My Vampire System Chapter 1586

When Quinn had heard the first rumour about himself, quite frankly, he wanted to stop there. The first one already was far from the truth, and it was clear that Jessica was freely talking about him right to his face because she didn’t know who he was.

However, one person wouldn’t allow that to happen, and that was Peter.

“Oh really, well, I would say that was pretty accurate. If he ever wanted a girl to come towards him, Quinn could just give them a wink, and they would flock after him.” Peter chimed in. “Go ahead; what other rumours did you hear, and I will be happy to clarify them.”

“Oh, there were lots,” Jessica said with a smile. “A human turned vampire, who was the strongest vampire in history who ever lived. A kind-hearted king who used to cry every time one of his people was killed.”

“Well…I mean.” Quinn honestly didn’t know how to reply to those. Sure he cried a few times when those close to him died, but who hadn’t done it, but the way Jessica phrased it, it made him feel like the rumours were too exaggerated.

“Sometimes, when fighting his enemies, he would cry even while killing them!” Jessica said.

Hearing all this, Peter was just nodding his head along.

“Are there any strange rumours about him?” Peter asked, wanting to hear something far more interesting like the first one.

The two girls seemed to be thinking about it for a while. When Quinn honestly just wanted it to stop, he couldn’t even defend himself.

“There was one, that he got his power from Virgin blood,” Lucia said. “That he would only consume the blood of virgins because it made him stronger, then there’s the rumour that is the complete opposite of the first one, how Quinn’s strength came because he was a virgin. Even when he had the chance right in front of him, the girls all around him, he would brush them off because he needed to keep his strength.”

“That’s not true!” Quinn shouted out. He then cleared his throat as the rest stared at him. “I mean, based on what I saw, that was not true. Quinn was just far too busy during those times. There was always something coming up that’s why he couldn’t…anyway, I’m tired; I think I should get some sleep before we reach our destination. And Lucia, I’ll ask you about the Graylash family when I wake up. For you Jessica I’ll send you a list of all the Cursed members, and let me know if any of them stand out or you have seen and heard their name before.”

It was then Quinn left, and soon the other two followed him out of the room. However, Jessica knew something was weird. Vampires don’t get so tired, and at least to her, it didn’t look like ‘Nate’ was that tired. In her opinion, if one had just woken up after so long, the last thing they would want to do is go back to sleep.

“I guess speaking about Quinn around him might be a sensitive matter,” Jessica said.

“You might be right. For us, he is just a hero talked about in legends, but for him, it was someone he was probably close to. We shouldn’t be so insensitive about this.” Lucia replied.

It was a shame because Jessica also wanted to ask her a few questions about Nate himself. What family was he from and so on, but she just had let herself get carried away.

There was a small restroom with bunk beds, it wasn’t in the best of conditions, but the ship they were on wasn’t too spacious in the first place. Still, Quinn just wanted to get away from the two girls. He really didn’t want to hear any more rumours about himself; he couldn’t even see the looks on the girls’ faces as they talked about each one.

‘Yeah, and now, if I reveal myself in front of them, they’re going to be like, ‘Oh, why didn’t you tell us that you were actually the Hero Quinn’ It would just be an awkward conversation for both of us.’ Quinn sighed.

Still, at least there weren’t any nasty rumours about him, it was the upside to the whole thing, but he still felt glum about the cursed faction.

“Hey, you didn’t have to run off like that. I’m only having a bit of fun.” Peter said as he entered the room.

“If you have time for fun, I would suggest that you practice your Qi,” Quinn replied. “Dhampirs will be after us from now on, and from the sounds of it, they have created quite a large army. All of those that we fought today, their Qi control was better than yours, and what would have happened if I wasn’t with you?” Quinn asked.

Although Peter seemed to be in a playful mood, he agreed and decided to ask Quinn for his help. The two of them went through the process, and after explaining everything Quinn could, it was now all up to Peter.

However, based on what little they had been going through so far, Peter was probably the most untalented person Quinn had come across in terms of controlling Qi. So it would perhaps take a while.

“What about me? You can teach me as well!” Minny said with a smile.

“Ah, there’s no need for you to learn Qi, Minny. You should just stay with the two of us. As long as you do, we will be able to protect you.” Quinn said.

“But what if we get separated for some reason, like…like…like.. mommy and me..” Minny started to cry as she thought of her mother.

Peter had given Quinn a look telling him to fix the situation he had somewhat caused. Panicking, Quinn thought whether he should teach her because she was partly right, but then another idea popped into his head.

“You don’t have an ability, do you, Minny?” Quinn asked.

She shook her head and continued to sniffle.

“Then how about I teach you how to use Arthur’s ability. I can teach you a little bit now and then the rest of it later. Then whenever you’re in trouble, no matter where you are, I can come right by your side when you need me.” Quinn suggested.

Smiling back, Minny seemed to relish the suggestion and nodded. Once again, Quinn went through the simple shadow techniques he had used before. This reminded him of the time he had taught the shadow to the others, but there were different stages one had to go through first before they could even summon the shadow.

“Now remember Minny, don’t teach anyone this, and only use it if you really need to. You can’t let people see this ability, okay.” Quinn said.

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He realised then it was a question he forgot to ask about. Whether or not the shadow ability was also passed to the future generations. Others like Dennis and Sam knew the shadow ability and perhaps may have taught it to others. But if they hadn’t, then it would be a dead giveaway to who he was.

If anything, it would put a large target on his back. After finishing teaching Minny and Peter, Quinn felt a weird sensation because something strange had happened to him.

[63 percent of the system has now synced.]

Ever since Quinn had done combat with the dhampirs, his system was syncing far quicker than it had done before. Whether it was just like a loading bar that suddenly sped up, or if it was coincidence or not, Quinn didn’t know.

So he decided to try and meditate, focusing on his blood aura, among other things in his body, to hopefully speed up the syncing process. The other two were busy in their own practice, so Quinn closed his eyes without any worry and knew he wouldn’t be disturbed.

‘Controlling the blood in my body, before there were three different energies inside…but now…I can feel four. This fourth energy, though, is so little. Less than all the rest. Maybe if I focus on this.’

Eventually, focusing on the tiny newfound energy in his body, Quinn could feel his body syncing quicker, getting back to what it once was during his fight with Graham, and at the same time, he heard a prompt.

[The new system has completely synced with your body]

[Your system’s upgrade is complete]

[You have fully unlocked the Celestial Vampire System.]


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