My Vampire System Chapter 1585

Although there was a lot that the girls were not aware of, Quinn still wanted to ask a few more questions about the current state of the world. Who was currently winning the fight, just how big these forces were and so on, but before he could, the strange armoured soldiers from before came back from the examination room.

At the same time, he checked his system for an update. The syncing process was increasing significantly.

[22 Percent of the system has been synced]

‘Maybe in a few hours, my body will be back to normal.’ Quinn thought.

The only one who approached the group was the man in the blueish armour from before.

Quinn noticed that before talking to them, the former rubbed the ring around his finger as he got close, an action he saw many do, which made him wonder what exactly it was that they were feeling.

“Sorry for the trouble, and thank you for staying.” The man politely said. “The name is Ron Stein. I’m from the primary group in the Graylash family and also the current Leader of the planet we stand on. I wished to come to this case myself once I heard the Dhampirs were involved.”

The man seemed quite polite, but honestly, Quinn knew nothing about what the man was telling him right now because he was unaware of the structure in the Graylash family in the first place.

“I’m afraid it is quite tricky for us to test the dhampirs, as you know our rings don’t work on them as they do on you. They appear human, just like the others. I have alerted the other vampires on this planet, just in case there are more of these Dhampirs.

“Anyway, enough of my explanations, I wanted to ask, were you guys the ones that dealt with the dhampirs?”

The girls looked at each other, wondering what they should reveal. After all, who would believe that they were the ones to beat them.

“Yes,” Quinn answered. “I am a vampire from one of the families; I was helping out my fellow Vampire Corps member take the assessment since no one wanted to team up with her. It was a coincidence that I was here to help.”

The man was surprised by the answer and looked Quinn up and down and those around him. To the man, Quinn in front of him looked rather plain but what surprised him was that he was strong enough to take out the dhampirs.

“I see.” The man replied. “Well, none of you look seriously hurt, apart from Lucia there, but we should be able to take her back and heal her.” The man sighed.

It was then that Quinn realised that the man had known Lucia’s name without even asking for it. Perhaps the two were acquainted with each other.

“Ron,” Lucia said. “I promised that for saving my life that I would let them see our Leader as thanks. These vampires were attacked when they were meant to feel safe on this planet, so I was hoping that we could at least allow them to meet our Leader.”

It was then that Ron gave Lucia a strange look as if to say did she really suggest such a thing? However, in defeat, he sighed again.

“I don’t know what you promised them, Lucia, though, I do agree that we should reward these guys. Not only were they attacked, but they eliminated the threat. Still, I’m worried that this might lead the enemy to send more forces here.

“Still, either way, I can take you to the Graylash home ship; from there, it will be all up to you, Lucia; you can’t promise them something unless you can deliver it. We still need to talk to all the others, and while we are on our journey, I will get you to write a full report.” Ron shook his head and was off.

When he finally left, Jessica turned towards Lucia.

“Are you some big shot in the Graylash family or something? The Leader’s daughter?”

“No!” Lucia replied, quickly shaking her hands. “It is nothing like that. I can explain more when we get there, but I guarantee Nate will meet the Leader if he says that he was one of the Originals who fought during the war.

After waiting a while, the group was informed that today’s test results would be void, and because the place would need to be repaired, they would have to come back later and retake the Traveller test when they were ready.

It was pretty clear that Jessica wasn’t pleased about it at all, and finally, after interrogating others who were on the scene, Ron, from the Graylash family, returned, ready to pick them up.

But just as they were about to leave, Jessica spoke, “Hey, wait, I’m coming with you guys!”

“You are?” Lucia asked.

“She is?” Peter said, looking towards Quinn.

“Of course, I am. I have no money, I can’t even become a Traveller and, don’t you have more questions for me? I could be your guide or something!” Jessica said.

“I mean, I don’t mind,” Lucia replied and looked towards Quinn.

“Sure,” Quinn answered, and all of them got on board the medium-sized vessel that was waiting outside. It looked like they had special small spacecraft designed for the police force in the city.

While onboard the ship, Lucia explained a little about who Ron was to Quinn. Actually, he was the planet leader and would have to report back to the Graylash family, but he wasn’t directly part of the Graylash family line.

However, although she herself wasn’t related to the current Leader, she was related to one of the original founders of the Graylash family, which is why Ron had listened to her request.

Relaxing in the metallic break room, Quinn was looking out at the city. He could see it really did seem more endless with Urban and suburban areas spread all around. Then finally, he saw the wall. However, the wall wasn’t surrounding the city.

It seemed like a continuous path until it linked up to different areas, and he could then see a few stray people in these open areas. It looked like the whole city was the planet because there was more housing and buildings than empty landscapes.

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Though, there were indeed a few open landscapes where people could go out for a hunt.

‘The human population was low back then, but after a thousand years, it has increased exponentially.’ Quinn thought, which made him think of something else.

“The vampire settlement,” Quinn said but corrected himself. “I’m sorry, I mean, is there a vampire settlement? I know you said that the leaders are really non-existent, but there were castles and tombs of the other originals during my time. Is there still such a place?”

Jessica had paused before answering, which Quinn realised was not a good sign.

“Not really.” Jessica eventually replied. “I have no clue about that, honestly. Maybe someone would know, but I don’t know much about the family vampires.

“But, there definitely isn’t a place like that which is publicly known. When we get to earth, I can speak to my commander. He might introduce you to someone who is high up in the vampire ranks.”

Quinn wondered why Jessica was being so nice to him; she had no reason to, even less since traditions no longer existed, even if he was an original vampire. However, he soon realised why as she went on to ask her own question.

“So I was wondering, you were there… I mean, you said you were there during the war a thousand years ago, right?” Jessica asked, to which Quinn nodded, not quite sure where this was going yet. “I just wanted to ask…do you know what type of person Quinn Talen was? Like who was he? There are a lot of rumours about him from back then.”

“Rumours?” Peter replied, as he now was interested in the conversation too. “What type of rumours?” He asked, leaning on his friend.

“Like, he was quite the butterfly and laid with a new woman every night?” Jessica said with a bright red face.

Leaning, Peter lowered his head; his shoulders moved up and down radically as he tried hard to control his laugh.

‘Who the hell spread these rumours….’ Quinn thought.


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