level up is facing other celestials and absorbing their power. That power will temporarily belong to the celestial until the Celestial is reincarnated into the universe. (Note your current level does not allow you to reincarnate. If a Celestial is to die and they have no followers, there will not be able to reincarnate.)]

It was a head-scratcher for sure, but Quinn was glad that he was provided with some explanation. The more he was reading about it, the more it reminded him of the beings like Bliss that he had met, but there was still missing information he didn’t know yet, such as celestial energy and the set condition it was talking about. Followers didn’t make much sense to him either.

While looking at his stats, Quinn noticed that his blood control was infinite, and apparently, that was due to the title he had gained, so he wanted to look at that next.

‘I remember a little bit, before becoming a celestial, it took all my blood items and armour off me. I thought that the blood armour in my shadow was safe, but when trying to summon it. Arthurs and the king’s blood armour is gone, including that of my gauntlet. To take all those things, this title better be worth it.’

When looking at his titles, Quinn noticed that all of them had currently disappeared. There wasn’t the king’s title, and there weren’t any of the others either. All apart from one.

[Ruler of Blood]

[The title allows the user to use any blood skills without taking any of the user’s health. Blood control can be used on all types of blood as long as it has left their body. The title also allows the user to have maximum blood control. Depending on the amount of blood available, the user can control it.]

[While title is active: All Blood skills are at the maximum level]

[While the title is active: All blood skills have been unlocked]

Thinking about this, it made sense and allowed Quinn to control the Dalki blood during his fight with Graham, including all the others. Still, if it claimed that it wouldn’t affect his body, why had it done so before.

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‘Was it because my body hadn’t completely finished going through its evolution, did I rush it, or was it something else? Maybe my body just needed sleep after becoming this thing.’ Quinn wondered, but it was something that the system itself seemed like it couldn’t answer.

Still, he had seen how powerful this Ruler of blood title was. Even if his body was weak, Quinn could kill a dhampir at the knight level with just a drop of blood.

Checking out the other things in his system, some things were no longer there. The name of all the vampires he could once summon. It was one of the effects of his title, so either it was because all of the title effects were no longer there, or it was due to them no longer being alive.

At the same time, he was right; all of his current connections to the vampires just weren’t there anymore. Quinn’s best guess was just because now he had become a being above them. No longer a vampire that had created them, but someone who had transcended above them. It made him think of a specific individual, and perhaps that barrier with them would no longer be there if they were alive, of course.

What was still there was Quinn’s shadow abilities, although his current MC cells were nothing compared to what they once were. He had 8234 MC cells, and half of that was being used to contain the dragon in his shadow lock.

It was safe to say that his shadow skills were no longer what they once used to be. With such a small amount of MC cells, he could only use them for the other benefits they provided rather than being useful in a fight. Not unless he increased them to what they once were again.

Just as stated, all of the blood skills were now at level 5, maxing them out, and there were a few new skills that Quinn had never got the chance to learn. Such as the blood canon, and even more that he hadn’t seen other vampires use so much.

‘I guess there’s no need to train them, and since they don’t take my health anymore, does that mean I could continually use blood canons without worrying? Blood furry swipe without stopping? And same with the blood shield.’

Now Quinn was starting to realise the incredible effects of the ruler of blood title. Essentially he didn’t just have excellent blood control, but an unlimited amount of blood aura to use the blood skills as he wished. While blood control relied on the blood of others around him, this still helped even when there was no blood around him.

Finally, looking at all the old parts of his system, it was time for Quinn to look at what exactly was new. Because staring at him in the face, he could see a new tab, stating Celestial energy.


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