My Vampire System Chapter 1584 – An Orginal Leader

“Lucia, do you know or have heard of the Cursed faction?” Quinn asked just in case it was something Jessica didn’t know. After all, even during Quinn’s time, there would be a few that knew the history of the world and what had happened.

The past didn’t seem to interest many unless it directly involved them, and right now, he was grasping at straws for a hopeful answer.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I have.” She replied, knowing full well that it would upset the person in front of her because Quinn couldn’t hide his current mood, which was being reflected on his face.

‘How does this make any sense? The world remembers me, the leader of the Cursed faction, but don’t remember any of the others? The whole group, everyone had done so much during their time to fend off the Dalki, and only I’m remembered?’

Worse than that, Quinn felt like something must have happened to the members. After all, how could such a strong force, one of the three most prominent factions at the time, be forgotten entirely from the annals of history? Quinn just wanted to know about what happened to his friends more than ever. The current state of the world could wait.

Thinking about it more, Quinn remembered one name, one single name that the two in front of him might know, as he had seen the name even during this time.

“Logan Green, do you know this name?” Quinn asked softly now, trying not to expect too much, as he had been disappointed so far.

The two girls looked at each other, and they had a smile on their faces. Talking to Quinn, it felt like they wanted to give him at least some good news.

“Yes, of course, everyone knows who Logan Green is. He’s probably the most famous person in the universe right now.” Jessica said in an upbeat tone.

For the first time, Quinn had received good news, but what had Logan done that allowed him to be remembered a 1000 years later. Was it the technology he created, perhaps some great device that everyone in the world uses today?

‘Wait, did she say now?’

“He’s the current world leader! Of course, we would know him.”

Now it was time for Quinn to go into a coughing fit as he began to choke on air. He tried to speak, but his body was doing all strange things due to the shock.

“How…is he still alive?” Quinn asked.

However, the two girls didn’t seem to know the answer to that question. Either way, Quinn had finally seen the light. Who he would go to next to find out the answers he needed. If anyone were still alive that would have catalogued all the events that happened in the last thousand years, especially things to do with the Cursed faction, it would have been him.

Standing up from his seat, it looked like Quinn was ready to leave.

“Wait!” Jessica said. “Nate, are you planning to go see him? That’s impossible, no one can see him at least not just anyone, and besides, he’s on Earth right now. How would you even get there?”

Of course, Quinn felt like he had his ways to make Logan come and see him. All he had to do was show his real body. Although the more he thought about it, it might be hard to convince the guards, but once his system was up and running, he could just use his shadow powers to go through and sneak past whoever was guarding the place where Logan was at. It shouldn’t be hard to find the World Leader.

“I just need to find a teleporter that heads back to Earth. I have my own ways. Just tell the guy from earlier that I had to go somewhere.” Quinn answered.

His answer had caused the girls to pull some strange faces.

“Teleporter? They are banned for hundreds of years now, and nobody is even allowed to make one of those anymore.”

At first, he thought the girls were pulling his leg, but then why would they need to lie to him.

Seeing how the vampire infront of them didn’t seem to understand, they went on to explain.

“The enemy and dhampirs frequently used teleporters before for attacks. So every planet has created a blanket ban on them, including Earth. If there is no location to go to, even if you created one, it would lead to nowhere because they aren’t active or set location points anymore. There are jammers on all the planets to stop one from reaching a signal. At least that’s what we were taught.” Jessica answered, clearly not fully understanding its science, getting some parts wrong here and there.

“So I just need a ship, but for that, I’ll need some money.” It was then Quinn looked at Jessica, wondering if she would be willing to lend him some.

“No way, I hardly have any for myself. Why do you think I was here in the first place!” She immediately replied.

Considering other ways, Quinn thought about shadow link. He could travel to unknown places as long as any of his old friends had their shadow ability active. The question was, was there anyone. At the moment, he couldn’t feel anyone at all.

While Quinn was trying to figure out a way out of this problem, Lucia was the one who had come up with an answer. She soon stood up from her seat, and she too was clenching her fists as she was getting ready to speak.

“Nate!” Lucia called out, and Quinn had forgotten that was his name for a second. “I don’t know who you are, but you asked about the history of a thousand years ago, right? Does that mean you have memories of what happened thousand years ago, that you were there during the time the Dalki attacked, right?”

Quinn wondered if he should tell the girls the truth for a second. Whether they would believe who he was, but he still didn’t know how much weight his name carried. People now saw him as a fallen hero, and telling them who he was might even cause another war.

Even in that room where the assessment was to take place, arguments were happening, and Quinn didn’t even know who the enemy was right now. How could he help the people when he himself needed the most help at the moment. And most of all, although selfish, he wanted to figure out what happened to his friends first, before helping out the people.

“You’re an original, right? One of the original vampires?” Jessica asked, interested to know as well.

Quinn had gotten the answer of how to get out of his current predicament.

“That’s correct, I was there thousand years ago, and yes, I am an original vampire. After the war, I was injured and hurt along with my friends. We went to sleep, and that’s why I want to know what happened. If what you say is true and Logan Green is still alive, then I’m hoping to talk to him and ask him about what has happened.”

The answer seemed to satisfy the two girls, but there was a reason why Lucia wanted to ask.

“If that’s the case, then I’ll help you. I’ll pay for you to go back to Earth and meet with Logan Green, but before that, I was hoping that you could do me a favour. Could we please…visit the Graylash family leader.

“That’s all I ask, for you to visit our leader before you go visit Logan Green,” Lucia asked.

‘The Graylash family leader.’ Hearing these words, Owen’s face appeared in Quinn’s mind, but it would be impossible for him to be still alive. Thinking about him, Quinn remembered that at one point in time, even though the latter was helpful, he wished to rule the world, turning everyone to lighting users, but looking at the society and the current world, something had changed in him.

‘Maybe, the current leader would know a bit more about the current situation, especially about the Dhampirs and what happened to the Cursed faction as well. I owe him and his family for their help.’

“Sure, let’s go see the Graylash family leader.” Quinn smiled.


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