My Vampire System Chapter 1583 – Three Vampire Groups

It had been a while since Jessica felt her palms sweat. Earlier, she spoke to the vampire in front of her so casually. The simple reason was because of his scent, and it was why she thought that the vampire in front of her was a lower rank than hers.

However, after seeing what he had accomplished, she had different thoughts. Rather than a lowly vampire, she believed that the person she was speaking to now was what was known as an Original vampire—a vampire from the original thirteen families.

‘That has to be it, and I am sure he doesn’t have amnesia; who the hell could even get close enough to him?’ Jessica thought. ‘With that Wight by his side and his own strength, no one would even be able to wipe his memories? But if the two of them had only just woken up, it would make sense why they don’t remember anything. Especially since he had asked what had happened for the last thousand years.’

Sitting opposite her, Quinn was getting ready to hear some answers. Gulping, she decided to ask a question of her own.

“Who are you?” Jessica eventually asked.

“No.” Quinn shook his head. “That wasn’t part of the deal. Before I tell you who I am, I need to know what is with this place. Who were those dhampirs that attacked earlier? What is the vampire corps? What happened to the vampires?”

Lucia was able to hear everything being said, and these questions left her a little bit confused, but from the looks of it, the two vampires in front of her didn’t know each other that well. Still, rather than interject, she could tell, for some reason, the person in front of her desperately wanted answers and would go to any length to get them.

“Okay, as you said, a deal is a deal, but I just want to say I might not be able to answer all your questions. I’m young myself; I’m only 19 years old.” Jesica replied. “So I really only know what’s going on currently.

“A thousand years ago, you’re asking what happened after the Dalki invasion, correct? After Hero Quinn defeated the Dalki, the world decided to move forward and progress. From that day onward, it was a new year. So we reset the calendar to A.Q., for After Quinn.” Jessica explained.

Hearting this, Peter started coughing once again. He wanted to laugh, but Quinn quickly kicked his leg, warning him not to, not at a time like this, although even Quinn found it quite unbelievable.

“After that, the world changed. Vampires, humans, they started to live together. Between then and now, I really don’t know what happened, but I can tell more about the current state of the world. I know you probably want to know what became of the thirteen families. But in today’s world, they don’t really exist, and we just study them to learn more about vampire history.

“At the moment, there are three groups of vampires. The Vampire Corps, like me, are vampires that were or are part of the military. I heard people in the past volunteered to turn into vampires, and to improve relations, the army themselves made their own vampire group.”

“Do all the vampires have the same ability as you?” Quinn asked.

“The string ability?” Jessica replied. “Most in the vampire corps do, but not all. It’s what is taught to us. We also have subclasses like the Wight you have there. The Vampire Corps is a group that is mostly on Earth.”

Quinn wanted to ask more about the fighting on Earth, which the former had mentioned earlier, but he waited to hear about the two other groups of vampires.

“You then have the family vampires. These are vampires that have continued to live in the different solar systems, apart from Earths. I left the vampire corps hoping to live a life like there’s, and that’s why I came here.”

“What is so special about the place we are currently in?” Quinn asked.

“Remember what I said before?” Lucia joined in the conversation. “There are some planets that have strict rules. They don’t allow vampires to live on them, no matter what vampire group they are from. However, the Graylash family and their planets have the policy to accept all. A safe haven for all the races. Well, all apart from one, that is.”

“The Dhampirs.” Quinn guessed based on what Lucia shouted before.

Lucia nodded.

“It’s because of the fighting. The Dhampirs hunt vampires, no matter what they have done or what group they are from. They are mainly based on Earth’s solar system, and they tend not to meddle on the Graylash planets or enter the other solar systems, but they have been pushing more recently, and the Graylash family are wondering what to do.”

“Is that why there is so much hate towards the vampires?” Peter asked.

“Kinda,” Jessica replied. “There is more to it than that, a past of some kind. Many people are worried that they are getting dragged into a war they have nothing to do with. The Dhampirs only hunt vampires after all, and because of that, the other groups, including those who live on the Graylash planets, get hurt. Which is why no one would team up with me earlier.”

“There is pushback for the Graylash group to change their policy.” Lucia interrupted. “However, that would go against our family’s policies that many seem to have forgotten.”

When saying these words, Lucia sounded a bit sad. Quinn could tell from her tone of voice.

‘Did Owen do all this? Or was it him along with the Cursed faction? They really did try to make a place where everyone could live together.’

“The third group of vampires, who are they?” Quinn asked.

“They…they are the reason why the people hate us vampires, and why some even might support what the Dhampir are doing. We refer to them as the Red Vampires. They are a group that wish to turn as many humans as they can into vampires; if not, they choose to kill them.

“I don’t know their origins…but they appeared around the same time when the number of Dhampirs began to increase as well,” Jessica explained.

Thinking about all the information Quinn had learnt so far, he had a couple of theories. Fex was close to Samantha, and the two of them survived. Perhaps, Fex had decided to join the military alongside her and created the Vampire Corps. This is why many of the thirteenth family knew the String ability.

Over the years, everyone must have started to refer to them as the Vampire Corps, but what happened to the original Thirteen families? Did they just blend into society, or were they hunted by the dhampirs? As for these Red vampires he had a few guesses.

The thirteen families were split, Quinn had taken the absolute blood control, so there was no longer one single ruler who could force them to listen to them. Their traditions all disappeared along with Quinn, and those who wanted to rule over the humans had decided to act. There was one more guess, and that was to do with Laxmus. Quinn never finished him off, perhaps maybe even some vampires went to join him and grew his power, but what about the rest?

“Do you know the dhampir’s leader by any chance?” Quinn asked, looking at both of them, but they just shook their heads. It was clear that there was a lot of information they didn’t know.

“What about the current Vampire Corps leader? Who is in charge of the military that’s fighting on Earth? And is it just against the Vampires or against Pure as well?” Quinn guessed since Pure were initially from the Earth, to begin with. It was the last place he had heard of them anyway.

Whether they won the war back then or not with Leo and Sera, Quinn would get his answer now.

“The Leader…I guess the closest one would be Andy?”

“Who the F*ck is Andy?” Peter frowned.

Although Quinn wouldn’t have quite put it quite crudely, he thought the same thing. Since it didn’t appear to be Fex or Samantha, something must have happened to them, or they decided to finally get some peace. He was just hoping that they didn’t die.

“Your second question, Pure, is also part of the fight. However, they are working with the Dhampirs to get rid of the vampire corps currently on Earth.”

‘Pure and the dhampirs working together? But Erin would have never worked with Pure. That…makes no sense because she hated them till the very end. Something isn’t right, and I need someone who knows more answers.’

Thinking about this led Quinn to his next question.

“Okay, so you don’t know the history of how things got this way or how the fighting really started. Only the current groups at the moment, but then what about the Cursed faction. What happened to them? What happened to everyone who was in the Cursed faction?”

Nervous to hear the answer, Quinn clenched his jaw.

“What faction? Cursed…I don’t think I’ve ever heard of such a faction. Were they a big deal…I mean back then?” Jessica asked, thinking that Quinn was still an original.

“You…haven’t heard of them?” Quinn softly reacted.


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